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  1. Rosskov

    Things that caught my eye

    Is there an issue with the iron skeeter's fly with me ability? Would it be at a negative to cast this as it is targeting a friendly model who benefits from the concealment it creates?
  2. Rosskov

    M3e sculpts

    Somer's skeeters. I'd like them to be easier to fit in a Base and transport. I've ended up making my own from sprue cut offs (which look nothing like the actual model) and just borrow the actual models for tournaments (I may have thrown mine in the bin as a rage quit (my only one) during building. The François model is the reason in opted for gremlins.
  3. Rosskov

    Monday Preview - Newsies

    Nightmare edition Somer crew?
  4. Rosskov


    Out of curiosity what mercenaries do you find yourself hiring and why? In the past I have thrown in an occasional ronin (where I have wanted a survivable-ish minion and the ability to get more stones), student of conflict (for surprising people with a fast model in close deployment) but can't remember opting for any other out of faction hires (excluding iggy and swampfiends for Gremrida). I have recently acquired Lazarus, Johana, Taelor and Hannah. I can see the possible humour in a glowy Laz and Johana's use is self explanatory. Does anyone have experience with the others or other merc's?
  5. Rosskov

    Favourite Malifaux Stories

    I really enjoyed the recent beachside broadcast stories about Zorida and Taelor.
  6. Rosskov

    Balanced Errata chat

    I don't have a massive issue with alpha strikes. It is pretty rare that you can do one in the first activation of a game (and of it is possible it should be easy to spot and deploy around). They are a high risk strategy that works less against better opponents and becomes easier to play against when you get used to it. I often take an alpha strike option in my crews and use it for area denial through threat as much as anything else.
  7. Rosskov

    Balanced Errata chat

    The reason I suggested two cache adjustments at the beginning of this discussion was because they were minor tweaks to address to imbalances without nerfing a master into the ground. I have always viewed the cache of a model as intended to balance them. More powerful masters or those who come with free henchmen have fewer than those which are weaker. Models which can cross playstyles often have to buy upgrades which effectively reduces the number of available stones to build and fuel your crew (whether that is burning them for cards, suits or damage prevention). For example sandeep or somer taking upgrades to be able.to summon. My understanding is that von schill relies on stones to survive and his play style is being in the thick of it. He seems to be perceived as a weaker choice. If he is more survivable he should be better. If sandeep has fewer inbuilt resources then the player has to build accordingly. This may be as straightforward as dropping a wind gamin or gambling that you will draw the suits you need etc. Sandeep is not unbeatable but he will generally be the first or second archanist pick for most strats or schemes in my local meta (and from what I have seen at tournaments). A tweak to his efficiency may help draw a distinction between whether he is first second or third choice for a match up.
  8. Rosskov

    Mah is good

    Thanks @Math Mathonwy, I really enjoyed our game. Facing your Mah list was fairly tough but you are a great opponent to play against. I have been experimenting with that Wong crew for a while and it normally spends it's time in the opposite half from turn two. I think I only managed to get more than one model into your half from turn 3 onwards. Being able to hit my master in turn one for half his wounds and then be pulled back to relative safety by trixie is a powerful combination. Particularly when Mah can then be disguised. You inspired me to try Mah in the next round. It was corner, supply wagons v ten thunders Yan Lo. I managed to kill him in turn one and, between pit traps and mah engaging my opponents crime bosses, stop the wagon being pushed more than 3" in the game. Although it did mean I had to use three models (two with reckless) to push my marker into a scoring position. Mah tied up two crime bosses for the entire game and only took one wound. She then pushed away at the start of the last turn, dropped a scheme marker, walked, dropped a scheme marker and then did let mah handle this to push an iron Skeeter out of engagement (so it could go and get the third covert breakthrough marker down) and re-engage the two crime bosses to win 8-2.
  9. Rosskov

    Balanced Errata chat

    So there has been a lot of disparate, and fairly impassioned, discussion calling for nerfs and cuddles across various forums. While this is good (and shows that people care about the game) I thought I would start a faction neutral thread for people to voice measured tweaks to improve game balance. For example, given the current perception of the power levels of sandeep and von schill, why not drop sandeep's cache to 1 and raise von schill's to 4 (you could even come up with some fluff to describe von schill 's acquisition of the stones). This thread is not intended to be balance in terms of taking from one and giving to another but I feel that this is a proportionate tweaking.
  10. Rosskov

    The guild at ITC

    I think one of the teams solo'd Hoffman for five wins.
  11. Rosskov

    Som'er in GG18

    Thanks that's really helpful and exactly the type of conversation I was trying to start. In the past my list always included : 50 SS Gremlins Crew Somer Teeth Jones + 7 Pool - Family Tree (2) Skeeter (2) Skeeter (2) - very occasionally dropped Merris LaCroix (6) Lightning Bug (5) Slop Hauler (5) Bayou Gremlin (3) Bayou Gremlin (3) Bayou Gremlin (3) I would also generally have has lenny or the pigapault to throw some gremlins to where they needed to be. Do Over was also pretty much guaranteed. This left 8-9 stones to tailor the crew to what was needed. This normally went on burt. I found this type of list really competitive for Reconnoiter and interference (I think I only drew one game and won all the others- though they tended to be narrow wins) but didn't use it in other strategies. Which is why I think I haven't dusted STG off since GG18 arrived- particularly as ours doesn't count summoned models and bayou gremlins are squishy) . With the benefit of hindsight I think I was inefficient in my use of somer's AP. I generally summoned to at least turn 3 and occasionally in turn 4. I wouldn't normally summon in turn 5 as one of his Ap is worth more than a slow Bg for a turn . I didn't use his squeal and friendly attacks to move him for free and I often found myself doing little to nothing with 3 bayou gremlins while I was summoning (if I was using lenny I'd normally throw the non summoned ones forward, if it was the pigapault slow ones were its payload). Looking back I can see why my wins were narrow. So going forward, where do you think Somer shines? Presumably ply and symbols?
  12. Rosskov

    Som'er in GG18

    Congrats on the win. What was your core crew? Did you take the typical summoning engine and/ or find yourself summoning less over all?
  13. Rosskov

    Som'er in GG18

    So what are your thoughts on STG in the current gaining grounds? What strats and schemes suit him, what crews do you tend to take and how are you playing him? He used to be my go to for interference but I just realised that I've not used him this year so thought I'd sound out some inspiration.
  14. Rosskov

    Our worst models

    Perhaps a way to fix the problem would be to reset McTavish's cost and add a trait ("that pays for me but it won't feed the Croc") which makes means it costs two stones to hire him as a merc rather than one. That let's players use their models but addresses the problem of McTavish being too expensive for us. For what it's worth I don't think the faction is in a terrible state. The loss of synergies the have been disappointing (stuffed pigs and the pigapault ; ophelia and lenny etc) and some of the newer models may not have lived up to their predecessors but wave 5 fixed mah and injected some new/fun options for our other masters. I think the following need a little help (and I do mean a little) to see more play: Rami Lenny Stuffed pigs Pigapault Gators sparks brewmaster (subject to the new models) Possibly the emissary. in the interests of balance the greatest bug bears I hear from opponents are: 1. Wide access to reckless 2. Stilts being used to avoid dumb luck damage on franc 's own melee action 3. Zipp being able to use up we go on the charge. I don't feel that any of these make the faction or particular models too strong (I mean we don't have a sandeep or monster hunters after all 🙄) but it is interesting to see how gremlins are perceived . I also feel that any advantages are balanced by the faction's weaknesses (which opponents don't complain about). Reckless is less available than previously was the case (I.e a smaller percentage of models have access to it) and makes squishy models squishier. It is thematic. The existence of drunk and reckless (and the faction that bayou gremlins will often be too far away top have easy access to healing) balances it out our 3 stone minions (as does other factions haveing access to significant 3 stone minions). The Franc item is a corner case with which I disagree. It is a rare 1, one time effect on a model which now has a fair price (and if it is taken it also means he can't be used in a iron Skeeter alpha strike). Up we go is, generally, why I take zipp in a list. It is a good attack on an insignificant but very mobile master. He would take a big drop (no pun intended) in appeal of that was tweaked. I appreciate that I've just pointed to the complaints I hear (and then argued against them) but I was trying to be objective in setting out how I think the faction is perceived.
  15. Rosskov

    The Real LaCroix-Ophelia tactica

    I would add the Lucky Effigy to common choices (for me anyway). Ophelia flips a lot of cards so having an ability that let's you heal one for every ram flipped is useful as is its "hit me ability" for closing down charge lanes and drawing attention away from squishy kin models. If an enemy model that is height 2 or above is tied up with the effigy, ophelia and those around here and rami can all shoot at it without randomising. Good work on this. Thanks for taking the time to work on it.