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  1. This is interesting because she does not feature highly in the bayou pool (though data is still limited) . I've not tried her but she looks solid.
  2. True, there's also the impact of knowing what faction you're facing (though I dont think we have any auto counters to particular factions or any keywords that would never be taken against others) , the scheme pool and board layout. I'd be delighted for anyone to share any thoughts they have in this regard but thought it'd make the poll too complex. I was curious if there would be one or two crews who are regularly selected and one of two who are rarely sellected. The sample is still really small but that doesn't seem to be the case yet.
  3. Non f seems to be a recurrent issue on a fair few cards. Must be a formatting issue.
  4. A high iron diet is good for you though... right?
  5. I thought this may be an interesting way to flush out the current status of the various key words given the game's increased focus on strats. It will be interesting to see if any key words are rarely picked or if there is a fairly even spread across the board. In a competitive context who would be your go to choice for each of the various strats? Multiple choice answers can be given to reflect the range of possible schemes and enemy factions.
  6. Hard to Kill and Infused body and he is grand.
  7. Given the lack of anti armour the faction has is like sparks to be versatile. I'd be ok with him losing ride the rails and scamper if he was versatile, got an additional point in def and his analyse weakness went up to stat 6. At 9 stones out of keyword, it's a lot for a cast 5 ability.
  8. What about : always on the lash. At the start of this model's activation push it up to 3"?
  9. You have to target a marker within 6" it can come down anywhere in Wong 's LoS, so long as it isn't touching terrain.
  10. And that's the end of that chapter. Cheers, I hadn't spotted the return to the original position. I would consider adding wizz bang to the list that could do with a tweak. Wong's damage is fairly inconsistent but can lead to enemy models carrying around a lot of glowy tokens which never get used (and the rest of the crew can't use). I think it would be good if whizz bang models could use those. Maybe not all of them but, say swine cursed for damage and burt to heal?
  11. I would give trixie the ability to push a model away on a trigger (even if restricted to non gremlin or enemy) - preferably inbuilt and I think she would be fine. A genuine question : have moon shinobis been fixed? I read a lot of negative comments following the change to drunken kung fu and hadn't realised there had been any balancing changes? Also, are folk happy with Earl?
  12. "¡A Por Él!": After this model ends its Activation, another friendly Family model within a6 with Cost equal to less than this model may discard a card to take an Action Should that be either : "equal to or less"; or "equal or less"? The same typo appears in all family cards with that ability. Agent 46's bonus action and lazaurs' assimilate say: "Select one of the target's non-F Actions ". Pere Ravage has a trigger which states: "c Critical Mass: This model must either discard a card or suffer 2 irreducible damage." Presumably this should say "target" as you don't need to declare triggers on this action and there is no benefit to it (well unless you are in the niche case of wanting to kill your own model or you obey an enemy Pere)?
  13. Me too. I have nine of them (two boxes plus the Ltd one). Presumably the limit is to stop the (more unlikely than ever) spam crew. In 2e I once saw someone have a crew that was Somer, merris and 14 bayous. It was interesting.* In 3e and given the likelihood of "I'm done with that" triggering I think the number could increase. If I get the chance I'll try and set up a poll (like a number of other factions have) to try and let us focus our comments on keywords and models that need work. *maybe I should try the master and 9 banjonista list before m2e goes away.
  14. I don't think she's weak. Restricting hand size is pretty powerful alone but when you consider all of the card shenanigans that she has when you close in (and a pretty baller totem) I think she is pretty spot on power wise Then again I've only played @BigHammer' s version of her crew. Won some and lost some but I think she is spot on.
  15. I don't know. Ill omens was awesome when other crews didn't have it and her push pull lure was great. Presents for me was also great for things like set up. I think if she had a built in trigger to push rather than pull (even if restricted to non gremlins) she'd be fine.
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