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  1. Here is the first (well actually 50% of my total ownership) The Other Side figures. Kassa Okoye, Abyssinian/King's Empire Commander. The base is Slaters Embossed Plastikard, 7mm scale Granite Setts. Now she just needs an army to command.
  2. Greetings All -- this month is going to be a tough one and I've been reluctant to post up for demos but I think if we practice good social distancing and utilize other means... we just may be able to do this demo thing for Malifaux 3rd Edition. So, with all this pandemic response and responsibilities in mind, I've determined that we can do some demos over VASSAL. VASSAL has a lot of various game 'modules' for playing games and the one for Malifaux is great. With this in mind, please get in touch and I'll be checking the boards for those interested. I'll take the time to set up a virtual VASSAL Malifaux game table and run you thru a demo game. Also - you've got a few more days of the Easter Sale at your fingertips! Catch you at the <virtual> game table! All the Best ~James
  3. When : 28th of March Where: Metagame club, Moscow. Rules : Fields of glory 2.0 Format : 1 commander + 10scrip Time of start : 12:30
  4. Greetings All, The demo events for February were fantastic! I want to thank all of you out there who showed interest and came. There's a lot of room here in Fairbanks and Alaska at large for expanding Malifaux, Through the Breach, & The Other Side. Look for me at The Comic Shop here in Fairbanks for demos of Malifaux throughout March. Send me a private message to get in contact for setting a demo game for you and your friends too. As the land here in Alaska begins to thaw from this very cold winter, I'd like to see about even more days where I'll be setting up table (or two...or three...etc) for some Malifaux. See you soon! Be Well, ~James
  5. Greetings All - February is upon us already? Sorry so late getting this out but I was crazy busy with work and some family stuff. I hope everyone had a great Chinese New Year and is ready for some more Malifaux 3E More and more releases means that our love of Malifaux continues to get most excellent support. I know there are delays - but that is not Wyrd's fault... all those shipments coming from abroad will eventually get here -- patience, we will be rewarded! I have tables worth of new terrain for demos and games. I hope to see you out there and will also be sneaking onto Fort Wainwright to demo at the Warrior Zone. There's a great event coming up at the Comic Shop called the Learn to Play Faire. I'll be there for sure with a table of miniatures and terrain ... ready for some great demos and willing to chat up all things Malifaux all day long. See you out there -- catch you all at The Comic Shop or out 'n about Flipp'n Cards since 2009! Be Well, ~James
  6. A HUGE lot of Retribution of Scyrah for sale! All items are offered AS IS. Very few models are missing pieces. I'd put it at roughly 98% of pieces intact. Whole lot would be valued at roughly $2500 CAD, but would be willing to sell everything together for $900 CAD. Open to negotiations and trades. Vyros, Incissar of the Dawnguard Warcaster $20 Thyron, Sword of Truth Warcaster $20 Issyria, Sibyl of Dawn Warcaster $8 Kaelyssa, Night's Whisper (plastic) Warcaster $8 Kaelyssa, Night's Whisper (plastic) Warcaster $8 Kaelyssa, Night's Whisper (plastic) Warcaster $5 Dawnlord Vyros Warcaster $8 Lord Arcanist Ossyan Warcaster $8 Adeptis Rahn Warcaster $6 Ravyn, Eternal LIght Warcaster $7 Garryth, Blade of Retribution Warcaster $5 $0 Dawnguard Destor Thane Solo $16 House Shyeel Artificer Solo $10 Reinholdt, Gobber Specular Character Solo/ $3 Sylys Wyshnalyrr, the Seeker Character Solo $6 Narn, Mage Hunter of Ios Character Solo $5 Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorceress Character Solo $5 Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios Character Solo $5 Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios Character Solo $5 Eiryss, Mage Hunter Commander Character/Solo $8 House Shyeel Magister Solo $5 House Shyeel Magister Solo $5 Arcanist Solo $5 Arcanist Solo $5 Arcanist Solo $5 Arcanist Solo $5 Mage Hunter Assassin solo $4 Mage Hunter Assassin solo $4 Mage Hunter Assassin solo $4 Mage Hunter Assassin solo $4 Mage Hunter Assassin solo $4 Ghost Sniper solo $4 Ghost Sniper solo $4 Ghost Sniper solo $4 Houseguard Thane solo $6 Soulless Escort attachment $4 Fane Knight Skeryth Issyen Character solo $16 Dawnguard Scyir solo $5 Nayl character solo $5 Hyperion Colassal Warjack $58 Hyperion Colassal Warjack $58 Banshee heavy warjack $18 Hypnos Character Warjack $25 Manticore heavy warjack $18 Hydra heavy warjack $18 Manticore heavy warjack $18 Manticore heavy warjack $18 Phoenix heavy warjack $18 Griffon light warjack $10 Griffon light warjack $10 Griffon light warjack $10 Aspis Character light warjack $11 Moros character light warjack $14 Phoenix/Manticore/Hyrda kit heavy warjack kit $24 Chimera light warjack $8 Griffon light warjack $10 Discordia character warjack $24 Imperatus character heavy warjack $28 Phoenix heavy warjack $18 Dawnguard Sentinels unit $34 Dawnguard Invictors unit $34 Houseguard Riflemen Officer & Standard unit attachment $8 Houseguard Riflemen unit $26 Lady Aiyana & Master Holt unit $8 House Shyeel Battle Mages unit $16 House Shyeel Battle Mages unit $16 Mage Hunter Strike Force Commander unit attachment $9 Mage Hunter Strike Force unit $37 Mage Hunter Strike Force Commander unit attachment $5 Mage Hunter Strike Force unit $21 Mage Hunter Strike Force Commander unit attachment $5 Mage Hunter Strike Force unit $21 Heavy Rifle Team unit $11 Heavy Rifle Team unit $11 Stormfall Archers unit $13 Stormfall Archers unit $13 Stormfall Archers unit $13 Mage Hunter Infiltrators unit $26 Houseguard Halberdier Officer & Standard unit attachment $8 Houseguard Halberdiers unit $26 Dahlia Hallyr & Skarath solo and warbeast $17 Would prefer to sell, or trade for the following Wyrd products: Santana Ortega 3E Lucius Crore box 3E Justice core box Carver Soulstone Miners Freikorps Librarian 3E Von Schtook Core box University of Transmortis box Bring Out Yer Dead box The Other Side Cult of the Burning Man models The Other Side Gibbering Hordes models THANK YOU!
  7. Greetings One & All, I am back at it in November! October was a busy month, but things are smoothing out and I'll be back at it. More and more 3rd Edition is getting out into the wild. I'm still working on getting The Comic Shop to get a proper distributor for product... they're working on it. In the meantime, please come on out for demo games and Malifaux Fun! You can email me here in this event listing or contact me at ngolmo@gmail.com and we'll set something up. Pretty soon we're going to have either a Henchman Hardcore or Enforcer Brawl event. Looking forward to catching up about everything Malifaux and hearing from you! Catch You Soon! Be Well, ~James
  8. Greetings All! September is upon us!!! I'll be at The Comic Shop this upcoming 9th of September and each Monday thereafter. I've received a lot of stuff from the GenCon Malifaux/Wyrd sale and am furiously assembling and painting up the new stuff. With Malifaux heating up across the world, I'd like to announce that between Fairbanks and Anchorage, we've got enough players that we're going to hold events to qualify for the Nationals. More information to come on this. Looking forward to seeing you all at The Comic Shop and anywhere else we might be able to get a Demo Game going See you there! May the Red Joker look kindly upon you And may the Black Joker stay hidden and forgotten! HA! All the Best ~James
  9. Greetings All! August is now upon us and I am back from my trip to ORIGINS Game Fair '19 and also to Japan. Things have been heating up with the release of Malifaux 3rd Edition (M3E) and I'm super pumped to be running demos and events. While on vacation and in Japan I played numerous games of M3E and I am continually impressed by this edition. A good friend of mine who'd been away for a couple of years was able to step right back in to full games without trouble. High praise from him as well with how great the new edition played. I'll be at The Comic Shop here in Fairbanks each Monday for Demos and throughout the week adhoc. A new friend designed the art/layout for a new poster display and it's already working. See you there! May the Red Joker look kindly upon you All the Best ~James
  10. Hello everyone! I'm delighted to announce my first The Other Side tournament, happening at Dark Sphere Megastore (Shepherd's Bush, West London) on Saturday 15th June 2019. *PLEASE NOTE - THIS EVENT IS NOW CAPPED AT EIGHT PLAYERS* The tournament pack can be found here - let me know if you have any issues downloading it. This will be a eight player, Two Commander game size event over three rounds. Operations and Deployment are pre-determined and are revealed in the tournament pack. If there is sufficient demand, we may be able to expand beyond 16 players. Venue Dark Sphere Shepherd's Bush Megastore Unit 8 W12 Shopping Centre London W12 8PP Tournament Schedule Each round will last two hours and fifteen minutes including set-up. 10:00-10:30 Registration 10:30-12:45 Game 1: Set Traps // Sideways 12:45-13:30 Lunch & Painting Competition 13:30-15:45 Game 2: Scavenge // Confrontation 15:55-18:10 Game 3: Pitched Assault // Corners 18:10-18:30 Clear-up and prizes Tickets To secure your ticket, please send payment of £15 to me via PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/TomSkitt Please mark as Friends/Family payment and please write in the notes your name, as you wish for it to appear on the player list below, and a contact email/forum name. If you wish to remain anonymous, please mention so in the PayPal comments. Attendees 1. Nick Ackert 2. James Lee 3. Rob Jones 4. Thebatkitsune 5. Dave Brown 6. Luke Athiko 7. Dan Humpage If you have any questions, please feel free to ask on here or in private message if you prefer. Tom
  11. The 73 Days of Sunlight have begun on this day for Fairbanks, Alaska! Greeting One & All -- James here with a quick reminder that we have a Learn to Play Faire at The Comic Shop coming up this Saturday, May 18th, 2019. The game is ramping up to again blow my socks off... and I do like my socks. The Demos have a lot to offer and scale with whatever time you have. See you there! Be Well ~James
  12. Greetings One & All! For April we've still got some time for demos and everything Wyrd. Malifaux 3rd Edition is a hot topic right now and I'll be running demos for M3E. Going to be running Through the Breach this month too! A Penny Dreadful is in right order! The month of May holds a Learn to Play Faire @ The Comic Shop Respond to this post -- we'll make sure you get a Demo or we can start sorting games! Be Well ~James
  13. Hey Wyrdos! It's about time we have our first TOS league at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid). Join us for some games to decide who will be our first champion! What: The other side league, dual commander. Where: GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid). When: We'll start on the 22nd of April, regular league + playoffs. How much: 10 euros fee, all for prizes.
  14. Hello All I am going to be running a Tides of Battle league at Dark Sphere, London starting 11th March, running through to the week commencing 15th April. While I am trying to promote a (so far) unofficial club night of Wednesday evenings, all participants are encouraged to arrange their own games within the league. Where I am not available I will consider achievements signed off by your opponent to be legitimate. Prizes will be minimal, but I will make sure there are some. There is no fee to join - just table fees at Dark Sphere when you play your games. We will be following the Tides of Battle Document that can be found here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/the-other-side Most of our chat for arranging games etc. happens on the Dark Sphere Malifaux and The Other Side Facebook group - so come and join us if you are interested. If you do not use Facebook, please contact me as I am looking to some alternative options as well. Hope you can join us! Any questions, please ask. Tom
  15. Greetings All! February of 2019 is here and we're in the midst of Malifaux 3rd Edition Open BETA Testing! What does this mean? Well, I can now talk about and run open demos of M3E -- and we can play M2E too... We've got options! The lull during the Closed Beta really impacted my time at the shop openly -- but no longer! Am looking to the next Learn to Play Faire and all you new Malifaux fans showing up. Hit me back - and we'll set up another demo or get some actual games in. Really looking forward to building the community up here in Alaska - we've got a lot of great folks! Come on out and get a Demo Game -- learn about the various factions and let's just have a great time. Cheat if you can -- it's apart of the game! See you there! Be Well ~James
  16. [TOS] Tides of Battle Achievement League Starts Feburary 4, 2019 The Sword and Board 1193 Bloor Street West - Rear Toronto, ON M6H 1N4 http://www.theswordandboardtoronto.com/ (647) 350-7529 Entrey Fee: Free! Achievement/Escalation League for The Other Side using Wyrd’s Tides of Battle format. (available at: Link) Each Phase will run for two weeks, beginning February 4th, 2019. A great oppourtunity to learn the game and get those forces painted! Phase 1 – Feb. 4 & 11 2019 Phase 2 – Feb. 18 & 25 2019 Phase 3 – Mar. 4 & 11 2019
  17. Tides of Battle is the official Escalation and Achievement League format for The Other Side, and a great way to get the new game off the ground. This is a FREE event to enter at Impact Wargaming and games can be arranged to play throughout the week. Week One: 18th January 2019 Week Two: 1st February 2019 Week Three: 15th February 2019 Week Four: 1st March 2019 Week Five: 15th March 2019 Week Six: 29th March 2019 The Venue: Impact Wargaming, 63 Laughton Rd, Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S25 2PN For more information check our event out on Facebook: Tides of Battle
  18. Soulstone-powered suits of strength, motorized magical machinery and top tier technology. No matter if you are already addicted to soulstone-smithing, or just a newcomer who have heard tales of their techonological prowess, I want to hear what you like about Abyssinia. It doesn't matter if it's the whole faction, a single sculpt or just one of their faction upgrades. Share your positive thoughts about this allegiance! (Or lose access to you soulstone)
  19. Date: Saturday, December 8, 2018 Start time: 10:00am Location: Dragon's Lair Houston North Address: 21151 State Highway 249, Houston, Texas 77070 Store Contact: (832) 761-0072 Dragon's Lair Website Dragon's Lair Houston is hosting their second annual Extra Life charity event on Saturday, December 8. There will be lots of different games being played all day long and a charity auction with some really cool stuff up for grabs. On the Wyrd front of things, I will be there running Malifaux demos, The Other Side Demos, and later in the afternoon an enforcer brawl! Details for each event are below: Malifaux Demos The Other Side Demos Enforcer Brawl
  20. Hey everyone, First time posting here, so hope that I do it right. Wondering if anyone here has good recommendations for how to best store/transport these awesome miniatures I've received. I'm pretty darn new to the miniatures war-game hobby and I know there's good options for storing/transporting your miniatures in foam and foam containers/bags like Battle Foam. Wondering especially if there's any good pluck foam options for these "irregularly" shaped miniatures. Any recommendations? I know WH/WH40k have pretty consistent size/shape/sculpts for space marines, but in my (noob) opinion these TOS minis are more diverse in shape/sculpt with plenty of weaker bases (1-legged sculpts for cavalry, infantry, etc.). I also wonder how to shape/pluck the foam for minis with (large) bases but smaller/narrower sculpts. Any recommendations for how to best measure these minis to know how much to pluck out (for pluck foam), carve out (for manually carved holes) or boxed out (for pre-shaped squares and rectangles)? I'm still gluing bases on to my 4 Alliances, but now that I'm finishing up I'm wondering how to best care for, transport and store these cool little investments. Planning was limited, haha. Recommendations by experts or experienced miniatures collectors is always appreciated!
  21. What: The Other Side Demo When: Thursdays from 6-10 starting 11/15/2018 Where: The Historic Haven - it's a private club, PM me for info 21 South Carroll Street Frederick MD 21701 Phone (410)490-4353 Club Website: http://www.historichaven.com/ We will have everything you need to try out The Other Side. Come on down. Demo ID:11629010
  22. Want to come and test your skills with your new toys? Want to make loads of mistakes but have a great day of cobbling the game together? Then head on down and duke it out Earthside (barring any further delays!) obviously we’ll take this with a pinch of salt with shipping going out late July (hopefully). This is subject to change, but i’m gauging interest in the UK’s first tournament for ‘the other side’! I didn’t play the beta so rules pack to follow. Our venue can probably only hold a few tables worth but if there’s enough interest i’ll change to another larger local venue! i’m also considering running this at Leodis games. With the Delay we are looking at early September now folks! Provisional sign up sheet: 1-Billy Mason 2-proximo coal 3-skitt_happens
  23. HHAGGAAGG BRARLHGLLR, LRBRAAGH GAHHRL RAGGBLH HRG BAGHHA GRHHBGL AAARBHG. No matter if you have spent years underwater, eating all your friends, or if you just feel at home on the beach, I want to hear what you think of this allegiance. It might be the eating your own to survive, the unlimited waves of minions or perhaps the half cute/half creepy critters. Share the things that makes you happy, and quickly, you never know when the bigger fish eats you.
  24. Black powder burning into booms, incredible ironshod industrialisation and the sounds of soldiers shooting. No matter if you are seasoned veteran, or a lowly recruit drafted way too young, I order you to say what you like about the empire. It might be their bravery to stand against the Guild, or their stylish uniforms. Share the things that makes the Empire great, or get stuck with latrine duty!
  25. Fire burning bright above, madness for magic and tricky techniques. No matter if you have converted to the Cult by free will or have been shaped by his blazing might, I want to hear your thoughts. It might be their trickster play style or many unique sculpts, share the positive things you feel about this allegiance. And only the positive, as you never know if he listens.
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