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  1. Remember that with Kassa you have the option of taking King's Empire units, so you might want to consider doing a Aby/KE dual pledge?
  2. Ah, I think I only read the last part of your question where you asked They don't have one without add on, and I don't think they will. The 270 price is for late backers, that why you probably don't see it.
  3. They have done that, but at $270 for the 1 rulebook. If you are refering to only 1 set of add-ons, then the last part of your question is a bit off.
  4. Another way to look at it, is to look down the road. We already know the next 4 factions. Earthside The Guild : By looking at Thrace and The Guild in Malifaux 2E, it seems to be a very diverse faction, but where you have to build to each challenge. Three Kingdoms : China, Japan and Vietnam combined. We know they are connected to Ten Thunders in some way. Fluff mentions them fighting with what they have learned from both sides of the Breach. Malifaux Court of Two : A spirit/ghost faction. Their fluff mentions them able to recruit soldiers without emotions or needs. A bit spooky. Kimon : An Oni faction. Since the veils between worlds are flayed, Oni are arriving, ready for bloodshed. Angry and buff with horns, I guess. This might inspire you to think about future combinations like "Oh, combining Hordes and Kimon could look really good" or "Hmm, the guns of King's Empire and the secrecy of Three Kingdoms are probably going to be a nice mix" I hope this is useful to you
  5. We are about 12K away from Syndicate models. So there is still hope left. As for when the manager closes, well that is hard to know.
  6. Hey all. In the last update on Kickstarter, they showed that the Guild is no longer a syndicate, but now a full allegiance. It won't be available at launch, but it is really exciting! What are your thoughts about that?
  7. I think you should go for Empire as secondary allegiance: 1. You might find a use for them if you employ dual commanders. 2. Both allegiances benefits from the Guild syndicate, so if you ever start playing them the investment is smaller 3. They are easy to understand. If you have to learn the game, playing a faction focused on shooting is a good way to start. While the more experienced wargamer might find the Cult interesting, people who are new to the genre will probably have an easier time understanding the rules, when playing as the Empire. 4. They provide a nice example for people new to Malifaux universe, in that you can show the huge difference soulstones have done for technology. It makes sense to battle over it, if you can build better weapons, faster vehicles and unlock magical abilities. 5. This point might be a bit weak, but you might be able to pull some people in, who aren't fans of the usual horror look of Malifaux, as you can show that people don't have to employ "weird" monsters and twisted humans (which you often have in to in the skirmish game).
  8. Black powder burning into booms, incredible ironshod industrialisation and the sounds of soldiers shooting. No matter if you are seasoned veteran, or a lowly recruit drafted way too young, I order you to say what you like about the empire. It might be their bravery to stand against the Guild, or their stylish uniforms. Share the things that makes the Empire great, or get stuck with latrine duty!
  9. HHAGGAAGG BRARLHGLLR, LRBRAAGH GAHHRL RAGGBLH HRG BAGHHA GRHHBGL AAARBHG. No matter if you have spent years underwater, eating all your friends, or if you just feel at home on the beach, I want to hear what you think of this allegiance. It might be the eating your own to survive, the unlimited waves of minions or perhaps the half cute/half creepy critters. Share the things that makes you happy, and quickly, you never know when the bigger fish eats you.
  10. Fire burning bright above, madness for magic and tricky techniques. No matter if you have converted to the Cult by free will or have been shaped by his blazing might, I want to hear your thoughts. It might be their trickster play style or many unique sculpts, share the positive things you feel about this allegiance. And only the positive, as you never know if he listens.
  11. Soulstone-powered suits of strength, motorized magical machinery and top tier technology. No matter if you are already addicted to soulstone-smithing, or just a newcomer who have heard tales of their techonological prowess, I want to hear what you like about Abyssinia. It doesn't matter if it's the whole faction, a single sculpt or just one of their faction upgrades. Share your positive thoughts about this allegiance! (Or lose access to you soulstone)
  12. I couldn't decide, so I went all in and bought the 4x pledge. I'm totally new to wargames and hope this will be my entry. I really like the idea of Abyssinia, with the whole high tech weapons and suits, but I don't think elite factions are my kind of style. King's Empire looks great. I like that they are made up of normal peoples, equipped with low tech weapons, in a world of strange beings and African iron men. Their playstyle is easy to grasp, so these guys are probably my learning army. For Gibbering Horde, I must say that I love the models. Water Pokemon have always been some of my favorites, and these look like a bunch of cute/deadly critters. I'm not to keen on the zerg rush aspect of their playstyle, but maybe they can convert me. The Cult is actually the allegiance I like the least. I'm all in for magic users, and quite a few of their models are nice, but the rest of the mutated, tendrilfied units are not my cup of tea. Their playstyle is what might redeem them for me, but I suspect that I'm either going to love it or hate it. So far I feel like Wyrd has done a great job at captivating different kind of players, and I hope for this game to gain ground all over the world. I also hope that the henchman program either extends or that they create something similar for this. December(+maybe a couple of months in delays) can't come soon enough
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