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  1. Scoffer

    Bayou Smugglers

    Who said "Soulstone Miner"?
  2. Cover is not such a big problem for Ophelia to pay extra 7ss. With stat 7 she has pretty good chances to hit models in cover even if they increase their DF to 7. She also has a nice attack resisted by MV. Her biggest enemy is concealment and Pere can not help.
  3. It seems like a lot of players underestimate Francois, because they compare him with the M2E version. In fact he is still a monster - stat 7 meleee attack with 3/4/5 damage or 4/5/6 with a ram/stone is a master level, stat 6 12" shooting attack with 2/4/5 damage with a trigger to shoot again or 3/5/6 with a ram is better than many shooty henchmen. Also keep in mind, that he has flurry, so you can use Gremlin Menace and hit twice in melee or shoot twice with a mask - it makes him pretty good against models with Serene Countenance/Manipulative (a single stone/focused to hit with Gremlin Menace lets you hit twice ignoring a [-]). Ophelia's Strike team gives him another melee attack or up to two shots. And the best thing about the new Francois is that he can deal a great lot of damage and then stay alive with all that shielded and positive flips from Showdown.
  4. No, they are not in terrain and do not suffer hazardous effects. To make things clear, look at Impassable terrain rules: models can not move through and be in impassable terrain, but they can be in base contact with it.
  5. You can take an action even if it's results can not be applied. So you can make enemy model take "place a scheme marker" interact action, but if there is no legal place for a marker, action's result will be simply ignored (see step 5 of Action Resolving, p.23) You have to remove all markers in base contact with the model.
  6. It may be important in games against Pandora. For a model in full health it is better to gain Focused first, suffer 1 damage from Misery and heal it back. Anyway effects must be resolved in the order they are listed.
  7. He definitely played Nellie against my Ophelia round 2. And one of Resser players told me, that his Kirai was beaten by LJ round 4.
  8. That's true. As far as I know, he played LJ, Nellie and Lucius.
  9. Bayou Bash doesn't help, but you still can use Bayou Two Card and save resources of your hand for the most important attacks.
  10. Scoffer

    Bayou Zoraida

    Played Zoraida vs. Lucius (neverborn) on monday. Corner deployment, Corrupted Idols. Dig their Graves, Detonate Charges, Vendetta, Hold Up Their Forces, Take prisoner. My list: Zoraida, Juju, Francois, First Mate, Bokor, 2 Silurids, 4ss. Schemes: Detonate Charges, Take Prisoner (Serena) Opponent's list: Lucius, Scribe, Agent 46 (Inhuman reflexes), Serena Bowman, 2 Lawyers (one with Pact), 3 Changelings, 5ss. Schemes: Vendetta (Agent->Francois), Hold Up Their Forces. We both made critical mistakes with scheme choices: my opponent missed that Changeling have no engagement range and are useless for Hold Up, and I shouldn't have picked Detonate Charges because it is very hard to score in general and even harder against Lucius as he has a lot of options to move activated models. So the game didn't follow our plans from the very beginning. 4 Idols were dropped at the centerpoint, only one was dropped on my right flank turn two. The table had several 50mm spots of Concealing bushes, a big Dense/Severe/Concealing forest in the middle, and a couple of HT4 Blocking buildings on the centerline. I could draw LoS from Zoraida to most areas of the table, but couldn't get straight flips for her actions without Eyes In the Night most of time. I lost 3:5. Managed to score 2 for Strat and 1 for Prisoner. My opponent scored 3 for Strat and 1 point for each of his schemes. I wanted to tarpit as many enemy models as possible with Juju and see if it is tanky enough to survive while Francois is doing the killing job. It is not. Focused assault of Serena, Agent and Lucius removed Juju from the table quickly, it could happen even quicker, but I used 3 stones for damage reduction and my opponent had a BJ on one of damage flips. Francois did his job well - he didn't die and killed the Agent. I love that little guy! The rest of the crew worked as usual, nothing to disquss.
  11. The Brewmaster Cup Date: January 4-5th, 2020 Location: TableTop Hobby Center, Moscow, Russia 50ss, 5 rounds, 2:30 per round, fixed faction Henchman - Scoffer Tournament will use Schemes and Strats from Gaining Grounds. Full painted crews are requred for the tournament. For players, who never participated in a Malifaux tournament, 50% of painted models (including the Leader and all it's Totems) is enough. Proxies are allowed for those models that have not yet been released. No more than 50% of a conversion may be built using non-Wyrd product produced by another game company. All conversions must be recognizable, it is recomended to show your conversions to the TO beforehand. Players may use Malifaux Crew Builder instead of printed statcards. Tracking of conditions, wounds and other game effects in the app (instead of physical trackers on the table/statcard) is allowed on players agreement. Official decks for Malifaux or custom decks with suits of Malifaux must be used. Dead man’s hand is allowed with restrictions: DMH Master can only be hired as Leader, no other Master can be hired in a crew led by a DMH Master. In the case of an odd number of players, the judge acts as a proxy player In case of violation of the rules of the event, the organizers can apply fines to the participants, or even exclude them from participation (in case of malicious and intentional ignoring of the rules). Prizepack will be anounced later. Tickets: 1400 RUR (20 EUR) prepay, 1800 RUR (25 EUR) on event. For players from outside Moscow and Moscow Region tickets prepayed till 25.12.2019 are just 700 RUR (10 EUR). Timetable: January 4th - Day 1: Registration 11.00-11.30 1st round: 11.30-14.00 2nd round: 15.00-17.30 3rd round: 17.45-20.15 January 5th - Day 2: 4th round: 11.30-14.00 5th round: 15.00-17.30 Winners' rewards ceremony: 17.30-19.00 More information (in Russian) here: https://vk.com/brewiecup
  12. Hello and Welcome to Malifaux demos on Games Day at TableTop Hobby Center! November 30th (Saturday) I'll be there from 12:00 till 20:00 to guide your first steps in Malifaux. Miniatures, fate decks, game table with beautiful painted terrain and all other stuff for the game are provided. TableTop Hobby Center : Russia, Moscow, Podsosenski per. 23 str.2
  13. Do we have 16 players for five rounds?
  14. Scoffer

    Bayou Zoraida

    If I need more scheeming, a can replace both Gators with Silurids and keep 4 stones in cash. I'm going to try it this evening and bring a small report here. Can't get rid of Silurids Looks like some kind of addiction.
  15. Scoffer

    Bayou Zoraida

    I prefer to keep Zoraida deep in backline, so don't have much opportunities to use the Doll. Tryed Wisp several times and it usualy died early turn 2. Francois is super-good this edition. He is tanky and can do a lot of damage.
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