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  1. Hoffman loses nothing, but other crews you ll have to think a bit. No Rider for once should make life more difficult. Though folk is known to be inventive, this will be fun tournament to use for barely founded claims 😅 Phiona+Steward, Steward + Lawyer and already mentioned Phiona+Lawyer is still viable.
  2. Pro tip: never ever take them against arcanists (free soulstones with cache), resurrectionists (rider, jaakuna, yan lo) or leveticus (free summons).
  3. Yep, totally. Augmented is best keyword hands down - tons of models with different roles. Lets count. Master and totem are excluded. 12 models ! lots excellent (Howard, Joss, Medical automaton, Toolkit, Steamfitters, etc) Most decent, few questionable. Excellent crew synergy. Compare that to guards - 8 models, 2 of them excellent summons and decent hires, everything else is niche/bad. mediocre crew synergy based on Sergeant and Queeg. Pass Family - 7 models. 1 excellent (Francisco), everything else is overcosted/understatted glass cannons. Very costly and restrictive c
  4. @Miltarion is the winner. He mains Lady 90% of the time and she was used in rounds 2-5. The first game was Lucius. I took Hoff for turns 1 (against Parker),4 (lost to mentioned winner 😅 ), 5 (vs Kirai); and Sonnia rounds 2 (vs Schtook), 3 (vs arcanist Hoff). The link to the event is here: https://bag-o-tools.com/live/#/live/1648 Cheers to @Scoffer for yet another amazing event.
  5. A really nice point actually. Though I think Family needs a bit more than that. As for LJ a brainstorm is in order! Plain: "Friendly Marshal models may treat 0'' actions as 1''" Something more complex: "Friendly Marshal models may treat 0'' actions as 2'' actions if targeting a models with Staggered; When an enemy model with Staggered is buried it suffers 1 damage" Something completely fair and balanced: "When an enemy model is buried by a friendly model this model can make a action targeting buried model ignoring targeting restrictions"
  6. Oh, wow. I really have a hard time taking this post seriously (and I mean all the posts, not only the initial one). Some points I definetely agree on, as they have overlaps with my almost a year old post (And it was before the current errata!): But other points? Well.... Peacekeeper buffs? This will make arcanist hoff INSANE. I honestly dont have a clue of a single buff not making him bonkers in blue colors. I agree that he is a bit underwhelming in other crews (read: almost a nevertake). As @Maniacal_cackle already said: just ignore the versatile tag XD. LJ's rework you s
  7. Ill join. Does strategy markers count for the damage on Nellies Twisting Their Ideals?
  8. You are kidding right? Look at Nino, Papa, MH, Pistoleros. Or are you implying a very position specific mechanic of the crew requiring a card discard and also requiring to hire a very subpur model just to offset the crappy stats on attacks only and only not on its own activation is quite alright? Yep, Santiago can be quite scary if he somehow manages to catch the opponent in the open field without concealment and cover (oh yes, very likely) and if he is not already dead by that point. Usually low stats are compensated by something like a decent protection mechanic or unique tricks. Those
  9. You cant give him fast in this list. It wasnt actually a reveal. Never managed to drop him below 6. It was a lucky execute when he had no cards and stones at the end of the turn. This list has no plan for turn 2 and later. The only thing I see here is a hope for lucky potshots with stat 5 (with discard a card if succesfull), wasted trail of gore and few cards left for actual executioneers attacks. Seems like a reckless gamble. What is the plan if both executioneers will be dead turn 2? Whats the schemes and strats are you planning this list for?
  10. Hi, I guess this post is the result of our match. Let me clarify something in advance: 1) The game itself was a pretty close one. I was mostly a sitting duck and Yan Lo played an aggresion face tank with some preparation turn 1 2) My predicted result was my loss actually. It was really a combination of the best value from my crew and an incredible luck with the drawing of high crows from the discard pile (by the lawyer) and actually flipping it later on the executioneers attack that decided the game in my favor (with both Yan Lo and Izamu dead as a result). Yan Lo in his current
  11. Never took Queeg and never will. He is more a liability imo. Dashel problem is he does not require anything in keyword except his totem. None. Why bother taking a model only suited for buffing something in keyword you dont even need? I prefer to take some good models instead. Dashel himself is a decent choice (considering our selection range) but the problem is a complex one: 1) We have only a few solid models for a solo pickup duty. Any other way requires combos and combos can be disrupted a lot easier. Okay, we have LJ. Veeeery satisfactory to use the most expensive model in the game as
  12. Symbols is our worst strategy for sure. Especially on Corner.
  13. Nah, he is immune to common sense. Just ignore him and he will go away (maybe). 😃
  14. Okay, thats all folks! So glad we had the chance to know such a wonderfull bunch of people. All of you are a pleasure to play with and a great sport. What a great games! And Emma is indeed OP. 😃 Plaag (Colette) - Ollie (Shenlong) 7-6 NotSoEmpty (Yan Lo) - Radek (Mah Tucket) 1-7 Legislat (Dashel) - Emma (Dreamer) 7-6 Video recording will be provided later by @Verdeloth. Thanks a bunch to him!
  15. I think Paul Crocket is pretty damn amazing with the Sand Worm as a combination. The opponent will have to consider him somehow. This alone seems worth it to bring him in. Thats pure speculation for now, but i think something like Basse (LLC) +totem, Paul Cr., SWorm, Stewie, Pathfinder (or 2) will be core with the spices on top.
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