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  1. FacelessOblivion

    Lucius fluff

    Anyone know if Lucius appears in any recent (book 3 onwards) Malifaux fluff? I've read his entries in Rising Powers, Twisting Fates and Wyrd Chronicles 6 & 14
  2. FacelessOblivion

    Starting Jack Daw

    I just picked up Jack Daw, and was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers? I read some posts in the 'Jack Daw Project' thread, and was wondering if anyone could provide some examples of a typical Jack Daw 'beatstick' crew and a Jack Daw Tormented crew, and their playstyles? I've seen these terms banded around, but I'm not sure what constitutes a Beatstick crew vs a Tormented one? Thanks
  3. FacelessOblivion

    Dress Rehearsal - A Colette Guide for Stage Management

    This. I think it would be more beneficial for all potential Colette players if the more up-to-date guide (this one) is pinned at the top of the forum.
  4. FacelessOblivion

    Kirai at 45ss

    Is there an alternative way of playing Kirai?
  5. FacelessOblivion

    Kirai at 45ss

    No-one have any advice?
  6. FacelessOblivion

    Kirai at 45ss

    Hi I was wondering if anyone would be willing to provide some examples of a typical 45ss crew for Kirai? I was considering something along the lines of: 45 SS Resurrectionists Crew Kirai Ankoku + 5 Pool - Unforgiven (2) Philip and the Nanny (8) - Haunting Cries (0) Datsue Ba (8) - Spirit Whispers (1) or My Little Helper (1) Izamu The Armor (10) - Decaying Aura (2) Dead Doxy (6) Night Terror (3) Night Terror (3) Gives me a bit of a summoning battery in the Night Terrors, a beater (Izamu), and some good card cycling from Philip and the Doxy. Any better suggestions?
  7. FacelessOblivion

    Kirai fluff?

    Thanks for that. I wasn't sure if I had missed some kind of elaboration of what the organisation is that has approached her to summon spirits for them.
  8. FacelessOblivion

    Kirai fluff?

    Where can I find Kirai's fluff? I have read her entries in Rising Powers, Cross Roads and the vignette in Ripples Of Fate. Are there any other Kirai background stories to be found? Has anything appeared in Wyrd Chronicles?