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  1. It is a strong combo indeed, but shockwaves are not something you can realy trust and build your plans on. An average model needs a 10 to pass a 15 MV duel - it is a 35,4% (17/48) chance to pass it from topdeck. For a 13 MV duel from piglet's demise chances are even better - 52% (25/48). Pigapult can deal a lot of damage, but only if your opponent is so generous to position his models close to each other within pigapult's reach.
  2. I usualy play all-stealth swampfiend crew: First Mate, three Silurids, Gators/Spawn mother, Bokor. With proper positioning of her crew Zoraida can obey every model on the table from safe backline. I don't use Voodoo Doll much on enemies (as enemies don't come close enough), but it is very good to attack Bokor. With a built-in trigger it is fast and 3 glowy-tokens every turn.
  3. You can drop both Wild Boars and take a Hog Whisperer and a Bokor. Bokors are great for healing, card draw and obey.
  4. Ulix can put three Wild Boars on the table for free turn one, that's why I never hire them. Swinecursed are very good for Plant the explosives: with a little help from a single Hog Whisperer they can move up to 15" and drop a bomb turn one. After that they are ready to fight.
  5. Swinecursed are Beasts, so they can be healed by Ulix and targeted with Herd 'em (without a built-in suit), Ulix can ride them. And they are very good themself.
  6. When a model's activation ends, it goes to C3. During C3 only effects that happen at end of activation are resolved. Extra attack action from onslaught is not an end-of-activation-effect -> it can't be resolved and is lost.
  7. I realy like your approach, but the most important thing for a secondary master is the reason to hire it. Does it bring something worth 16ss to your list? I don't think Zipp can do enough as a secondary master. It is not killy, it is not tanky, it can't do schemes/strats. It is annoying, but it can be easily ignored. On the other hand Mah can greatly boost killing potential of any crew (the more models you have - the better), give some extra movement for slow models and then come and break some faces.
  8. I think an Ulix crew with two swinecursed needs at least one hog whisperer. Whisperer can get a mask for all their actions with Tools for the job, attack a Swinecursed and give him fast, glowy and an extra action. Or summon a piglet and obey it to give both swinecursed fast and 2-3 glowy.
  9. My favourite dual combos are Ophelia+Mah and Ulix+Zoraida. Somer is a good secondary master himself - he can control a flank without any help and keep opponent busy, while the rest of my crew is doing something else.
  10. Survivors have high WP to avoid bury and terrifying. Also inferiority complex on Mah will be very helpful.
  11. Scoffer


    Why don't you take Brew against Ressers?
  12. Don't worry, LaCroix family is fine and even got some new (pretty useless) members.
  13. They can heal any friendly non-pig models, but only 1 instead of 1/2/3
  14. In fact only Alphonse is really tall himself, I think it's because of Wong's glowy stuff (it"s magic, don't question it!). Spit Hog is a normal size gremlin on a big roasted pig. Georgy is riding Olaf.
  15. The best way is to use Brin and his Pulling The Strings without discarding a marker. It gives Piglet an additional action and peacefull death at end of turn.
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