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  1. @OctaBit - very nice indeedπŸ‘ great blends...I have a few Scale 75 paints - nice and opaque but in my experience need a fair bit of thinning down... @prof_bycid πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£....you just made me laugh so hard - thanks...silurid looks great too πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
  2. Finally we have it in writing πŸ˜‚....must be quite a big office by now πŸ˜‰....not to worry - I'm more than happy to keep screaming
  3. Don't be so hard on yourself πŸ˜‰.....if you look back over the contributions that everyone has posted over the last couple of years it's easy to see a clear improvement in the standard of everybody's painting....you includedπŸ˜‰
  4. @Franchute - looking very good alreadyπŸ‘
  5. Malifaux - female executioner ToS - female version of the big, globby, melting guy in The Warped
  6. @lusciousmccabe - very nice subtle tones and excellent blending - lovely job πŸ‘
  7. @solkan - thankyou for that in depth analysis - like you I have found a heat gun produces better results than trying to dunk the model in water...the ice trick however you should patent πŸ˜‰...next models I'm using iceπŸ‘ @Razhem - the issue of a straightened part eventually creeping back to bent is something I have experienced as well...BUT....only on two or three of the fifty odd models I've prepped for painting...so I have yet to figure out why...could it be a specific temperature or time heated versus time cooled ? Perhaps it's just pot luck...with the smaller models it appears to be fairly easily rectifiable....Solkan's issue with the Titan sounds more serious.... I notice that two of The Kickstarter models (Binh Nguyen and Samantha Thrace) they have used a darker grey and much harder plastic....long term perhaps it couldn't be beyond the realm of possibilities that Wyrd use this harder plastic for heavier models with issues such as those mentioned ?
  8. Still early days yet πŸ˜‰ Even those of us with Kickstarter pledges didn't receive packages until the end of last year so even the fastest and most keen painters are only just getting into the first units....give it a couple of months and there'll be more inspiration out there for sure
  9. @Rathnard - that's some very neat sculpting/conversion work done there to get your three Raving Madmen to all look different...I really like the vivid colors in the Stalking Portals as well...am already looking forward to following your progress
  10. @Franchute - thanks...have to say I am pretty happy with how they turned out...was attempting to get the entire squad of ten finished but didn't want spoil them so concentrated on those five....the other Broken will be finished as part of the March pledge so that's when I'll post photos of all ten in their plug in bases Skin tones...no precise recipe as I am constantly experimenting....however...the base colours were all a mix of Scalecolor #19 Golden Skin, 20 Basic Flesh and 21 Pink Flesh and then shaded/highlighted with Vallejo Model Color 859 Cadmium Maroon and Vallejo Model Color 70.858 Ice Yellow The base color for the blues/grey was Vallejo Model Air 71.111 USAF Light Blue (one of my favorite new colours)....I'm increasingly using Model Air colors as opposed to the thicker regular colors ....and I saw how much work you put into Samael's faceπŸ˜‰....am very impressed πŸ‘
  11. @Franchute - the stress was worth it....came out really good...I like a lot the folds in the cloth and the wood texture is excellent πŸ‘
  12. Made the February pledge goal in the dying seconds of the month....so....this month my main pledge will be to try and avoid doing that again My pledge for March will be to continue with the Other Side so (a) finish Fenton Brahms who I started last month but who had to go back for a repaint because I wasn't happy with it....then I will finish the other five Broken who I started on last month Then....an Immolated Rhino - yay !...who doesn't like saying "Immolated Rhino " ? πŸ˜„ Stretch goal will be to start on The Doomseekers...can't wait !
  13. Under the wire at the death ! Fenton Brahms will come next month....for this month here from the Other Side are five of The Broken @Caedrus - five 30mm bases
  14. Burnin' Coal

    Burnin' Coal

    WIP Painters Challenge April 2017
  15. @Franchute - Plus one ! A sudden flurry of amazing work....am just breaking out the varnish...23:55 here I come !
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