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  1. You are not alone. People are getting their pledges without tracking number, so it may be on your door soon (or Never). It is the same lack of information we had before (although i've seen more reports this week of pledges arriving than before). I hope they give us an update today.
  2. What I meant with the human part is that you don't need to harrass the person behind the support desk. We know that someone messed up somewhere, but I don't believe it was Wyrds fault. You see that people starter receiving their pledges around... Late November? In EU I mean. I do not believe any company would send their goods in different ways through months rather than doing an all-in-one. People are still reporting getting their pledges this week around EU. And it is not country based because there is people of UK without it. On the last kickstarter update they put a form for the people missing their pledge, so start by fulfilling it and lets hope to get a relevant update on our pledge next week. It is a shitty situation and I would be the one handing the pitchfork around for blood, but I believe it would be unfair. I just hope for the best and trust in this company, because outside this (and I repeat that I believe its not enterily Their fault) they have been a 10/10 company.
  3. There is no need to trust them, I said that I was giving them the benefeit of doubt not that you had to givem them. I also decided to keep calm as I won't get much done getting angry, as it is not in my hands. I expect significant update this week and the next one, if not I will tell them again that I just want a way to change the address, as it is obvious it has not been sent. But if you are going to feel better if they show you an email (that is not going to help you on getting the pledge before IMO) ask them through support. Anyway this is my opinion to a total stranger, feel free to do whatever you want, but remember that they are humans too.
  4. I get that we get angry, we are in the same situation right now. While I contacted Wyrd and I got an answer that did not address my concerns, I thought that Wyrd is getting the short end of the stick here. My guess is that they have been fooled by the shipping center, and with the last update on the KS I think that they are stepping their game to them. And they deserve some breath. While we agree that their handling of this Kickstarter (at least the European area) has been a mess, they have shown me that their support has been 10/10 outside this KS. I give them the benefeit of doubt because it has been holidays and they could not do much anyway, and because they deserve it. Whatever it happens they should learn a lesson with this because I do not think many people would jump again at another KS managed by them. And this message comes from someone who pledged a dual commander and a single commander with addons for each of the three factions I bought. And I won't be able to get the parcel if it arrives past january. Tl:dr It will arrives to everyone sooner or later. They deserve some breathing air even though the KS has been handled poorly in Europe. Ps: Spain here
  5. Well, I'm still waiting for my pledge, or any information about it. Funny enough, I got a King's Empire pledge off Ebay, from an UK seller who did not want the game. I had time to win that auction, he sent me the pledge a week ago and I received it today. So I got a second hand pledge from UK before I got the tracking number or the pledge itself. I do not know what to think about it. At least I will be capable of starting to show off the game I guess... So can I say that I'm the first one in Spain to get "a" pledge? (I bought it because it was from the only faction I did not prepurchuase)
  6. Well, being sent through boat at the end of October does not really mean anything, as they already told us that it would take 3/4 weeks to get to the shipping center. Assuming Diacash is the one handling our pledges is wrong, but I thought it was reasonable guess. What I find more annoying is the update number 115 on the November 21. Two weeks after that update we get that I get that delays can happen, but when I contacted Wyrd (A week ago) that I may have to move before the end of the month I was told to wait (And I guess that I will need to get things sorted out to receive the package when I'm not there). I did not asked for a date, I asked for a way to contact someone to change the addres (The shipping center, the courier, whoever could do something). I know people gets impatient (As we all did when we are waiting for something), but the lack of information about our pledges makes people worry. I know that Wyrd is not to blame as they did not expect this, but we can not really talk to someone else about our pledge, as we do not know anything. And people receiving the missing unit on the Kings Empire package before getting the final pledge on the Facebook post did hurt (I know that was sent directly by wyrd).
  7. If it is Diacash, it should have received all the KS pledges and it does not seem like that. If in any case, diacash is the shipping centre then we are dealing with lost pledges and we would have never been able to get it before stores. I really hope Wyrd clears this up.
  8. I guess that's because Diacash it's not the one who has to send us the Kickstarter (or thats my hope). Right now we have been left in the dark and we get generic responses from Wyrd (I already know that they have a handful of problems and too many things to take care). I asked them information about the package, as I understand that they should have been sent already, but that its not the case as the last update told us to expect news this week. The difference between having information or not is bigger than it seems. I expected to run demos on my city to help the game, but my triple faction pledge is nowhere to be seen, and we may end buying an starter my Brother and I to be able to run some demos to the people that's interested.
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