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  1. More wounds, hard to kill, healing and + flips. Seems like a no brainier to me. Ryle is better.
  2. Legislat

    dashel advice?

    I often get MG instead. Depends. Stones are a waste of time and activations - you will need to finish activations of 3 models near the corpses not to say you need to kill them somehow in the first place. Too many wasted ap
  3. I am eager to hear the report. Thought about something similar for a while. PK seems the best for mid control just due to harpoon gun and flurry.
  4. Legislat

    dashel advice?

    Lets just compare the efficiency in terms of AP for summoning on the first turn. All cases are from the enemy SM 3 Dogs (13)- you get 3 AP the turn after the summoning and 6 every turn afterwards. They are usually countered by 1-2AP from the opponent. 1 AP is usually enought to blow them off by a sniper. In best case scenario (everybody lives) you get 21 AP. In the worst case 0-3 AP is all you get with ~3-5 wasted AP from opponent. Not a good tradeoff if you take into account number of upgrades and no immidiate value. You will almost never score anything on turn 2 with slow dogs. 2 Dogs (10)- 2 AP the turn after, 4 AP afterwards, Best case - 14 AP, worst case - 0-2 AP. Same but worse. 2 Guard Patrol (12) - 2 AP the first turn, 4 AP afterwards. Best case - 18 AP. GP are a lot more resilient. Usually takes 1-3 AP to take down (the most common being 2 AP) and have added utility in form of Take the hit and added mobiility of Creep Along. Worst case 0-2 Ap, but usually you at least get 2-6 AP with added take the hit or creep along benefits. Opponents usually waste 3-5 AP, and you in fact do get the immidiate benefit of "getting in there" to force your opponent to react and potentially scoring something on turn 2. 1 Mounted Guard (12) - 1 AP + bonus the first turn and 2AP +bonus afterwards. Very resilient and very mobile for the cost. Takes about 3-4 AP to take down with the demise. Every AP is very effective if you take into account Ride with me and Got your back. Single MG can get you a scheme done (and sometimes score and deny) in one activation. 11 AP if lives through the end but with RwM and GyB they are effectively ~17 AP in best case scenario. Not counting TAXI service (which is huge). Worst case usually 1-3 AP(2-5 APwith Ride with me/Got your back). Almost similar to the previous variant in terms of wasted enemy AP to get rid of but a lot harder to just pin down. 1 warden + GP (13) - Same as 2 GP, but warden is A LOT tankier. Thats a nice choice if you want a tarpit + schemerunning. Therefore. If you have a shit hand - maaaaaybe 2 dogs are ok, but honestly. Get yourself a single GP or warden. Dont Summon Dogs. You want dogs - hire them, they'll be good if you use/hide them well. If you want to summon usefull AP - get yourself a couple of GP, Warden + GP or MG. End of story.
  5. Legislat


    I cant quite grasp one thing. Does Nellie heal when enemy model interacts in 2' when Nellie herself controls this Interact?
  6. Legislat

    dashel advice?

    I disagree. If you want dogs - just hire them. Wasting 2-3 upgrades on them (with slow on each one!) and them being mindless means they are worthless for 2 turns straight. Dont do it. Its a trap)
  7. The thing i like the most with Nellie is Guild Steward. Hey you! Charge the guy! OHHH MY GOOD they killed Ken.. Steward! If the enemy model survived the 4/6/8 it should have lots of trouble anyway with the adversary (enemy) on it. This thing can be really unexpected. Especially good in staging DtG or finishing Vendetta.
  8. Hey, Family is not so good right now. Judge is a must, their synergy mechanic is very costly. No defenses really hurt, i noticed i play waaaay more defensively with Family and still find models removed left and right. Cant imagine taking Perdita without LLC and Guild Steward. Thats a bit upsetting. Hoffman is okay. All this armor and healing can be quite hard for the opponent to chew through. My main choice in reckoning now. Dashell is the main guild master in the "I dont know what to take" niche. He seems fitting in the most scenarious and terrains. I like him. Basse i have no idea. Never tested him. I cant play the master with a proxy 😂. It does not feel right! Lady is solid. Dont know what else to say. Judge is superb. Pale Rider is almost always in the crew and synergies very well her. Sonnia is pretty bland, but ok i guess. I cant really make her work right now, games are 50/50. In about 7 games i was never able to summon anything.
  9. So, healing flips = damage flips?
  10. Hello, I cant find the relevant information about the flips caused by the triggers. For example: my loyal servant, ricochet and so on. Do they benefit from the fate modifiers of the duel? I believe in M2E this was the cause, but i see no clarification in the beta rules. Thanks!
  11. Guild player here. Overall i was not impressed by the dogs. In a hindsight I probably should have hired 2 mounted guards instead of executioneer and 3 dogs alltogether. The heavy forestation on my part of the table was really inconvinient for the troops without unimpeded and the mobility of the sumoned MG was exeptional. Daschel crew did well on collecting additional soulstones from the corpses (friendly ones for the most part) but really struggled to deny my opponent any schemes. The general plan was to get Nellie doing my schemes (with the help of the summoned MG) and to try and deny some with the rest of my party. Did not work well at all. Maybe Nellie solo wouldve done better. No idea for sure though. I should try it next time. The draw was only possible due to the opponents mistake - the game was pretty much in his controll except for the Nellie running wild in the backline.
  12. Can you elaborate about building evidence? Are you fishing for tomes on wp duels or ditching cards?
  13. Can you recall your matchups and S/S for those games? I am very interested. In fact all of our local meta is interested.
  14. You need to lose the duel to gain evidence and you cannot declare triggers if you relent the duel. Priority is to save good cards for turn 2 so you dont want to cheat if possible. This list is not a "fun list" per se, it is in fact pretty competitive and is indeed funto play 😃 I usually manage to save most my cards in hand (keep good, discard bad), gain 2 stones and still manage to position myself for my benefit for second turn.
  15. Hello! So, i made use of some less used models. Here is the deal: Nellie, Guild Funds, Misleading Hedlines +1 (usually delegation) Press. Guardian or Pistolero de Latigo or Mounted Guard (Guardian is prefered, Mounted Guard is least preferred. You NEED those +flips on defence) Jury Those are essentials. My usuall list is Queeg +Promises, Watcher, field reporter and +1 big beater (Phiona, Judge) and some upgrades. So whats the big deal? 1) Guardian activates and focus (0) on Nellie. Walks a bit. 2) Press is hitting Nellie for an ideal +3 evidence (2 hits and 1 (0)) on her trigger. +flips on defence are essential. 3) Watcher activates and hits Nellie for 0-2 damage and an ideal 2 evidence. 4) You can now skip activations using evidence or cards. Use evidence if you have a great hand. And keep 6+mask or an unneded card for a Jury's condition removal on Nellie. 5) Prepare for the next turn. Get your evidence even higher with Queeg if needed. 6) Remove slow from Nellie with Jury. 7) Nellie activates last and hands out fasts. you can farm those 2 soulstones with ease on the first turn and still get an upper hand in activations to prepare for the second turn. +BONUS Nellie (Misleading headlines, guild funds, delegation) press, Guardian, Emissary Papa loco (expert sleuth) Jury (expert sleuth) Queeg (expert sleuth) 1) Get yourself a nice stack of evidence 2) Skip activations (keep the good cards if able!). 3) remove slow/heal queegs punishment from Nellie with Jury 4) Bury Loco, get him and emissary fast or push emissary a bit to be in range instead of fast on Loco. 5) deliver Loco. Loco activates and hands out his dynamite to emissary. Shoots somebody if able. Next turn discard upgrades for +6 to initiative and stone if neccesary 6) Emissary activates and shoots eerything with +flip to damage. Walks away to safety. 7) Papa chain activates and decimates everything still alive.
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