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Found 15 results

  1. Can i get some feedback for the below list? i'm looking to build a bit of a "beat-y" lineup, focusing on victory though fire power. my thought is to keep enough mini's on the table through the two death marshals, then focus on debuffing via Jury and killing through Executioner. I havn't played much Lady Justice, prefering Zipp, but want to diversify to keep things interesting. Any suggestions? should i swap out a death marshal, or use different upgrades? Crew Name: Lady J 50 point, JJ&ELeader: Lady Justice - Cache:(4) Vendetta 2ss Scales of Justice 3ss The Judge 9ss Unrelenting Leader 2ss The Jury 8ss A Debt To The Guild 1ss Executioner 9ss Plant Evidence 1ss Death Marshal 6ss Death Marshal 6ss
  2. WOW...it has been ages since I logged in here. Was a regular about ten years ago for several years and then dropped out. Always loved the forum, the miniatures and the game. Also bought a lot of the old metals at the time, but never really got into the game. But I see I've still got the News Monkey title, how cool! Anyway, me and my mates have started playing Malifaux. Malifaux M2E really is a superior game and M1 never really clicked with me (the game that is, the fluff and setting always rocked). But M2E clicked right away and we are playing regularly now. And we have started a Shifting Loyalties campaign! So after almost ten years it is time to get paint on some Malifaux. I'm playing Guild in the campaign, so I wanted to start with the ones I play. My starting list is The Judge, Lone Marshall, Death Marshall, Guild Austringer and a Witchling Stalker. I decided to start with The Judge and the Death Marshall. One evening later and they were painted. Darn, that went fast! Loved them during painting. Next evening I started and finished the Guild Austringer. Okay...Malifaux is getting painted faster than most other games I have. Nice! Next up will be a Hunter (bought him with Ryle at the start of week 2) or the Witchling. The Judge Death Marshall Guild Austringer Thanks for looking! *EDIT* Okay...how the heck do I insert images here? The [ img] [ /img] tags won't work... Thanks!
  3. Hello. So I have the metal Lady Justice set and death marshals, but no judge. I do have a miss tedious model though. Any advice on what kind of mods I can do to have her count as a legal judge model proxy? I unfortunately don't have much green stuff skills
  4. Malebolgia


  5. From the album: LuisJoey Retribution!

    This was my 1st place winning Hardcore crew! one hunts the Undead, the arcanist witches and the neverborn demons....
  6. From the album: LuisJoey Retribution!

    Quaker Puritan Judge based loosely on Solomon Kane! Judge him.... not so tough please
  7. From the album: LuisJoey Retribution!

    Quaker Puritan Judge based loosely on Solomon Kane!
  8. From the album: Lady Justice crew, midnight theme

    Lady Justice's crew in midnight theme
  9. Now that my flashy title got you to view this...Here is a collection of a few washed out pics of a handful of my guildees. More to come. Always more. The "To be painted" mountain never seems to get any smaller. I fixed his screwed up eyes since taking this pic. Sadly, I count see his eyes were screwed up without the camera. The deathmarshal is my first model ever with nmm. Came out pretty good. He was also the test model for the rest of his friends. Poor minions always have a that red shirt association. I wanted to try some sky earth nmm. It didnt come out right and I mean to go back and add some blue/brown to the sword to add that outdoor appeal. Its tedious though and tough to return to a model once your onto the next thing. Someday I suppose. Thoughts? More pics of all can be found through the link in my sig.
  10. My friends tricked me into trying Malifaux and these miniatures are a result of that: I'm a long time wargamer but a complete beginner at Malifaux, so I'm not sure the feel of these is correct to the background, but I've heard it's a crazy mix of victorian era, fantasy and cowboys. Any comments are welcome!
  11. Hey guys. I've been somewhat reluctant to post this, because my painting skills are utterly atrocious. But I wanted to show off my little force, if only for the flavor. So, here goes. (Photobucket album: http://s5.photobucket.com/albums/y184/SPAMLibArmy/Things/MINIS2/ ) Los Cazadores Macabras I wanted to go for a Dia de los Muertos theme, and really make the army my own. I'm enjoying myself so far. La Santa Loca --Stock Lady J wasn't doing much for me, so I sanded down her hair and sculpted it into a cloak. I wanted to go for a religious look, but mostly ended making her haloween-ish. Los Bravos (Judge and Nino) --These guys are still sort of in progress, as far as painting goes. I still need to see what all details I might've missed, like repainting the base on Nino. I posted some backstory about my Death Marshals, and I kind of wanted to portray any extra units as grizzled war veterans just along for the celebration. I actually used an industrial hole-punch to make the doughboy helmet for the judge, and kitbashed the bolt-action gun-scythe to fit the theme. As for Nino, I just greenstuffed his hat up to a helmet and cut up a bunch of 40k stuff to make the MG. I wasn't too fond of the stock repeating rifle anyway. I sculpted a half-buried cross around one of the little flash-supports on the coat. I didn't want to risk the weight on the one foot, but it looked a bit tacky as it was. He's got a skull mask, but I'm going to have to touch it up because it's not too visible atm. Los Cazadores --These were the first guys I've painted in several years. It's a minor touch, but I printed out the skull masks on card and superglued the strings into flying positions. There's more pictures of these guys in another album on my photobucket, here: http://s5.photobucket.com/albums/y184/SPAMLibArmy/Things/MINIS/ So that's my stuff! I've also got an Austringer I haven't opened up yet; I'm waiting until I can dedicate enough time to it, maybe over a weekend. Like I said, I know, my painting isn't great. I think they look ok on the table, though, and that's good enough for me
  12. So, I've yet to post anything here, because my painting skills are generally atrocious. Still, I figured I could show off some of my conversions, as I get around to doing them. Here's my Judge.
  13. Hi guys, Hot off the back of finishing my first model I've now finished 2 more, Judge and an Austringer if the title didn't give it away! I thought I would share a couple of pics. 3 models in two weeks is actually a crazy amount of character painting for me, I think it is testament to how much I love the models Wyrd have produced and their background. Let me know what you guys think! I've got a Death Marshall in progress as well. I've got a huge queue of stuff to paint as I also just picked up the Ortegas, Lucius and my wife has some Arcanists on the way. Should keep me busy for the rest of the year. Also does anyone have any varnish recommendations? I've got some Vallejo matte mixed 1:3 with water that looks good on test models, but I'm too scared to apply it to these at the moment!
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