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  1. I was there but didn't have my best performance truth be told. My matches were; Perdita v Lilith 4-8 loss, I forgot to premeasure the one model with only wp6 so he got a tangle into a perfect position and it was an uphill struggle from there. Nellie v Sandeep 4-8 loss Nellie v Sandeep 9-9 tie Perdita v Nico 9-7 win funnily enough this was probably the match out of all my 5 that I should've lost but.. Perdita v Tara 4-8 loss. Terrible table for Perdita and I should've chosen sides.
  2. It's just over 12" to start scoring right? Needs to be over the line.
  3. Is there an updated team list? Unless teams have signed up and I've missed it, I think there should be a few spots open now? But there has to be plenty of clubs in the UK who should be able to go with a bit shorter notice?
  4. Sadly I was thinking the same. Why the simplification? Purely to save time?
  5. Wasn't the investigator originally on release for january/Feb? Then got pushed back and now it's gone from the website?
  6. Female one was okay imo, it was just an extra part on the staff that after a lot of cussing I managed to get on the staff just to have it fall off the next time I touched her.. so I just skipped it...
  7. Any estimated date of when the rules package will be updated or maybe even finalized? :-)
  8. He is a beatstick in the rare case of Rider McCabe!
  9. Monster Hunters scheduled for a July release I think.. ;-( Might be hit by the nerfbat before the official model is even out
  10. He is very good, competetively speaking for a few masters (especially the wave 1 masters) he is an autotake. But by no means do you need him to win comp.games.
  11. To make it ridiculous, he can easily get to df 6, armour 4 with right cards/SS and model nearby with access to heal.. not to mention any supportive model he can hire
  12. Oh and we must not forget the little effigy which is amazing for the 3 deadly women from wave 1! Helps with their survivability.. I think I healed (in combination with a flipped severe from Juggernaught) 7 wounds on LJ all by herself (whilst killing 2 models in the process) in one activation.
  13. In general we got higher so, as for Df it's not really that low.. Sonnia got 4, LJ/McM got 5, Nellie 6 with other defensive tricks, McCabe 5 with a potential Df9, Lucius6 with a potential 9 (although more likely 7),Perdita 7 /9 and Hoffman can be kind of indestructible (almost). We just don't have the squeel triggers and such, and as Ludvig mentioned.. Francisco..
  14. Indeed he can since its a tactical and doesn't specify 'other models'! His low walk is just to trick the opponent ;-)
  15. While I can see where you are coming from lame0, I'd have to agree with the others about the issue. That said, I love the concept about trying to get the most out of Sam in a viable way. I never actually thought much about that tactical action (never gave him a chance..) but using OSA and getting it with a more mobile, sturdier and a potential ca 8/10 (different list) shines a new light on ol' Sammyboy! I'm going to try the idea out myself with possibly tweaking the list if I ever find time to get a game in!
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