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  1. Hamelin and Stolen have different auras: Source of Contagion and Deseased. So it will be Blight +2
  2. Scoffer


    Then there is no "more than 6" away" area. Same as with auras - you can't measure aura from buried model, so nobody is in it.
  3. Scoffer


    I've drawn a picture to make my statement clear.
  4. Scoffer


    Stealth is not about range of actions. It's about measuring physical distance between models on the table to check if they are further than 6" from each other. Models that can measure range from markers or other models still can't target models with Stealth, if they are further than 6" from target.
  5. Scoffer


    Stealth: Enemy models cannot target this model from more than 6" away. Is buried model more than 6" away from it's target? - Definetely not! Stealth doesn't work on buried models.
  6. Scoffer

    Ophelia and Kin

    I run Ophelia with Mah, Francois, Burt and Raphael so 1 ss difference (2 or 3 stones in cash) is very important for me.
  7. Scoffer

    Ophelia and Kin

    There are cheaper healers for 6ss: Lightning bug, Squealer, Slop Hauler. With Sammy/Burt Lightning bug seems to be better as it can give glowy tokens.
  8. Scoffer

    Ophelia and Kin

    Sammy can be useful to remove enemy scheme markers from long distance. But I usualy can't find any place for her in my lists (and after Burt got buffed the only variable slot in Ophelia crew is Rami/Raphael).
  9. Old critical mass: This model must either discard a card or suffer 2 irreducible damage New critical mass: This model suffers 2 irreducible damage
  10. Missing changes: Pere: Critical Mass Adjusted Stuffed Piglet: Critical Mass Adjusted. Trixiebelle: gained Don’t Mine Me & Didn’t Need to See That Trigger (trigger Bayou Gator: gained Stealth. Burt: +1 Stat on Pepperbox,
  11. Yes, Exorcizm Ritual will be too strong against Rats, Zombies, Piglets, Seishin and other cheap minions with 2-4 WD. And as master is declared before hiring the crew masters like Ulix or Hamelin will be worthless against Guild. It's already too strong and I see no reason to take Som'er against Guild, as The Jury can wipe out all my summoned Bayou Gremlins before they have a chance to do anything (they come slow and have only one action) by simply activating late turn one and early turn two. For Hamelin it will be even worse - his rats are mindless and will not activate at all.
  12. Rulebook p.10: Same page, "Step D: Determine Final Duel Total": If I'm reading it right, Final Duel Total=stat+card value+card suit+additional suits+value modifiers. It means, that relenting model's final duel total is the same as attacker's with all suits. As there is no restriction, relenting model can declare triggers and benefit from built-in suits of attacker (or low cards from hand). For example I can attack my Whitchling Handler with my Whitchling Stalker's Dispel Magic, relent and cheat a 1r for attack. Final duel total for both attacker and defender is 6r. Attack fails but Handler can declare On My Orders to push a friendly Witchling 4" towards Stalker. I don't think it is bad for the game (in fact I think it brings some cool opportunities), but want to make sure that this was intended.
  13. As for me, "swap hands" is the only unique ability and the only reason to hire Zoraida for 17ss. Obey is no more special - you can find some under every rock. Put irresistable conditions on one model is good, but not worth 17ss (+stones to hire models that put conditions).
  14. I used 2 skeeters in Trenchcoats to deliver a War pig to the centerline. It was fun (: I think Zipp crew needs a skeeter for every non-flying model to keep the lines.
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