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Found 4 results

  1. There are 5 models: Attacker and 4 enemy models (Defender and 3 other models (A, B, C) with 1 wound each). The Attacker attack the Defender and deal damage with . Models A, B, C are under Marker and should be damaged. Model A has Demise(Explosive) and Models B and C in 2" from Model A. The owner of enemy models choose to resolve damage on Model A first. In step 6.a. of Damage Timing Demise should be resolved. After resolve damage timing of Model A, Demise should deal damage to Models B and C. Question: who kills Models B and C (Attacker or Model A) and why? P.S. A similar situation can occur with and Shockwave, Black Blood and other abilities, that deal damage after suffering damage.
  2. Hi I was thinking of a Jack Daw crew for reckoning but I've come up with those question: How demise eternal counts forntheburpose of killing? Like in reckoning does it still count as been killed and after he heal so he is giving pts for reckonning? Or heals 4 when he is killed so doesn't count in reckonning? Dry if I miss where it was written in the rulebook
  3. Guys, I have a question about rule Demise (hungry rats) in Hamelin's crew, basically, I may summon 2 rats if model was killed by enemy? There are 2 conditions in ability 1. Model was killed? 2. Model was killed by enemy? There are no "instead", or something like that, I just have to use it step by step?
  4. Hi! I've been checking Killjoy a bit and just want to check his mechanics with you guys because it sounds quite good. In a nutsell: Unless his demise is ignored, he heals 4 and bury when he is killed. 2 Models added the Blood Sacrifice upgrade at the start of the game, so they can use Complete the Ritual to unbury him at the cost of killing themselves. So far so good. However, Complete the Ritual doesn't say it ignores the Demise abilities. Blood Sacrifice in a Demise(Eternal) model (like Serena) would let that model unbury him, kill himself and then use his Demise (Eternal) to save himself (it'd work once per turn). Relevant rules in pg25 (killed) Plus, Complete the Ritual doesn't have the requirement of using it when Killjoy is buried. So Demise (Eternal) models could activate the ability even if Killjoy is still "alive" (the unbury would fail, but they would kill themselves) to trigger their demise and heal 4. The other side of the coin tho: It would make them quite vulnerable to controlling effects (as Complete the Ritual isn't a bonus action), models like Zoraida could make the Ritual carriers kill themselves by forcing them to use Complete the Ritual once (or twice in the case of Eternal models). Relevant rules in pg 23 (step 5) I have some doubts about this last one because the wording is "Do this, then kill the model". Not sure if "then" is marking the timming or making the unbury a requirement; but as the requirements are in italics, I guess it's only a timming thing. So, should I pair him with at least 1 Eternal model and also be extra careful with crews with access to obey abilities? Thanks in advance! EDIT: I noticed most obey effects cannot be done if the ability list a model by name, holders should be safe versus most obey-like effects.
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