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Found 13 results

  1. There are 5 models: Attacker and 4 enemy models (Defender and 3 other models (A, B, C) with 1 wound each). The Attacker attack the Defender and deal damage with . Models A, B, C are under Marker and should be damaged. Model A has Demise(Explosive) and Models B and C in 2" from Model A. The owner of enemy models choose to resolve damage on Model A first. In step 6.a. of Damage Timing Demise should be resolved. After resolve damage timing of Model A, Demise should deal damage to Models B and C. Question: who kills Models B and C (Attacker or Model A) and why? P.S. A similar situation can occur with and Shockwave, Black Blood and other abilities, that deal damage after suffering damage.
  2. So I had a question come up in a game last night where I was asked the simple question, “What are blasts?” In the game I was observing there were two buildings about 2” apart which made roughly a 6” alleyway. In the middle of the alley there were 3 models all bunched up and one of them was the target of an attack action with a blast. Several rules questions came up. I want to focus on the part of the rules, “A BLAST is Dropped by the Active player into base contact with the target.” Can the blast even be Dropped if it cannot fit base to base? (Impeding terrain) Do Blasts follow the marker “Dropped” rules. Do they follow the same “base to base” rules that markers do and can be placed underneath the original target or other blast markers? How does it interact with impassable terrain? Are models standing on the other side of an impassable wall still susceptible to blasts originating from the other side? Do they interact like Impassable Markers in that they cannot overlap Impassable Terrain or other markers? Do they follow marker rules of elevations where,“If a Marker is moved off an elevated surface, it falls just like a model.” So if a model is standing atop elevation base to base with its edge and the blast is placed in such a way that there’s nothing underneath, does it fall? Blasts don’t have LoS restrictions correct? So models don’t have to have LoS to the originating model correct? If Blasts are “assumed to extend 1” vertically above and below” this does not block LoS correct? I am referencing several rules below. I want to note that the word “Marker” does not appear at any point when describing Blasts. Instead they use “50mm base”
  3. Hi For the trigger Sweeping Strinke https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wicc6rs8kg46bt7/AADl3P0pjdyynODQqvnSzGGya/Malifaux Third Edition/Neverborn/Stat Cards/M3E_Nvb_Nightmare_Versatile_SerenaBowman.pdf?dl=0 I'm not sure. Does it mean "add a blast in base contact to the target" (so maybe other models will suffer damages) or "add the amount of a blast damage to the target" so only the target will get more damage... and it'll be 3/6/10 ! I really hope it's the first but I want to be sure. ^^ thanks
  4. Playing gremlins for a while now, I love swarming the field with our little boys. While doing that, I've found that ressers and blasting models are the only ones that keep up well. I've been having a bad time predicting when to bring merris for anti-blast support. Whenever I take her, she just ends up as an expensive scheme runner. I'd rather just use a couple bayous in those situations. I'd like to move into the tournement scene so I need to get better against blasts. How does everyone else predict blasting and which are the most popular/powerful blasters in each faction? Thanks in advance!
  5. Upon researching this I'm little confused. Apparently "dept to the guild" does increase blast damage... Anyways. critical strikes are wordes so that only the target get bonus damage. Yasunori has the (0) action Kodoku which forces as minion to perform an attack and the attack gains the following trigger "Wrath of the heavens: If this attack deals damage, this attack deals +1 damage for every VP the target's Crew has, to a maximum of +3". Now, Dawn serpent is a minion with Ca attack "Breathe fire": 2/3/4 Do Dawn serpent's Breathe fire blast markers benefit from Yasunori's "wrath of the heavens"?
  6. Retribution In Flames: Friendly Minion models within 6 which deal damage to enemy with an Attack Action may suffer 1 damage to give the enemy the Burning +1 Condition. How it work if minion (like fire gamin or Willie) deal damage to multiple enemy with blast?
  7. Do Freikorps ignore ALL damage from or attacks, even the initial damage from the attack? For example, Sonnia's Flameburst does 2/3/5. Does that mean that if she is attacking someone with a Freikorps suit it can only cause damage if it's Weak? Or moderate would cause 3 damage and place two , which couldn't cause damage to any other model also with a freikorps suit?
  8. If you target kirai with an attack and she Deflects it to a nearby spirit and it blasts large enough to hit kirai does she take blast dmg or does it cycle back to the new target?
  9. Hey guys and girls, I'm going to be in a shifting loyalties campaign and I was hoping for some crew suggestions to start with I have Ramos crew, Ironsides and Raspy I was thinking of going with Snow storm, Silent one and 2x Ice gamin for week one. It seemed like a good/fun start. The next model I would get would be December Acolyte since they are too good to pass up. I know my opponents will be Outcast (Leveticus) , Outcast (Von Schill) Guild (Peridta), and maybe Ressers. I named those masters here cause the players have those crews and they are the players favorite masters right now. Any suggestions or ideas would be great. I also had a few questions about blasts and triggers so...Snow Storm's attack Ice tornado damage is 2/3//3 what is the damage of the third blast? My understanding of blast is it works downward from max to min. For example Raspy December's Curse is 2/4/5 so if you get max damage the target takes 5 and first does 4 and the second does 2. My second question is about triggers. How many times can you trigger the same trigger/repeat an attack? Ive noticed on Snow storm has a trigger "Overpower After damaging, immediately take this action again against the same target. This action may not declare triggers". So here only once per action so at most twice per activation (lol I can read )but Raspy as "Biting Chill One thousand Cuts: after damaging, immediately take this action again against the same target" so since it does not have the line "This action may not declare triggers" that means you could in theory you could do it forever right? This was just and easy example Ive noticed this same sort thing on other cards guild, outcast etc and wanted a second opinion. Thanks for the help and ideas I look forward to the responses.
  10. Hi everybody. I´ve searched the forum but did not find a satisfying post regarding my question. If this has been previously answered anywhere I am sorry for this double post. We are new players and have made our second game yesterday. I played Sonia and used her Pyroblast Casting attack. I triggered the 5 damage-3blast result. How do I place the 3 blast markers? The rules say they have to touch, but we are uncertain what they have to touch. Do all have to be in base contact with the original target, meaning the are grouped around it in a way I decide or can they also be placed like a chain with only the first blast marker touching the actual target of the spell and the other two markers only touching the orgiginal marker or the secondly placed marker in order to reach tagets which are far of the first one. x = target b = blast first option would be like this: b - b-x1-b second option would be like this x1-b-b-b-x2 we understood it like the second option, that the blasts extend like a chain, as long as the new blast marker locations are still in line of sight of the casting model. is that right? thanks in advance!
  11. This came up in a game a few days ago. My opponent hit an incorporeal model with a blast form a SH action and stated it takes full damage, I countered with the fact that it is from an SH action. Incorporeal reduces all damage this model suffers from an SH and MI action by half, so he relented. Later he had a model, Steam Arachnid, trigger overheat off of it MI action which causes all models with in 2 to suffer 2 damage after resolving. Once again, he clamed it ignore incorporeal as it is not MI damage. Note overheat is not a separate action. Reading the cards I believe that overheat and triggers similar to it as well as blasts are still part of their parent actions and would be half by incorporeal if the parent action is. What does everyone else think?
  12. If there is a better place for this, please move it. I've been told they are trying to find a way to get our symbols back, but until they do, I came up with a stopgap measure. Use ratty's symbol font, convert the symbols into jpgs, and then put them out here on the forum. This would have been much less of a pain in the ass if the forums would have let me load them directly. More in the second post, because it had to many images for the forum apparently. Somebody fix that, please. I think you can just copy paste.
  13. This should be a simple one and I appologize if it'd been asked a million times already... If I target a model that has Evasive # with a spell/attack that does Blast damage, does that model reduce the Dg by #? My current understanding is that for the target of the spell the damage is "direct"(not mitigated by Evasive) and that any secondary models touched by the template(s) would take "blast" damage that could be mitigated by Evasive.
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