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  1. Team Russia #1 - Team Savoies Thanks a lot for the games! Great opponents. NotSoEmpty (Yan Lo) - Bedjy (McCabe) 8-4 Legislat (Dashel) - Wahou (Dashel) 7-2 Plaag (Colette) - Hemgath (Ironsides) 5-2
  2. She is the reason you can eat up aggression. She will not die and will protect your key models. And she will do it with the positives if you are smart enough. Bring It is invaluable, dont understimate it. And she has the best "I got Your Back" in the game.
  3. Game 2 Team Russia #1 - Team Scotland Thanks for the games! Dmitriy (Legislat) - Rosskov: 5-2 Guild Dashel - Bayou Zoraida Alex (Plaag) - Carl (Cleezy): 8-3 Arcanist Collette - Guild Dashel *Edit: found the recording: Vladimir (NotSoEmpty) - Lew (Scottishmetalew): 7-2 Ressurectionist Yan Lo - Neverborn Zoraida
  4. @Rosskov @kais666 @Erorior i kindly ask you to post masters in your matches. With lists if possible.
  5. Guild is mostly ok. The big problem of the facton is it is mostly designed with the possibility of Lead Lined Coat on every model.
  6. Game 1 Team Russia #1 - Northern Moose Infantry All games are complete. Me and my teammates would especially like to note gentlemen's approach to the game of our opponents. It was a great pleasure to play against you guys. Dmitriy (Legislat) - Liched: 6-0 Guild Hoffman - Outcast Parker Alex (Plaag) - Alexander Backström Sälldin: 6-2 Arcanist Collette - Neverborn Titania Vladimir (NotSoEmpty) - Andreas Söder (Verdeloth): 6-1 Ressurectionist Jack Daw - Ressurectionist Kirai
  7. Thats a grand idea. I am all up for that.
  8. She is awesome. Bring It in Hoff is very potent, on friendlies or enemies alike. She can protect your Howard/Preacekeeper, and she does not need power tokens, so Hoff can very cheaply do eveything with a plus flip stripping it from her. Steamifitter or lawyer can very easily make a marker for her for constant +flips. Her Bring It synergizes with Howards "Vent Steam" extremely well. "I got your back" is also very valuable and cheap (2+). She is in 90% of my Hoffman lists and i never regretted it.
  9. My most used list is Howard +LLC Phiona +LLC Steamfeater Medical Automaton Lawyer Mobile toolkit. Its brutal and very versatile. Surprising scheming power + very hard to kill crew.
  10. This and you cant always hope to have ~4-6 stones at any time to live through some Serious whisper induced Seamus action. If you are lucky you actually can arange for moderastes and severes for the first shot even on the negatives.
  11. My LJ was killed multiple times by Levi and Seamus in one activation.
  12. No prisoners on the other hand did nothing for me (5 games played). Opponent just acts smart about it, so its value is pure psychological factor. Nothing on the card did anything. Probably was just unlucky. Mainly fielded on seargents and domadors.
  13. Already tried some games with Dashel. His new totem rocks. 2 executioners are now totally valid in core and still very good summons. They can actually catch up to stuff now. No more clanky preparation, you can just go for it and draw a card as a compensation. He is now tied with Lucius as a really good main option for most strat/scheme pools for me.
  14. Mobile toolkit + SS miner with magical training. Yes, we play it as stacking auras. Emisarry is face tanking with negation aura and rampaging all over. It is very hard to bring down with soulstone blocking and reduce and can shut down enemy crew very well almost by itself. Colette is everywhere, ss miner scores, Duet is scoring or hunting strays. This list is huge pain in the ass and we still struggle to think anything remotely effective against it. In emergency Duet can still heal like crazy and toolkit is very usefull.
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