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  1. Results report round 2: Northern moose infantry Vs Team Savoies AlexDS Vs Bedjy Lucius Vs Asami 5 - 7, Win Team Savoies Verdeloth Vs Hemgath Von schtook Vs Marcus 7 - 1, Win Northern moose infantry Louie Vs le_wahou Cornelius Basse Vs Lady Justice 7-6, Win Northern moose infantry Summary: 2 - 1 Win Northern moose Infantry
  2. Hello! I just started out Fatemastering for a group of routined RPG'ers and I want to make their experience the best possible. The thing is, I've never done role play games before but they did enjoy our first session that was partially written by myself. Since my knowledge of Malifaux, (and they know close to nothing) puts me on a strict advantage when it comes to coming up with twists and turns. And i like to keep them open to all the options and possibilities the game can provide. Question one: I read somewhere that you could just kill of low rank minions when they fall unconcious, but what about higher level who automatically pass their unconciuous test? Can you as GM just decide that enough is enough for the sake of the cinematics? I know about the critical effect beeing to severe to possibly survive, and the + to the table depending on negative wounds. I also know this has been asked a million times, and I have read it. Ive just forgotten. Question two: Alot of Fatemaster characters have triggers on their attack, but as far as I see it, no ways to get triggers since they dont flip cards. Can I just choose to use it, or is there another way? Question three: These first sessions is mostly about sidequests, getting an income, learning about Malifaux and perhaps getting a bit better gear and grimoire's. How much money should simpler jobs award? There are 3 players, and I did the award for a Guild request to clear a haunted house 20§. (puzzels and some sorrows causing commotion). Is that low or a "good price"?`
  3. Team name: Northern Moose Infantry (Swedish team #2) Captain: Alexander Backström Sälldin (AlexDS) Faction: Neverborn Player 2: Andreas Ådén (Louie) Faction: Guild Player 3: Andreas Söder (Verdeloth) Faction: Ressurectionists
  4. I was thinking a bit about size 0. Its given that you cant move over other models. But what does size 0 acually give as a benefit? Sure, you can allways draw LoS over other rats. But as all markers are also size 0, rats are flat? What Happen with shadows? Since you are size 0 you always are fully within a shadow if you are in it, therefore you can't be targeted? Or did I get the shadow wording wrong her? #flatrattheory
  5. Rats have no engagement, so you cant tie people up with them even. Im going for a more "out of faction" crew my next try. Plauge crew really isnt done.
  6. I tired him yesterday again. Got totaly wrecked by Levi. A crew everyone states is bad. Sure, I played like crap, but one desolation engine was more than the crew could handle.
  7. Of course its better to have the +flip before, Im just insinuating that the kings becomes really bad once they loose the + flip. That more than often results in only getting min 2 dmg like the rest of the crew. You most certainly can't summon a King per turn and still win a game. The possitioning, card management and AP cost is way to high to even think about scoring VP.
  8. There is absolutly a reason. If they dont buff it its not worth the stones. Sure, you can summon a catcher, but if an opponent beguins to target it, its to kill it. And that goes fast. The catchers also have less wounds and less Df. It's a heal of 5 and one AP at worst. I'm not saying lowering the cost is the best course of action. Im just starting, at the moment its underpowered. Sure Df 6 is not to underestimate, but 7 wounds and no more defensive tec tend to kill it easily, and render it rather useless after 3 wounds. Other models get [grit aggressiv] with to dmg, but not this one. Right now its to hard to summon rats enough for kings mid game, making Bennys early game almost the only chance to do it. All factor from rats beeing mind less, not doing anything, how they are summoner, and foremost possitioning matter. A change to the rats might be a better alternative, but changing the replace to 3 rats might improved the Hamelin gameflow and how he was intended to play.
  9. They most definitivly need a buff or decrease in cost to 6, needing only 3 rats to summon. Like gamins and golems. In comparison to all other minions at 7 or 8 stones they are worthless. Most summonable are minions also more resiliant. The 0 range is horribel. It probably would have been ok if they had rush +2, but sadly no. Also if the move for slow duel would get +1 in TN for each stack of blight they had, I would be happy.
  10. Yeah. Hamelin is in fact quite good as he is. It's the crews synergi and overall powerlevel that is a bit of. And as you say. He lacks good bruisers. We can oly hope they listen and give him a new enforcer model. Yeah Benny almost seem like a autoinclude in most Hamelin crews.
  11. I like the idea of a second trigger for Bleeding disease. Since its only Hamelin who has it, and it requires stacked blight tokens, a tome a the right timeing, its resistable and you have to kill the target. It doesnt really feel overpowered. The sheer number of rats maby is a bit over the top? Then killing a master would give you 7 rats in one go? Probably should set a restriction, or have it say "summon one rat for every full 3 in cost over 1. That way a 7ss model would still generate 3 rats, and probably 1 from voratious rats aswell. Usable only once per turn seem given. Lets say a 8ss model for some reson have 3 wounds and no blight tokens. You charge it with Black straff causing min 2 damage and 1 blight. Then you burn a Stone for and Bleeding disease with high card for 1 damage and suddenly get 4 rats i.e. a ratking? (requires assembly). Thinking of some more, it only makes sence. Its a offensive summoning. High card and for a summon, but it has a restriction in that it has to kill, and the models can't become a real threat unless within range to be commanded or when it replaces the next turn. The second option i believe only would give away more passtokens, since the rats need to move up instead of reducing tokens. And they are probably to slow to catch up.
  12. So, to bone it out. What does Hamelin and his crew do for certain stratagems? Why Would you pick him/strong suits? Reasons not to pick him/weaknesses? Comment and I'll Edit with the most obvious and agreed upon statements. Reckoning - Hamelin has the abillity to Delete models if he put some effort into it, lure to get closer and stack blight, then finish with Bleeding disease. -but- His own crew is far to easy to kill, giving up points easy. Plant explosives - Giving out fast to Vermin, commanding them is a useful ability to slingshot Winged plauge and Kings across the board to drop explosives early/ or later far behind enemy lines. Rat catchers have Don't mind me. And can drop explosives while engaged if needed. -but- The crew needs to stay close in order for the synergies to work, and all vermin models would probably be dead after they placed the explosives, leaving it exposed. Turf war - Defensive play is almost always the best option for Hamelin, with the occational Rat king cannonball, mostly in order to stack blight. Here he can easily defend the back markers while competing for the middle one. -but- Getting through to the opponents table half is hard. So flipping their markers can be hard. And once again, the plauge models are rather easy to kill, and have alot of models who cant interact. Corrupted Idols - This one Hamelin is rather ok in aswell. Fighting in the middle is Hamelins cup of tea. You can easily get to the board edges with fast kings. Nix can easily shut town some idol moving by activating "Loose bowels". -but- The low HP count of his models makes it hard to take enough damage sometimes. And its a huge toll on the models who both need their AP to do other things than heal (yeah Im looking at you rat catcher) and really cant do it that well.
  13. Yeah, I saw it to and its exactly my opinion. Ive tried Hamelin a couple of Times in every stratagem, and he is strugeling with each and every one. There is allways a master that is better at something atm. In my opinion he's only strong suit is turf war. But his models die quite easily, so it can quickly turn around. If not for a scheme pool I can score from easy, I would probably pick another master over Hamelin in what ever stratagem when it comes to compeditive play.
  14. Nothing to contribute with, missed a couple of things when reading.
  15. Im mean. Why the hell not? Certainly not to powerful and makes use of the Winged plauges push to. On top of that it will "use up"/reduce the blight with - 1 since that is what poison do aswell.
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