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  1. If I am to be honest, that dappled effect around the plug bases is me being lazy and not finishing the job I started. πŸ˜›
  2. Got Prince Unathi painted up. Tried something new with the base, but not overly pleased with the result. Tried to take some pics in the light box, but none of them looked any good. So here he is in my hand.
  3. Got all 18 of the Mehal Sefari painted. Here are some as an example. I will need to touch up the plug bases a bit, but you get the idea of how they look. I am going to start working on the commander, Prince Unathi, next.
  4. Thank you. Wanted to keep the bases simple. For the walkers I have been looking at some Ethiopian and Nigerian tribal symbols. When I get to bigger models I want to give some free hand a go.
  5. Here is my prototype colour scheme for my Abyssinia army. I chose red because I enjoy painting red. If I am gonna paint a lot of models with a similar colour scheme, go with something you will enjoy!
  6. I have been sitting on my Abysinnia kick starter for the Otherside for a couple of months and it is time to get it painted. There don’t seem to be many hobby blogs for the otherside, so please show me what you have done with your Abyssinia models!
  7. I am about to start painting Zipp, and looking at yours is really inspiring on what can be accomplished.
  8. We play in Kyobashi, and I live in Suita, so I am pretty close to Kyoto. I also have a child, who is only 1 atm, so my time is also very limited. Our gaming group has a facebook page, and we have a member who lives in Kyoto. Here is the link to our facebook group if you want to check us out: Wargamers of Osaka
  9. Hello all, Been stalking the forum for some time and decided to join in and be a bit more active with my hobby online. I have been playing for a few months here in Osaka. There are almost no people playing here, but I have managed to get a number of my friends and coworkers into the plastic crack hobby of Malifaux. We can only play casually about once a month, but we all love the game immensely. My factions are resurrectionists and gremlins. We have people playing all the factions and everyone has a pretty varied crew selection. I am hoping to post a few of my models on the forum to kick myself in the butt and do more painting. I may also share some photos from the event I run every month. Hope to have some enjoyable exchanges here, and if you ever are planning to make a trip to Osaka and want to play let me know. γ‚ˆγ‚γ—γγŠι‘˜γ„γ—γΎγ™γ€‚
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