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Found 7 results

  1. So i am confused about a part from the errata from january 2019: So it states there, that if an action is taken through a trigger of an ability, it is taken ignoring once per turn things such as versatile. Now i am confused to wether or not that also applies to abilities themselves. Specifically can prince unathi cause the same action on a prototype asset twice? And, kind of connected to this: can i declare the field test action, if the action on the asset doesnt have anything in range?
  2. Evening all. Playing otherside but finding burning man so difficult to play against with 2 commanders. So they deploy their portals along the edge of my deployment zone so I deploy to the rear which allows me to destroy units as they come through but it means his spec ops people steal VPs. I deploy forward to contest points and he teleports through portals and destroys me in combat πŸ˜‚ help? Ive got the starter set plus the steel legion the electrocutioners, cavalry, lord of steel thanks!
  3. I have been sitting on my Abysinnia kick starter for the Otherside for a couple of months and it is time to get it painted. There don’t seem to be many hobby blogs for the otherside, so please show me what you have done with your Abyssinia models!
  4. Hi all I'm painting Models for my beloved Store Tactica Games in Zurich / Switzerland. The newest Miniatures are shown at games days like the 8th Tactifaux Tournament including The other Side Game Day for beginner and also for the store window. For The Other Side I've started with the Abyssinia Starterbox. I have used the old Dark Green Ink from Games Workshop for the Crow Runners. What great colours! 😍 Here are my pictures (unfortunately my Attachement is full an I have no idea how to delete the pictures...😟) First painting steps How to make the basing? Difficult... All in the store window! Next step: Gibbering Hordes!
  5. The trigger on Lord of Steel's Spear of Ages reads thusly: Open Wound: Immediately increase the Strength of this Action by +1 per in the final duel total. When not in Glory, there is no suit built-in to the stat of the Spear of Ages attack. When in Glory, there is one . The wording on using suits for triggers is listed as below in the rulebook: When a player declares a Trigger, they spend the indicated suit(s) or Margin Values from their final duel total. Spent suits are removed from the final duel total... Therefore, unless you are getting at least 2 , there is no benefit from this trigger. The Machinations Stratagem is the only way I can find to gain another from other models or abilities that I am aware of. So the trigger is otherwise wasted text when not in Glory, and requires you to flip/cheat a when in Glory, aside from playing the Machinations Stratagem. Would this be correct? Strength 5 is still great but if the above is true, I'm not really sure why they wasted the space on the card when not in Glory just to cover for if i) Machinations is taken, purchased and played AND ii) Part of the Plan is used to gain a AND iii) a card is used for the attack. Most of the time I would prefer to use the extra Morale action for each unit granted by Machinations for another Take To The Sky, or for an Interact action.
  6. I think the ability to pass activations by discarding cards is likely to be a very tactical/playing the player aspect to the game. Since it is likely that Abyssinia is outnumbered as a faction, it is likely they could make better use of this mechanic than anyone. My premise is that Abyssinia would look to get up in VP early and pass activations to diminish the opponent from fully utilizing their numerical advantage. When can you see yourself passing an activation at the expense of a card?
  7. Soulstone-powered suits of strength, motorized magical machinery and top tier technology. No matter if you are already addicted to soulstone-smithing, or just a newcomer who have heard tales of their techonological prowess, I want to hear what you like about Abyssinia. It doesn't matter if it's the whole faction, a single sculpt or just one of their faction upgrades. Share your positive thoughts about this allegiance! (Or lose access to you soulstone)
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