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  1. Warpigs with Inferiority Complex are a good option to deal with armor/incorporeal. They can ignore armor on trigger and Stampede damage ignores incorporeal and other defencive abilities.
  2. When double master becomes the meta, people just keep in mind, that their opponent can hire any model from his faction including additional masters. Masters are not special any more in this edition, they are tools for the job as any other model.
  3. I think we should go further and declare all masters, and all henchmen (some of them are very strong), and all enforcers (it's your fault, dear Riders), and minions after all. Then both players secretly choose upgrades, declare them and the encounter begins!
  4. Guild has Pale Rider and The Lone Marshal - both are incredibly good in killing things.
  5. Terrifying is much stronger now as a defencive ability, but thank Wyrd it's not offencive any more. Apart from picking ruthless models (which I think is a perfect decision) you can use non-targeting damage sources: blasts, pulses, shockwaves, hazardous auras etc.
  6. My answer is no. Since Sparks is not in play, it can't do anything.
  7. No, out of faction models can be hired only if they share the leader's keyword. Versatiles that don't share the leader's keyword can be hired only from declared faction.
  8. Hey! You already have the LaCroix family! And Gautreaux Bokor is pronouced in a very French way!
  9. The Push, generated by Disengage action, is resolved after resolving the Attack. So the timing is: 1. Damage 2. Reposition movement 3. Disengage Push. Razorspine Rattler is Wicked and can apply normal effects of "anti-disengage" attack, including triggers.
  10. The problem with original post is, that when someone on the Internet says "this makes me uncomfortable" using words like "cultural appropriation", it sounds like he wants everyone involved immediately stop doing things they were doing and start making him comfortable. I think good people in Wyrd have a lot of more important things to do (for example, publish cards for Good Ol'Boys and other september releases).
  11. Does it mean, that Summoning (and Replace as well) is unaffected by game effects like Gravity Well that prohibit Place? Pigapult's Full Load action measures range from the Pigapult, but places a different model. Does it mean, that it's not a Place and Pigapult can throw things into Gravity Well and Hazardous terrain without suffering it's effects? As a Bayou player I love your idea, but I'll have hard times explaining them to my Outcast friends.
  12. Yes, that's right. And if Sandeep and Banasuva change places, it would be 6-4+2 (Sandeep Height)=only 4" horizontally Since Summoning is a Place effect, vertical range should be ignored.
  13. From now on I'll consider every call to nerf Zoraida as anti-russian agression!
  14. I'm Russian and for a long time the only russian-themed model in the game was a half-mad cannibal lady in a stereotypical russian hat. Do I have to be offended? Is Boris-the-dancing-bear (a very russian-themed model too) cultural appropriation?
  15. The miniatures look super-fantastic. Everybody wants to own them. And it's much easier to explain to your wife, that you buy this miniatures, because they can be used with your favourite master.
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