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  1. Yes, m3e favours elite crews, but it's not the pass token's "fault". First of all, m3e no longer has activation control, which was a strong counter to elite crews in m2e. When you can skip an activation with a pass-token, you don't need cheap trashy models and can fee comfortable with just 6 elite models on the table. The second reason is scoring system. If you want to win and score endgame VP - you have to keep your models alive till the end of turn 5. Elite model have higher survivability. Cheap suiciders that rush in can't score more than 1 VP per scheme, because they die too easy. The next reason is that m3e schemes (both from the Rulebook and GG) don't need many actions/models to score. One of the most resourse hungry schemes - Spread Them Out - needs only 6 actions of 3 models during the whole game to score two points. Even the most elite crews can afford it (or just pick something less difficult to score). Initiative bonus is just a bonus, not something to build a plan on.
  2. There is a plenty of ways to deal with Jack Daw: 1. Ruthless. He is is much less terrifying if your beaters ignore Terrifying. 2. Plink damage. He has only 6 health - hit him six times with your cheap models. 3. Hand drain. With no cards in hand he can't reduce damage and becomes vulnerable to your beaters. 4. Ban healing.
  3. And here are videos of two games: Rich vs. Scoffer NLR3iw5N0D4 AJ vs Aleksander (Assdex) Thanks a lot to our opponents.
  4. Unfortunately I recorded only the table without fate decks, so it's not worth watching, I think (
  5. @dannydb, one more rules question: Can I place the Lodestone Token on a model with From The Shadows which is not deployed yet?
  6. Should we use the initial table or table after round one when we determine who is Team A?
  7. Team Russia#2 vs The Mali-Housers Aleksander (TT Shenlong) 5:2 Freeman (Ressers Kirai) Anton (Neverborn Zoraida) 6:1 Ray (Guild Sonia) Viktor (Bayou Ophelia) 3:3 Angel (Bayou Ophelia)
  8. Models don't get concealment and cover from other models, unless there is an Ability like Bodyguard or Sputtering Exhaust that provides concealment/cover. In the world of Malifaux mages and gunfighters need nothing but a smallest gap to hit their target.
  9. Yes, place is a part of the action's effect and can not be ignored. But keep in mind, that hazardous terrain works only once per action/ability. Trampling Hooves has 0" range, so if your model is in hazardous terrain when the action is declared, it suffers hazardous effects anyway for taking an action and will not suffer it again when it is placed while resolving action. And if it is not - you can place it back into it's starting position out of hazardous.
  10. I think the number of points you have in your crew is much less important than killing power and survivability. Most masters have more wounds, more defensive abilities and can deal more damage, than henchmen. Also it's very difficult to score full 4 points for Public Enemies even if your opppnent's crew has enough points. So 3 points is usually fine.
  11. It has to declare a trigger so it has to discard a card to declare one.
  12. I can't find a definition of "in play" in the rulebook. But we can get something from that sentence about buried models: Buried models are removed from the table though they are still considered to be in play 1. Models on the table are in play (this one is obvious) 2. Models not on the table are not in play (otherwise we wouldn't need that special exception for buried models). 3. Buried models are not on the table, but they are considered to be in play (because the rulebook says so).
  13. Loadstone tokens are attached after deployment - between steps I and J of Encounter Setup. Models with From the Shadows are deployed at the start of the game - during step J after decks are shuffled. So models deployed from the shadows are not in play, when loadstones are attached and can't get one from the beginning of the game. But they can receive one during turn 1 and can be used to make a marker friendly as long as it's not an interact.
  14. You can take a sitting Bayou Gremlin, remove hat, add a backpack and some other stuff and it will look very much like a Raider. P.s. why on Earth do you need 3 of them? I can't find place for one in my Ophelia lists...
  15. This idea is bad and gamebreaking. Being able to score turn one will give a huge advantage to fast crews and will hurt all other "moderate-speed" crews (not only summoners). And even most fast crews will not have enough actions to prevent enemy scoring turn one. On the other hand strategies like Recover Evidence or Symbols of Authority are very difficult to score turn one. And models, that can teleport and remove a Symbol (looking at you, Mr. Seamus), will be the only tool to score full 8 VP if the game is only 4 turns. I would like to remind, that back in m2e some schemes could be scored turn one. It was a smart strategy to score 6 points turn one and use all resourses not to let your opponent score more than 5. But is was not very fun to play against.
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