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  1. Can you elaborate about building evidence? Are you fishing for tomes on wp duels or ditching cards?
  2. Legislat

    The guild at ITC

    Can you recall your matchups and S/S for those games? I am very interested. In fact all of our local meta is interested.
  3. Legislat

    Nellie evidence farm

    You need to lose the duel to gain evidence and you cannot declare triggers if you relent the duel. Priority is to save good cards for turn 2 so you dont want to cheat if possible. This list is not a "fun list" per se, it is in fact pretty competitive and is indeed funto play 😃 I usually manage to save most my cards in hand (keep good, discard bad), gain 2 stones and still manage to position myself for my benefit for second turn.
  4. Legislat

    Nellie evidence farm

    Hello! So, i made use of some less used models. Here is the deal: Nellie, Guild Funds, Misleading Hedlines +1 (usually delegation) Press. Guardian or Pistolero de Latigo or Mounted Guard (Guardian is prefered, Mounted Guard is least preferred. You NEED those +flips on defence) Jury Those are essentials. My usuall list is Queeg +Promises, Watcher, field reporter and +1 big beater (Phiona, Judge) and some upgrades. So whats the big deal? 1) Guardian activates and focus (0) on Nellie. Walks a bit. 2) Press is hitting Nellie for an ideal +3 evidence (2 hits and 1 (0)) on her trigger. +flips on defence are essential. 3) Watcher activates and hits Nellie for 0-2 damage and an ideal 2 evidence. 4) You can now skip activations using evidence or cards. Use evidence if you have a great hand. And keep 6+mask or an unneded card for a Jury's condition removal on Nellie. 5) Prepare for the next turn. Get your evidence even higher with Queeg if needed. 6) Remove slow from Nellie with Jury. 7) Nellie activates last and hands out fasts. you can farm those 2 soulstones with ease on the first turn and still get an upper hand in activations to prepare for the second turn. +BONUS Nellie (Misleading headlines, guild funds, delegation) press, Guardian, Emissary Papa loco (expert sleuth) Jury (expert sleuth) Queeg (expert sleuth) 1) Get yourself a nice stack of evidence 2) Skip activations (keep the good cards if able!). 3) remove slow/heal queegs punishment from Nellie with Jury 4) Bury Loco, get him and emissary fast or push emissary a bit to be in range instead of fast on Loco. 5) deliver Loco. Loco activates and hands out his dynamite to emissary. Shoots somebody if able. Next turn discard upgrades for +6 to initiative and stone if neccesary 6) Emissary activates and shoots eerything with +flip to damage. Walks away to safety. 7) Papa chain activates and decimates everything still alive.
  5. Legislat

    Everyone wants to be on Lady J's team...

    Can you elaborate? I can't quite grasp the needed preparations for that. Is it done turn 2? What is the exact order of actions? In my thoughts you need at least flank deployment for that. Or do you keep him in the box "just in case" for an opportunity to present itself? A roster and a brief example of this working out will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  6. Legislat

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    Just A couple of words. Dampening field. Will help a lot
  7. Legislat

    Is Hoffman competitive in GG18?

    Indeed. And Hoffman himself with the henchman of choice can do all the killing. Francisco feats well - buffed up lone marshal is just silly. I like to watch my opponent dedicate half of his team to stop my marshal and fails miserably.
  8. Legislat

    Is Hoffman competitive in GG18?

    Hoffman is my pick of choice for symbols of athority. Cyborg nimble (0) interacts lone marshal is almost unstoppable marker picking machine with free + attack. And matching scheme (punish the weak) feats him well.
  9. Legislat

    Guild Coroner

    Yes, mostly i agree. I just tend to play devil's advocate. But i still have questions. Does the free (0) count towards the 1 (0) per activation rule? Can you still use Injection or Expunge after the free (0)?
  10. Legislat

    Guild Coroner

    The main point of the opposers to those arguments that this in fact does something. Enables the use of the (0) out of activation. This is not much, but anyway.
  11. Legislat

    Guild Coroner

    To somebody it is pretty clear, but if we were in an agreement in our community i would not have written this topic =P
  12. Legislat

    Guild Coroner

    Nobody is arguing the point of the action being free. The thing is it is still a (0) action and i suppose rules still apply. It is pretty similar to a trigger on Cassandra, true. The (1) action says it can be done only 1 time per turn, so i'd say you can get it from trigger for free, but you cant use it as a standalone action anymore this turn. If it is true, then guild coroner (0) action shenanigans are pretty useless.
  13. Legislat

    Guild Coroner

    We have a little argument considering the abovementioned upgrade. We are talking about "Time of Death? Before I Got Here!" So which interpretation is correct? 1) You may do multiple (0) actions with the mentioned upgrade in a single activation, but only if you made a (0) action BEFORE killing somebody with a action. Afterwards you can take a (0) actions only after killing someone with a action and those on the upgrade itself. 2) You may not do multiple (0) actions with the mentioned upgrade in a single activation. This wording is only for possibility of killing other models not in your activation (Death Marshal reqruiter's "Into The Fray"). Discuss.
  14. Legislat

    Sonnia Meta

    Never Sonia without brutal effigy.
  15. Legislat

    Errata impact on Nellie.

    Nellie does not need merks right now. 3 guild beaters wil LLC is super tought to kill right now. Judge with LLC and Unrelenting leader is the same cost as peacekeeper and tougher to kill, especially with WP attacks and he is pretty nice support as well! Bishop for 9 is nice, but he is pretty straightforward. I like models with multiple roles available to them.