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  1. Thanks for the help guys. I don't have any immediate plans to get a pigaapult just yet. But it sounds fun. I think I will still get Gracie and Burt at some point. And I'm also excited about the sow at some point. And mah tucket is my next gremlin crew box. Because mah seems like a hoot and Trixiebelle is very useful.
  2. Well the crew is finsihed. For now. So here are the remaining modles and a crew shot all painted. ive got more gremlins on the way.so might have more pictures sometime next week
  3. Well seems like a good plan for now. Thanks for your help Math! now to get my neverborn order figured out...
  4. Thanks! I've been trying to use more drab colors, but just like drab versions of otherwise colorful ones.
  5. I was thinking to not worry about more bayou gremlins yet and would just use young Lacroix as bayous I summon. Sammy is kind of like the witch right? She has a sort of obey ability and a poison thing? I'm set on Som'er's crew and slop. So maybe those and then add the two Lacroix ladies?
  6. Oh also as a shameless plug, check out my gremlin paint thread in the miniature section
  7. Hello my fellow bayou residents! I recently got my first few crews for malifaux. Neverborn ( lynch) and gremlins ( Ophelia) now im itching to expand my available modles. So what are models I should look into getting for gremlins? I already plan to get slop haulers, and am very heavily considering the Som'er crew box. Mostly to have Lenny, but also to maybe play Som'er. Speaking of Som'er I guess most people play him as a summoner and just try to abuse dumb luck everywhere? I have some interest in Gracie and maybe Burt Jebsen, but not sure. Also with Som'er's crew what are good expansion for that? I plan to use a lot of the Lacroix ( love them so much) but figured they could easily play into each other for crew options. Anyway im just rambling at this point, but thanks in advance for any help.
  8. More progress. Ophelia is finished. And a WIP of Pere Ravage
  9. I really like your skin color on the nightmares
  10. Some very good lookin' gremlins. I still love the piglet models
  11. And here is an update. Francois and Rami have been completed. I've been playing with the skin tones to kind of make it more natural in that not everyone has the same skin tone. I've been pleased with the results. Also another group shot of the crew in there to show how they look so far.
  12. Well the skin started as a mix of army painter desert brown and valejo camo green ( not sure if the exact name but it's their version of camo green). Once all base colors are on I wash the whole model with army painter strong tone. ( the whole crew looks like that in the group photo) then to bring the color up to the final I went back over the skin with the same initial mix, thinned down to let the wash still show through and add shadows and what have you. Then I added valejo canary yellow to the mix to make the highlights and with them thinned down some I just layered the highlight up to about 3 layers. Adding more canary yellow each time. And that's the gist of how his skin went.
  13. I have another topic for my neverborn ( which I plan to add to hopefully in the near future) and since I got my gremlins I figured I'd share my progress. so here is Raphael Lacroix as the first finished model along with a group shot of every one else ready to be finished
  14. Well I've got more models I could paint. Just not malifaux models. Lol I suppose I could paint more on my trollbloods. But I ordered the Ophelia crew so I'll get to start that soon
  15. Thanks folks, I sadly am out of models to paint at the moment. But will be ordering more this week I think. Ophelia crew and a few more neverborn to add
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