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  1. It does work as long as Bokors can obey each other. Zoraida->Bokor1->Brin Zoraida->Bokor2->Brin Bokor1->Brin Bokor1->Bokor2->Brin Bokor2->Brin Bokor2->Bokor1->Brin With two obeys from Zoraida and Brin's two actions it makes ten. P.s. with three Bokors it will be 15 (:
  2. And two Bokors to do it six more times!!!
  3. You can get even more with the crow trigger on squealer's attack.
  4. Concealment gives [-] only to attack actions. A model can not target itself with an attack action. So there is nothing to worry about.
  5. It's written quite clear. Take a look at Auras section p.30: All models inside the Aura’s area, including what is generating the Aura, are affected by the Aura as long as they stay inside the area and remain in Line of Sight of the generating object. All models (=every model) are affected by any aura, as long as they are in LoS and range. But you can use aura's effect only on one model, if it says "a model".
  6. Spotter doesn't change wordings of Nino's auras, it only removes range restrictions. Family values says "a Family model", so only one and only Family model in LoS can benefit from it regardless of range.
  7. My second quotation was from p.31. Models, touched by shockwave marker, are also affected. So if I drop the shockwave marker right under a model on a 30mm base, it will be affected by shockwave.
  8. Pigapult's Full Load action: As I read it, "centered on the chosen model" means, that the model is treated as a shockwave marker and (2) is measured from it's base edges. Rulebook p31: So here is my question: does the placed Model take the duel generated by shockwave? Is it treated as touching itself? P.S. I know, that a model is not in base contact with itself, but wording of Full Load doesn't use "base contact".
  9. RB p.25: If a model with 1 WD left suffers damage from Rage Machine and is reduced to 0 WD, it is treated as killed by Porkchop. The same works with damage when model is not killed. There is no such damage source in Malifaux as "model's/player's decision" - damage is only suffered from Actions, Abiblities or other effects, that give an opportunity to make such decision.
  10. 1. They do get fast, because damage is caused by ability of another friendly model. 2. Swinecursed are not pigs and Ulix can't turn them into warpigs.
  11. I think the idea is Swine cursed suffering damage from Rage Machine to get fast and glowy.
  12. Scoffer

    Ophelia and Kin

    I run Ophelia with Mah, Francois, Burt and Raphael so 1 ss difference (2 or 3 stones in cash) is very important for me.
  13. Scoffer

    Ophelia and Kin

    There are cheaper healers for 6ss: Lightning bug, Squealer, Slop Hauler. With Sammy/Burt Lightning bug seems to be better as it can give glowy tokens.
  14. Scoffer

    Ophelia and Kin

    Sammy can be useful to remove enemy scheme markers from long distance. But I usualy can't find any place for her in my lists (and after Burt got buffed the only variable slot in Ophelia crew is Rami/Raphael).
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