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  1. I saw it was discussed. Has anyone seen an eta for a resolution?
  2. Is no one else running into this problem?
  3. I'm adding another commander pledge level in my back kit. It auto picks gibbering horde with it and I'm wondering how I specify a different allegiance.
  4. Tweak

    What are you getting?

    One of everything. If I can swing it multiple breachlings
  5. Tweak

    How bout them motor scouts?

    With that 1 commander asset that hands out a suite, you can guarantee "pedal faster" makes a solid harassment option
  6. Tweak

    Combined Arms Squad Thoughts

    It's going to need careful positioning and constant reinforcement. Since you can reinforce to bring back cutter. Definitely a board presence
  7. Tweak

    Combined Arms Squad Thoughts

    So with the reveal of the steel legion cards and combined arms squad rules, what is everyone's thoughts on them?
  8. Tweak

    Picking your allegiance

    With the further updates shown, is anyone else's decision getting harder?
  9. Tweak

    Picking your allegiance

    Now that we have seen assets and everything, how would define the four allegiances ?
  10. Tweak

    Picking your allegiance

    Did the asset and glory side revels help anyone's opinion on the allegiances? I know I love the tea reference on the one KE asset and the back to the future reference on the electioners was fantastic
  11. Tweak

    Picking your allegiance

    I'm really excited as we near the next stretch goal. Seeing the dual commanders may help show a bit of the difference between the malifaux allegiances and the earth ones
  12. Tweak

    Picking your allegiance

    I kind of hope that some updates include either fluff, stratagems, or asset in the future to better showcase how the allegiances work.
  13. Tweak

    Picking your allegiance

    My concern with going deep is does a gibbering horde against burning man game provide a good demo experience. Im planning on recruiting for this game hardcore
  14. Tweak

    Picking your allegiance

    I'm already doing the dual commander for two factions. I'm nearly 95% certainone of them is the cult as I'm loving everything they appear to be. It's the second faction I'm struggling with. Since it's going to be for diversity of playstyle, fluff driven, and demos I cant figure out which of the three it will be
  15. Tweak

    Picking your allegiance

    I kind of hope we get a bit of fluff released before the kickstarter ends to further show off the allegiances