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  1. The list I recently tried is heavy with those guys. Sonnia, Flame, 2 Thralls, Lucius, Steward, Witchling Handler It is super aggressive list, With issue command, entourage, free focuses from Steward and Sonnia you can throw those guys in the opponents face turn one in case of flank deployment. If they just hit 2 times and die in an explosion it is often enough to stall the enemy and Sonnia can bring them back turn 2-3 with a bit of luck. And with those two rampaging early Sonnia is often left to do whatever she wants.
  2. My common picks are Lucius, Nellie, Allison Dade and Judge. Allan Reid is really nice sometimes, especially with his Coordinated attack trigger on "One more question!". Mr Queeg I almost never take. The most common all round list is Dashel+totem The Judge, Guild Steward, Mounted Guard, Executioneer +16 stones to play with for whatever shcemes are on board. Sergeant + 2 dogs/ 2 riflemen/ Allan/Dade/etc Executioneer or MG can be safely exchanged for the secondary master like Nellie or Lucius. Nelie can be great help with summonig with her hand cycling and can pretty much do schemes by herself with a little help from the summoned MG. Lucius is all around great for support and Arcane reservoir. that leaves 9-10 SS to play with. Had great success with Nellie+Dade Dashel list. Just summon couple MG and keep the opponent busy while journalists do the scheme work. Worked really well.
  3. Dont forget that it works offensively too. Those resistance triggers can come at a cost.
  4. Exactly. But we are living with that now
  5. I am honestly inclined to the heavy cost models but with the some sort of AP multilplier. Horses do just fine. Solo or as a taxi. Many masters do scheme. Dashel after first 2-3 turns of summoning/walking is a solid scheme runner. The main point being durability. In my games everything below cost 6 dies way to easy. They often don't do anything of value. And Pale Rider in comparison can be very fast and durable scheme runner with a whole sack of surprises starting turn 3. And the best scheme runner in guild is in fact changeling in Lucius. Just for the reason that he is incredibly hard to kill for the cost.
  6. Buff in keyword and Nerf OOK. Perdita can no longer bravado herself out of engagement from analyze weakness.
  7. Family values are now once per activation, another friendly only and does not discard anything.
  8. It does not work like that. Lucius draws only when pass token is discarded to skip activation.
  9. Thats, like, a bit stretching it. I prefer to have at least a backup plan. You cant expect to always have relevant cards for summon. Not counting stones: Lucius with only one totem is 7 cards in hand and only 1 card from desperate issue command on the scribe. Lucius with Changeling/lawyer and Agent is at least 3-5 cards from issue/obey. And lawyer can fetch this sweat 12 for reuse or from initiative flip. Thats handy. Nellie in dire situation can at least cycle 9 cards with 7 cards in hand. Judge can draw 3-5 cards turn 1. Lucius alone is probably not enough. I think.
  10. Yep, this was supposed to be either changeling or lawyer, but i got a bit carried away) thanks!
  11. Hello. I am doing quite alright in M3E. The thing is 80% of all my lists contain this dude either in primary or more often secondary role. The fact that with a bit of preparations and luck you can arrange 2 MG turn 1 and 2 just sells him so hard. And he is a quite handy dude himself. Some examples: Lucius: scribe Dashel+Dispatcher changeling/Lawyer Agent 46 Rifleman Steward This list is quite good at keeping opponent at bay and 2 horses do everything shemewise. Early you just buff the hell Up the Agent who then delivers early hell with the stolen rifle. Later (when agent is probably dead) lucius himself can assist with some backup fire. And if one of the summons is dead you can bring unexpected summon (and in exact spot where you need a marker denied). Nellie: press Dashel+Dispatcher Allison Pale Rider Reporter Steward This crew is very sticky. Really good at tarpitting. First turn MG is personall taxi for Nellie and Pale Rider is hanging out with Allison. Nellie with some backup from Dashel is almost unkillable. "Dashel and sons Taxi&Summoning" Dashel: Dispatcher MG Sonnia The Judge Guild Steward. Fetch some cards with the Judge, find those masks and a 12, then Sonnia gets a free ride to whenever, Buff her some with Focuses from both Steward and Dashel and she can wreck some turn one. Dont worry about 9 stones - you will probably be glad you have some pass tokens from turn one, and chances are you wont have them anymore 😄 And finally the dreaded 3 master madness: Dashel: Dispatcher Sonnia Flame Perdita Steward Dog (Dog and a Flame can be exchanged for a pathfinder for a bit more safety for sonnia) Almost too bad you need a minion for the enemy SM, Perdita can be an aggresive starter with a walk, bravado, finger on a trigger. I use this either the first activation (if i need to find masks) or later after the dispatcher if i am looking for high card. She can later be a really nice flanker all by herself. Sonnia is recieving all the focus care from Himself and a steward. The list is a bit short on acrivations, but can snowball like hell if played right. BTW, after a lot of thinking i can safely say keywords are a lie. Just take what you want. The cost will not matter if you have a good plan. What are your thoughts?
  12. For the Pale Rider it definitely is! He is a beast to kill in this case. For my ~20 last games in beta i never seriously considered any other upgrades. LLC is good, everything else is situational at best.
  13. LLC is often auto-take on certain masters. Expert Marksman is ok on Nino and Sonnia. Too expensive for everything else. LLC for Sonnia is almost always better. Take no prisoners I tried many times to no obvious effect. It is nice but not for 2ss
  14. This trigger has one obvious utility. If enemy model is in base contact with the enemy scheme marker it effectively can only remove it (not counting the rare situations when it can also interact for strategy). Quite useful at times.
  15. More wounds, hard to kill, healing and + flips. Seems like a no brainier to me. Ryle is better.
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