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  1. Burnin' Coal

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - January

    @Athiko great job on a difficult model with a nice choice of palette...I like your blends and the way it ties in so well with the baseπŸ‘ @Caedrus Wow ! What a way to take on your shelf of shame ! That NMM in particular is very impressive indeed...not just use of an airbrush but skilled use πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
  2. Burnin' Coal

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - January

    @bedjy nice subtle tones...detailing on the hands and feet already looking good πŸ‘
  3. Burnin' Coal

    Models you'd like new sculpts for

    @Caedrus you managed to express what I was trying to say...but much better πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
  4. Burnin' Coal

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - January

    Thanks for the kind words....in answer to your question of how I got there I have a question of my own....how good are you at swearing ? 😁....swearing featured quite a lot in the process πŸ˜‚ Last year I started experimenting with glazes....had almost four months away from the paint table and had a bit of a reboot along the way...this year decided to experiment more. ......so...two things....(1) Vallejo 70.596 Glaze Medium....(2) a lot of patience....if the glaze isn't 100% completely dry and you apply another layer onto it there's a very real risk that even gentle brushing will see the surface of the colour tear leaving a nasty scratch in a nice smooth blend or surface that is very difficult to repair or patch up. The three Warped figures were all given an initial mixed base colour....,when that had dried I gave it a couple of washes of colours I wanted to blend be that blue or green or brown...once that was dry I started to accentuate with layers of glazes that also featured yellow and orange (it's an experiment) as a very weak glaze of yellow I have discovered really accentuates whatever is underneath it Hope that helps.... Fellow painters...if you haven't seen the Lampads by @emiba on a different thread to this be sure to check them out...very dynamicπŸ‘
  5. Burnin' Coal

    Models you'd like new sculpts for

    I think having new alternate sculpts is an excellent way of accommodating varying tastes ,keeps modellers happy and tables varied....but regardless of faction in future releases I would like ALL of them to be DARKER ....goofy or wacky are excellent for Nightmare editions.... keep it DARK ......and somewhere on the edge of creepy....and if at all possible right at the very edge of "is this PC ?" because IMHO children should be playing Hungry Hippo not Malifaux... ....it would be beyond fantastic if human sculpts could start returning to proper proportions like the Beckoners or any of McCabe's box or Mounted Guards (all superb figures in every way) and NOT cartoon characters like the "should I be auditioning for Monsters Inc ?" Cyclops or the recently previewed M3E Captain Vanilla Dashael .... Having said all that until quite recently I still think most of Malifaux's range is pretty cutting edge.... ...so....top of my very short list....THE ILLUMINATED...I look at Goryo or some of the Cult of Burning Man sculpts from TOS and the Illuminated might could do with a rework....would also really like to see some much more worrying WALDGEIST...bigger pieces...wouldn't even mind just one in a box if it contained enough parts to make alternate versions of itself...just bigger and more worrying like the superb He-kome sculpt that suddenly appeared last year....and not sure if possible but made from the same plastic as TOS - no more broken parts ! Yay ! My $0.002 just expired
  6. Burnin' Coal

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - January

    WIP time.....still a way to go but main colours laid down...AND....in an effort to keep the skin tones more or less equivalent across all three fireteams I have managed to make a start on the other six members of The Warped....the great thing about the TOS figures is that aside the great sculpts that are fun to work on the fact that I am now working on ten figures simultaneously is nothing short of groundbreaking for me....it is also making me approach them differently to just taking on two or three Malifaux characters...so colour me happy....for now from Cult Of The Burning Man - on the left a Raving Madman and then three of The Warped
  7. Burnin' Coal

    Burnin' Coal

    WIP Painters Challenge April 2017
  8. Burnin' Coal

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - January

    @Athiko come on in ! Rules are at the start of the thread for this year but you're in plenty of time to join us all πŸ˜‰
  9. Burnin' Coal

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - January

    @lusciousmccabe well done - really like the richness of the purple/blue on the Insidious Madness
  10. Burnin' Coal

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - January

    πŸ˜‚ Yay ! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.....getting around to starting is often the hardest part πŸ˜‰
  11. Burnin' Coal

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - January

    @Caedrus looking great so far...really like the choice and tones of orange and browns πŸ‘ Considering that we are still at the start of the month there has been some very rapid progress going on which is most inspirational πŸ‘ For myself I should get a WIP shot up by close of play on Sunday...enjoying getting back into painting again and enjoying reading the background stories in the TOS rulebook as I work on the figures...Cult of The Burning Man has some killer sculpts so am really fired up and wanting to paint them
  12. Burnin' Coal

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - January

    @Polar43 nice bright colours on Santiago - very crisp definition - nice work indeed - look forward to seeing Papa and Nino πŸ‘
  13. Burnin' Coal

    2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - January

    @bedjy lovely job...some really smooth blends and the skin tones are excellent...great start to the year
  14. Burnin' Coal

    Slotted base/magnets question

    This is something I am already having thoughts about...think I will be using self adhesive magnetic paper strip on the 30mm bases... The inner lip/space for magnets is pretty thin on the single figure bases but gets thicker as the sizes go up...for transport however worth bearing in mind that despite more depth to the inner lip on the plug in bases the clearance between the playing surface/travel case is very small indeed...not much more than 1mm - however a stronger magnet with up to 4mm depth can be added between the recesses of the plug in bases - no ruler to hand but by eye: Single figure 30mm base inner lip - 1mm Multi figure Fireteam base inner lip - 4mm but with 1mm clearance to playing surface where the three plug in bases sit 40/50mm base inner lip - 4mm Titan base inner lip - 4mm
  15. Burnin' Coal

    TOS in Europe

    @tmod I experienced similar...both King's Hand and Gorysche came with parts detached ,Field Intelligence Corps had a couple of loose shovels and one Sharpshooter has its head glued on so badly that I need to snap it off to fix it....like yours mine were very well packed and not crushed...however some boxes were shrunk wrapped with cards included and others such as the Titans weren't along with an envelope of loose cards for different factions... so am guessing the damage happened at the packing or repacking stage Overall am still very happy indeed with the models...feel really bad for the guys in Europe still waiting though