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  1. Scoffer

    Bayou Errata

    In Kin and Wizz-bang Sammy draws 3-6 cards each turn. It's possible to achieve something close to that result ook shooting her with bayou gremlins, but it will also need a lot of healing to keep her alive. While in kin/wizz-bang that damage is spread between many different models. Also taken ook Sammy doesn't benefit from damage taken by other models during their activation - for example from hazardous Vent Steam aura.
  2. Scoffer

    Bayou Errata

    "Minor" summoners drain hand resources and give very little in return. With gg2 changes you can't score strategy with summoned models => all your list is working to score only 4 VP. Break The Line is very action-hungry => every action you spend on summoning takes you one action further from scoring strat points. If you don't summon and use your summoner's actions to walk/interact you waste the stones you paid for it's summoning ability. Flooding the table with piglets, gamins and gupps can't prevent your opponent's mobile crew from scoring and can't put enough pressure. With lots of
  3. Scoffer

    Bayou Errata

    The funny thing about Somer nerf is that he's still very good as a secondary master. He can summon two good ol boys and secure a flank or control center while the rest of the crew is doing strategy. Tried it with Mah in gg1, worked pretty well.
  4. New rules don't care about models getting closer - only the reference points. And as our touching reference points already are the same point - the only direction they can move is away.
  5. You can use the point where bases touch as reference point for both models. And after you move one model N" in any direction (even through the other model) that reference points will be exactly N" from each other.
  6. It's "any direction" for models in btb, that don't ignore models when moving. You are limited by that arc anyway, because you can't push outside of that arc without moving through base.
  7. And one more question: Then move the object in the most direct path so that the two reference points are furthest from or closest to each other as possible (as appropriate) Does this mean, that I must choose direction of push so that the pushed model moves full distance without being interrupted by other objects if it's possible?
  8. So "away" and "in any direction" is the same thing now? It's a huge change. A lot of models become much better.
  9. If an object is moving “away from” or “toward “ another object, the player controlling the move must choose a single point on each object as reference points. Then move the object in the most direct path so that the two reference points are furthest from or closest to each other as possible (as appropriate). Models A and B are in base contact. I push Model A 4" away from Model B. According to the new errata I do the following: 1. I choose any point on Model A as reference point A. 2. I choose any point on Model B as reference point B. 3. I push Model A 4" in any directio
  10. Focused is used at step A of Performing Duel. See p. 10 digital rulebook: If either player has any effects that resolve before performing a duel, they resolve now.
  11. The question is: how many models seem problematic in context of summoning? Is 2 or maybe 3 a large number? Same question here. How popular are those small sized games? Isn't it better to create special individual rules for them instead of trying to rework general rules created for normal sized games?
  12. Bayou demises are summon not replace for a reason. Replacing with an insignificant model breaks a lot of schemes for both players: no reckoning/bounty points, no take prisoner, no hidden martyrs etc. That's true. That's why summoning is banned in Henchman Hardcore format. Unfortunately m3e wasn't balanced and tested for low ss games. And you'll never get real malifaux experience in 30ss or 35ss games - some crews will be too strong and other will suffer greatly from lack of models and synergy.
  13. The very idea "can't summon it unless you hire it" is ridiculous. A Swine Cursed has Demise ability which summons a Piglet or a Bayou Gremlin when Swine Cursed is killed. So I have to spend 6 ss on models I don't actually need in my list to make 1 ability of a 7ss model work. The same for Sammy - 7 stones tax to make one bonus action work. Taxidermists and Pigapult immediately become 2ss more expensive (3 if hired not in Wong crew). And Zoraida will never have her Voodoo Doll, because it can't be hired (and therefore summoned) at all.
  14. You are trying to fix "big" summoners and completely forget about "minor" ones. All your solutions make models like Spawn mother and Sow almost worthless and nerf models like Pathfinder and Carrion Emissary and even Reva - which definitely don't need a nerf.
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