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  1. He seems pretty ok in some scheme pools. Thought id never consider him as a solid first choice. There are plenty of crews that would be disastrous as opponents. Leveticus, Jack, Dreamer as particular examples.
  2. Nice work! Some comments: 1) Abuela's obey is friendly only. 2) Guild steward demise is enemy only.
  3. Lucius&Nellie can be fun. Lots of card cycling and distracted->stun auras.
  4. Phiona's Bring it on Hoffman or Steamfitter will heal her. Discard power tokens from models that don't need them for plus flips on your master TN if you don't want to waste your king on this very important fast or condition removal.
  5. 2' Interview is not over yet!: After an enemy model declares a walk or charge action this model can spend 1 focus to place itself in base contact with it after the movement.
  6. I agree with the most points. Pale rider can probably be fine with the uncheatable damage. Though i think it will be not enought. Orderlies are useless as they are right now. Nurse HB can probably do with a buff to melee range also. I never take her as is. Family still needs a lot of thought. They dont work.
  7. Whats the trouble? You want it - you slap it on. This list has the stones for a little bit variation. actually i love them to bits. Just this particular list has no place for them. My other Lucius core list is 1-2 changelings and a lawyer as keyword models. Works fine too.
  8. Entourage is huge. So is issue command on MG or executioner. So is arcane reservoir. And scribe is number one totem in guild (probably tied with purifying flame). Nah, Lucius over Basse any day.
  9. here is the example 7ss Lucius Mattheson The Scribe Dashel Barker (16) Pathfinder (7) Guild Lawyer (6) Pale Rider (11) The Dispatcher (Dashel Barker Totem) (3)
  10. Ok, here are a few of my thoughts. 1) Double Masters are a lot more fun. Actually it is a lot harder to adapt to a bad matchup with a single master option. Though I don't think it affects our viability as much as some of us think. We can still play. 2) keywords are a big fat traps. You pick what you need. Period. The only master I play almost exclusively in keyword is Hoffman. Almost everything else I play varies heavily from just the totem to full list from game to game. My most successful Lucius, Nellie, Sonnia and Dashel lists are totem + 0-1 in keyword models. 3) Every master is viable in guild. M3E shines brightly on faction play in this regard. There are still some hard counters but they are nowhere near as brutal as they where in M2E. 4) not every keyword is viable. Family is trash, sorry. This crew is too prone to be tabled turn 2-3. Glass canons don't work reliably in our meta. 5) The crews in UK and in our meta are sometimes very different. And Jury does not magically beat Dreamer in our meta (or anybody). In fact Dreamer does not really care - he just summons stitched and they are not really bothered by 1+1 damage. We have a couple really good NVB players, so you can't beat them with just strong models. You need to actually think (bummer). 6) Let's see how the guild will show itself next year. I don't think there were enough of strong players present in UK Nationals and I plan to attend next year for some fresh experience. I think there will definitely something I can bring to surprise my opponents Edit: 7) Pale Rider will be nerfed. Mark my words. He is too good.
  11. This and bombs nerf actually hurt Nellie quite bad. She lost a lot of utility on strategies.
  12. I know its a bit off topic, but I already made a conversion of Agent 46 100% wyrd plastic and some minor sculpting. Here he is:
  13. For the Fifth game against VonSchill for sure. Other games probably not.
  14. Thanks! Agent 46 was forbidden for the event as well as many other not-yet-released models. Actually Lucius is really nice "base" master. First turn he and changelings can just entourage 5 times. Thats why i LOVE Lucius at corners. You can instantly grab table control turn 1. From second turn onwards he provides mobility to your scheme runners (with the bonus card draw to stack your hand for a beater) and sometime uses his zero. He can also activate mid-late turn for a surprise sniper atack. Nobody expects that, especially if Lady J (Or perdita, or Basse) already half-depleted opponents hand. changelings starting turn 2 are often very far away from the opponent completing schemes/baiting opponent to waste AP chasing them. Lawyer helps with everything and supplies Lady with shielded. Scribe babysits masters from the safe distance. Overall i am very happy with this crew even without Agent.
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