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  1. I have been sitting on my Abysinnia kick starter for the Otherside for a couple of months and it is time to get it painted. There don’t seem to be many hobby blogs for the otherside, so please show me what you have done with your Abyssinia models!
  2. Dryfitting pre-shaded model. Still not hundred percent sure about him, but the clock is clicking so trying to squeeze paint job in my daily routine. Disclaimer: This is my first try participating any online paint-before-deadline-and-make-it-look-nice events. This miniature has a lot of flavours and I believe I can emphasize that using OSL. I've never done any serious OSL previously, so don't expect much.
  3. Dryfitting... Base is still not finished, more sand and stones to come, but at least it is visible how it will stand his ground. Disclaimer: This is my first try participating any online paint-before-deadline-and-make-it-look-nice events. This miniature has a lot of flavours and I believe I can emphasize that using OSL. I've never done any serious OSL previously, so don't expect much.
  4. The second photo, assembled mini. This is my first try participating any online paint-before-deadline-and-make-it-look-nice events. This miniature has a lot of flavours and I believe I can emphasize that using OSL. I've never done any serious OSL previously, so don't expect much.
  5. My first try participating any online paint-before-deadline-and-make-it-look-nice events. This miniature has a lot of flavours and I believe I can emphasize that using OSL. I've never done any serious OSL previously, so don't expect much.
  6. From the album: Burnin' Coal

    Painters Challenge August 2017...WIP
  7. I've been a bit stagnant on my miniature painting due to burnout on other game's miniatures. That and I finally had to give in and get progressive lenses on my glasses because I'm old and toothless and have crappy eyes. Well.... I've been toothless since I was a teenager. Don't do stupid things with bicycles kids! Been having quite a bit of fun with the McMourning crew, and some of the other stuff, so I've been on a bit of a painting streak. I'd already finished the Flesh Construct, Canine Remains, and Nurses. Just need to finish basing them and putting on a few more details. Never posted them before because the Canine Remains and Flesh Construct didn't come out up to what I consider worth showing off. Still need to do a lot more work on the steampunk pizza dish, leather, buckles, other metallic parts, and hair. Looking at the picture I finally worked out that I need the pizza dish to look like it's full of blood, meat chunks, and toxic chemicals instead of just being a bright clean silver. NOTE: The blood is a neat trick I was taught by another painter at GenCON a few years back. It's done with Tamiya Translucent Red paint. Toxic as hell, and will wreck your brushes, but there's no better blood effect I know of.
  8. Definite WIP at this point, really just kicking around ideas; basing it on the Steamfitter advanced pursuit approach: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v7o4Rw3e2VRkmONxw921P4tpPGLTA7F1gYPuBe_Z7W0/edit Feedback/suggestions are welcome.
  9. From the album: Glen 'ringsnake' Murie Miniatures

    Work in progress of McMourning. Lots more work still to do.
  10. Some of my son's warband "critters" for his Frostgrave game! An Owl Mage, searching the ruins of an old library, with two Shrew Familiars & a Warrior Cat, guarding.
  11. Due to the fact I live in a town without an adequate game shop, and nearly all the table top groups here are either D&D/Pathfinder or Warhammer players, finding an experienced player of Through the Breach to teach my players the mechanics correctly is nigh impossible. I was worried, truly, that I would never be able to share with my friends the rich lore and setting of Malifaux in a roleplaying game. That is until, I heard a familiar call from an Elder God. I'm a veteran Call of Cthulhu Keeper (game master, whatever, Wizard's just needs to relinquish the term Dungeon Master because that's what all of us are if we're not players!), and for the last two years been running the Chaosium Call of Cthulhu 6th edition system with a close group who are very familiar with the system. Over the last few weeks, I've been struggling desperately to figure out a way to teach Through the Breach to the players, but have been finding it a challenge since the Fated Almanac doesn't do a very good job easing new players in. On the verge of giving up and letting my new book collect dust on the shelf, I literally tripped over a stack of books, and landed face first on top of my Call of Cthulhu rulebook. And inspiration struck. Here's the point of the post: I wanna run down what I plan to do, and get opinions and/or suggestions to implement this. My plan is simple: taking some of the character creation mechanics, skills, magical abilities, lore, and setting of Malifaux, and running the game through the percentile system of Call of Cthulhu, maintaining the strong emphasis of everyday people facing extraordinary circumstances and either overcoming them or be crushed under the impending nightmare. The Malifaux setting is rife, RIFE with Lovecraftian flavor, from it's gothic architecture, hideous monstrosities in the form of the Neverborn, fear of the unknown as the other world is vastly uncharted, and opportunity to have the players be faced with the various factions, horrors, and wonders that Wyrd has endeared to us. Character creation: I thought about this the longest, and I've come to the conclusion that the only major factor I want to impose from TtB to CoC is the Destiny mechanic, options to have pneumatic prosthesis, and access of Magia, as the magic system in CoC is...well, last resort-y (Let's just say that many spells in that game run the very real risk of causing more harm than good for players). What drew me to TtB was the Destiny mechanic, how your origins, interests and ultimate fate were decided through a poker tarot in the Crossroads. I believe that before character creation (rolling stats, the usual crap we all love), I will sit down with each player and individually deal their Crossroad's tarot, giving them their station and 4 destinies. In lieu of the added skill mechanic or stat array seen in TtB, I'll include things like bonus percentiles to certain associated skills (likely a base of 10% on average, with some being higher). The Pneumatics system will be mostly cosmetic, but it won't be without drawbacks for rewards. First off, aside from the costs, I will require players who want to have pneumatics or undergo surgery during gameplay to take a loss to their total Constitution score, which will somewhat reduce their HP. However, the payoff to this is that depending on the pneumatic device, the PC can use their newfound skill in Pneumatics in place of a standard skill (example: A player wants to climb up a rope. Normally this is a basic climb check, but if a player had a pneumatic that had a winch or other similar attachment, they can take the pneumatic check instead.) Additionally, I'll include attacks for pneumatics, such as melee, ranged, etc. Weapons built into limbs will have one damage die higher than a normal attack, but it's cost and weight will be greater than normal. Magia...oh boy, this one will be the toughest. Since magic practice in the world is somewhat widespread but regarded by the Guild as dangerous, I will encourage players who play magic using characters to be mindful or face the consequences. Aside from that, I'll will include the new skill Magia, and the 5 different types to specialize in (Sorcery, Enchanting, etc.). In CoC, the magic pool is very limited, and spells work by sacrificing points into the spell along with sanity which may or may not regenerate. I've decided I want to incorporate a different concept: Magic points will equate to how many spells a character CAN know if they have adequate skills to use them. Technically speaking, anybody in Malifaux can perform magic, some better than others. This way, a player who maybe playing a lawyer can dabble a bit in sorcery if they so chose. Classes don't exactly exist in CoC, leaving the occupation of the PC's and associated skills in the hands of the player. There are plenty of equivalents in the CoC rulebook that match near perfectly with the classes in TtB, but I will be generating an Artificer occupation/skill that relates to the Steamfitting and pneumatics aspect that will be heavily present in Malfaux. So this is about where I'm at. I'm not sure what else I'd like to implement, aside from possibly make a modified CoC Character sheet featuring the Destiny section and grimoire. I'm trying to figure out how to have a "Cheat Fate" mechanic, but the only thing that I think works without breaking the game is to have bonus' to Luck rolls to determine whether they do or do not succeed in cheating their fate. Any feedback, suggestions, recommendations and so on are very appreciated guys. Who knows, maybe this homebrew will be a hit with my group? Maybe yours? Let's see.
  12. Welcome to my blog! More than one year ago I discovered Malifaux. After getting familiar to the game specifics and watching several great battle reports I got excited and decided to start my crew. This is a real challenge to the new player, however after some time of searching I stopped on The Swamp Hag starter. Even from the picture on the box it is clear what the models do: Zoraida casts hexes, Bad Juju solves problems in hand-to-hand and Silurids... To be honest, nothing was clear about them, but later I found that they are fast enough, which is great for some schemes. At last I received long-awaited parcel and started to assemble the crew. The first in the queue were the Silurids. According to the rules these lizards are stealth creatures with ability to hide in the undergrowth thanks to their camouflage till they swiftly leap to attack. However the poses of the models from the box do not reflect such appearance: the one runs at full height on its back legs and the other prepares for long jumping with its tongue put out. This matter and some parts, which are quite fragile, evoked me for conversion. I took the body of the running Silurid, both pairs of legs from the one, who prepares for jumping, and, in order to create really complex conversion, the head of the third lizard. In order to make the tail less breakable I made it bent above the base, on which I placed some leaves and twigs and put a small plant to represent the swampy area. The model is not finished yet and some gaps require filling prior to painting, but here is the WIP model, how it would look when assembled. Your comments are welcome! To be continued...
  13. From the album: prof_bycid's 2016 Painting Challenge

    My April 2016 entry, finally assembled. Magnetized to work separately or as a duet.
  14. If you send dogs to fetch a bone, especially from an undead dragon, they're better off undead too
  15. Soulstone Surveyors Platform Work in progress, needs a wash and some leaves on the ground. As an added bonus, (all half finished) one of my two Collodis, Sorrows and two scrap markers for scale. _________ Edit: ...aaand it's done. Used a 2:5:1 mixture of water, sepia and black fountain pen ink for the wash. Now to lie in wait for some hapless Soulstone miners to show up! OURS.
  16. Hey Gang, My self and the GF picked up Malifaux recently and have had an awesome time modeling so far. I come from a history of the both Warhammers, infinity and a whole host of computer games. She has done some modelling on occasion but never really looked into a ruleset before the 'faux, so that is a good start :P. Anyway I shall pop up a few pics of some models she has already got painted. First up is McMorning. The GF apparently isn't happy with the severed head and wants to redo it. Dear god the picture is somewhat massive on here, apologies for that, will try to remedy in the future. Next up is the Flesh Construct-e fellow. So far she is loving the modelling and painting which is good. Will hopefully have a proper game at home soonly. Now I work a little slower than her and currently am conveting like mad on old mate Hoffman and his Guardian. I opted to repose his left arm due to (I imagine) the larger arms would mimic his arm movements. I changed his head as the other one was a little boring. The cables are added because, well, who doesn't like more cables on steam punk stuff. The cloak will help him blend into the overall theme of his crew and IMHO the Guild as a whole. It also adds a little bit of movement to a pretty static character I think. Next up is the Guardian which in all honesty I think I've dumped too much time into haha. I've completely rejigged his pose to look as if he is on guard and moving foward in a measured manner. I replaced his shield and weapon with things a little more suitable that also accentuated the 'guard' pose. The weapon is a longer nasty looking halberd/polearm assortment. As you can see here he also has a cloak billowing around him. Steam exhausts are on there for the same reason as the pipes on Hoffman, that and the fact I reckon it makes his silhouette a little more imposing. That pic is just to show off his pose a little more. Also fear not, that isn't a metallic wang hanging out, I have him a pistol and some pouches to make him look a little less 'off the factory' and a bit more of an 'old hand' within the 'faux. Anyway, sorry for the massively long first post and giant pictures. Will hopefully keep the updates rolling in pretty often :).
  17. This took a lot longer than I expected, and honestly, I used to be a better painter before I hit a slump and didn't paint for a very long time.
  18. Hi, So, over the last few months I have amassed quite a collection of Malifaux figures. As I sit facing this sea of grey, I thought I would share my paint jobs with you all and see what you think. So far I've completed a dreamer crew and a brewmaster crew, as Uni holidays quickly approach I'll have plenty of time to paint all my miniatures so I'll be posting them up as I finish. So let me know what you all think, feedback is the only way you learn
  19. Qualat

    Ice Golem and Ice Gamin

    The start of my Rasputina Crew. Started with the Children of December box, going to add some December Acolytes in due course.
  20. Kretcher

    Pic 3

    From the album: Kretcher pictures

    WIP , started on legs
  21. Still behind schedule, but hoping get back up to speed tonight.
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