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  1. Thank you both, I needed a gentle drag through the rationale! Makes sense now, take the chain off! 😀
  2. I can’t quite get my head around Rat Catcher’s Rat Snack! Should the word Friendly be omitted in first sentence? Kill a Vermin and Heal 1. Kill a Friendly Vermin and Heal 2 and draw a card seems to make more sense to me. Please help!
  3. Thanks Mason wow game will be hard to win with my dice-rolling!

    1. Mason


      Good luck!  That snake is tricky. :P

  4. Can you use any number of weapon items to increase the challenge value (2-3 axes for example) and use multiple other weapon items (2-3 bows for example) to gain rerolls? And if wounds occur can you use a spear to prevent them?
  5. Haha of course, Hoffman hasn't come into my consideration but I have his bro who I use in my Guild crews occasionally
  6. Thanks Gennosuke and Dirial, it's just nice to fill in all the story with these characters. I guess he won't become a Master in M3E . I'm sort of the opposite to Fuhatsu, one small disabled guy with one big helper and no gun! I guess I'll play him regularly in my TT crew just for the entertainment value and the possibility of getting that odd occasion where all goes well and he turns the game around!
  7. Hi y'all, just unboxed Fuhatsu and I am wondering just what he is. Giant or what? Disabled in what way? Is there any fluff on him other than his book entry? Model build and painting should be fun, hopefully playing him won't be too bad having read this forum - I guess any model can be good or bad depending on the vagaries of a hand of cards at any point in time. Help, anyone?
  8. Just assembled the 3 Ten Thunders Samurai models and the crouching Samurai is probably 50% larger than he should be! A strange thing that I have noticed across a broad range of model producers from GW with their Merry and Pippin who were too big even if they had consumed the Fangorn water to Confrontation models and a 2000AD model I bought for the Strontium Dog range. I guess it must be some strange anomaly that occurs when scaling crouching figures. This Samurai would be about 8 feet tall! Not bad for a Japanese warrior I guess?
  9. Thanks Docschlock, Is Rebirth then just a way of moving Levi round the field rapidly and not another way of unburying? Perhaps that is where I am getting confused _ I am aware of the Eternal Shackles on the Waifs and have remembered that other things bring you back from burial ie Dreamer and LCB! Thanks for input - me trying to read too much into it!
  10. Leveticus newbie here - I have a query about Rebirth: the card states "Target a friendly Construct or Undead model within 10". Within 10" of what? I always believed models were removed from play and not left on the board on top of their card or markers signifying their prior position before burial, so what does the target have to be within 10" of?
  11. Thanks Zfiend, me neither. I reread it several times to him and using plain English language logic could find no reason to interpret it his way! He plays too much Warmachine lol! Not a world shattering after effect either to be fair it protected her for one attack then the next got through and obliterated her with blight damage but hey it was fun dangling that eyeball for the last few plague-filled seconds of life!
  12. Yes she still had that eyeball after all to upset the enemy and gain that Df bonus haha, my sentiment entirely but you know how rule interpretations vary hence this forum! Thanks for your input now see if anyone disagrees with us!
  13. Used DG last night and mimicked Copp's fingers on various enemy models achieving damage and gaining Plucked Eyeball +1 condition several times. My opponent was not too happy in that he said that after the activation finished the action was no longer deemed to be printed on DG's card so PE wouldn't carry over but I argued that (in plain English) the action states that PE condition is gained and stays on till end of game, giving her the max +3 Df bonus (eventually). Surely once the condition is gained it remains?
  14. Nice job. Just a point about the scaling of the LJ figure (not your fault, I guess you didn't sculpt it!). Have you noticed the difference in size between the LJ original and the Nightmare version? Death causes a lot of weight loss evidently... Still love the figures though and have just received mine and I am about to start painting them.
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