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  1. When your opponent knows you are doing RB, he can make Ashigaru the target of the second (or third) obey and place it the way it will not be able to drop a marker.
  2. Runic binding is too obvious and too easy to deny. You have to drop markers close to the enemy and it's hard to make it look like something else. The only model that can do it in a single activation is Zoraida: she can obey enemy models three times to make them drop your markers, but Ashigaru still can ruin everything with Take the Hit.
  3. General advice: play schemes and try not to die. Leader selection: I think Ophelia and her Kin are the best choice for Recover Evidence in most situations. Mah, Zipp and Ulix can also do the job, especially if the table has a lot of concealing terrain. If it's the famous "double Toshiro" list (I think it's the most oppressive Yan Lo list), you will never score more than 2 VP from strategy. So you need to pick schemes very carefully and build your list to score as much as possible from schemes. Yan Lo is very good at controlling the centerpoint, so Claim Jump and Leave Your Mark
  4. The only reason not to take a Bokor is playing against Tara. Zoraida doesn't like enemy beaters next to her. I usually take only one Bokor. Two can be useful if you hire Juju and want to keep him alive, but it's not my way. Voodoo doll is just perfect - up to 4 attacks gives Bokor all glowy he needs. Shielded should be use carefully, because shielded on Voodoo doll means 2 less damage to the model with Wanga Mojo Curse. I'd like to add that Bokor can deal some damage to enemy beaters that come close to Zoraida and it's a big surprise to the opponent most of time. Stat 5 is no
  5. Unfortunately, no. Disengage generates a Push, not Walk or Charge, so even models with flight can't ignore obstacles and severe terrain
  6. Angles are meaningless. There are 3 things you should know about los and elevation: 1. If a model has sz1 or more and stands on a piece of blocking terrain, everyone outside of that terrain shadow can see it. 2. Model that are in the shadow of terrain can always see a model that stands on terrain within 1" from it's edge. 3. Models that are in the shadow of terrain can see a model that stands on terrain further than 1" from it's edge only if their sz is bigger than terrain's ht. In your example B can see A if A is within 1" from the edge of the bridge. B will not
  7. Markers fall down only when they are moved off an elevated surface (p. 28, second point). Drop/create is not a move, so, reading the rules as written, if we allow a marker to be dropped "in the air", it remains flying => the "place on the table" part of drop rules is missing. Also creating markers in the air can be used to abuse the rules in a very dirty way: a marker can not be created in base contact with other models and hazardous markers do not trigger their effects when dropped/created (because it's not a move). But "airborne" marker will be created over a model (not in base conta
  8. We also have guys that lost some hight (Ulix) or grew a little (Swinecursed) between editions without being resculpted. So I think we shouldn't even try to compare actual size of different models with the same SZ stat. I should also say, that I do like Alphonse model. He looks like a nice open-minded guy, big and kind. He's very like Francois - his simple pose tells a lot about his mood and character. I think he is trying to say: "Hi, there, friend! I'm going to hit you very hard with this hand and smash you into the wall after that! Have a nice day!"
  9. It's smaller. Looks like a wild boar size.
  10. "Unaffected by Severe terrain" means "ignores Severe trait of terrain" (see the "Unaffected by terrain" box on p.37 digital rulebook), not the piece of terrain with all it's traits.
  11. Your interpretation is correct - only two rats in a row. Effects with the same name and same text but printed on different model's cards are two separate effects, not the same one.
  12. Oh no! Guys, are you really trying to apply logic and fact checking to a virgin/chad meme?!
  13. This will make distracted too strong and seriously boost adversary and built-in [+] to attack flip. Now when a model has Distracted +2 (or more) it can concentrate with the first action, make a focused attack without [-] to hit and keep Distracted+1. If Distracted and Focused cancel each other, in the same situation there will be no way to make a straight attack flip. So it's two attacks with a [-], both most likely miss, a whole activation of a 8-9ss enforcer are wasted. No fun at all.
  14. That's why you treat a Pit Trap as a Scrap to pay the cost while it's next to Sparks, and drop a Pit Trap from space.
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