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  1. Yes. I use most of the time wooden coffee spoons.
  2. After quite a time a shot of the whole cat crew (one more cat princess will follow):
  3. "Curiosity killed the cat" - the crew so far...
  4. A description how I paint is very difficult for me, because my way of painting is very chaotic and uses a lot of mixing various colours. For example the scales ar a mix of chainmail and brass and black. Leather is more simple: use various brown colours. The secret is to apply army painter Quickshade: strong or soft tone in the end. Asami Crew is finally finished:
  5. Some more models: Asami Asami - summoning One more alley cat (with mouse and cheese) Lady Justice (old metal) and with support... Scales of Justice - not an easy life to live
  6. More cats... And an overview of all painted Minis 2017 Mostly Malifaux and Batman Miniature Game (and a little bit Zombicide)
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