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  1. Zoraida has this ability : Eyes in the Night: This model may draw LoS and range for its non-y Actions from friendly Swampfiends within 12" and enemy models with a Voodoo Upgrade attached. Presumably if the voodoo upgrade is attached to a model that is in Concealing terrain she can use it to draw LoS to itself and avoid having to deal with Concealment (as no sight lines are drawn across Concealing terrain) ?
  2. I think that's what the rule should be but I don't think that's what it says based on the extracts above. Either way it could do with a faq
  3. I don't think you get concealment from terrain if you ignore line of sight as you only get concealment when a LOS is drawn through the terrain. The wording on the Handler's attack could be to get round auras that give concealment. I think the ambiguity is enough to warrant an faq.
  4. I'd like to reiterate my request for an alt somer based on Tina turner's character from said film. Miss Ing You?
  5. A scheme... And possible future schemes.
  6. I was more thinking from a take prisoner avoidance angle
  7. I would have no issue if it was a 6" aura with a discard.
  8. Unless you want him to self destruct. Presumably he doesn't count as being killed by a friendly model if he does that?
  9. I really dislike : Exclusive Interview: When an enemy model within a2 takes the Interact Action, it is treated as a friendly model and the Action is controlled by this model. It makes Nellie immune to deliver a message (and possibly future gaining ground schemes) which I think is bad from a game design perspective (particularly for those who remember facing Hamelin in m2e with condition heavy scheme pools). I have no issue with her making the scheme difficult (Eg: When an enemy model within a2 takes the Interact Action, this model may discard a card to treat the enemy model as a friendly model and the Action is controlled by this model) but impossible is not great.
  10. Didn't need to see that used to give slow
  11. The only problem with that is that it changes the current rule (ie you can be in base to base with terrain without being in it (by way of analogy you can be touching a car without being in it) ). I think the wording can be clarified but given that some makers can be destroyed when you are in base to base I assume the intent is you can do this without having to deal with the consequences of being within the terrain.
  12. It's a fair question but I would work on the basis that you go by the printed cost rather than what you pay to hire them. The same principle applies when hiring out of key word models (ie you ignoring the out of keyword tax).
  13. Pere's critical mass, just to check - that it is intended to be pere and not the target?
  14. I feel you missed the opportunity of calling this a "double herder".
  15. This is interesting because she does not feature highly in the bayou pool (though data is still limited) . I've not tried her but she looks solid.
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