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  1. Honestly glad to hear this. I always found it off-putting that Mei had a sort of romantic thread with English Ivan; given her portrayal since she was first introduced in M1E Storm of Shadows, and how she is portrayed in "From the Ashes" and "Three Riddles," she just seems too tough for that in my view. Not super sure why they went this direction at the end of Shifting Loyalties. Also when you mention Mei's injuries - do you mean the ones she sustained from fighting Avatar Kitchener or from her duel with Misaki? Or did she get hurt again? Thanks for the updates. Even more eager to get my E
  2. Oooh... what do they discuss? I don't mind spoilers so long as others don't.
  3. Hi all, Haven't gotten a copy of ES Faction Book yet; for those of you who have read the stories, do any of the four episodes offer further insight into who Gretchen Janus really is following the reveal at the end of the McCabe Story "Lost and Found?" Looking at the cards released on the M3E app, I figured she might be Nexus or Jedza, but I know nothing about their backstories so it's purely a guess based on appearance. Also, do Jessie, Ludwig, and McCabe make cameos? Thanks! Been very curious about this for a while...
  4. Hi Antyctus, I haven't played Reva, but I've played against her a few times and I think her starter box, which I believe has not changed between editions, should give you a pretty solid foundation to start from. The other units with the Revenant keyword that you may want to look into are Draugr and Lampads, but I don't think these purchases will be totally necessary until you've had a few games with the starter box and Mourners. The full list of Revenant models can be found here on the Wyrd website. I'm away from Boston until August, but when we can lighten up social distancing and
  5. I suspect Jessie will become either a master or a henchman as well. It seems to me like Ludvig and Gretchen are important players in the MES but I think they are there to add flavor to the mystique of the society - not sure how they would play on the table top, although with the reveal at the end, Gretchen might make an interesting cross-faction character. I liked the opening of the story and the joke about Lady J. Jessie was first introduced years ago in a Chronicles short story called "Boozed in the Bayou" by the same author (it's about a drunken silurid who saves the day from a few pe
  6. Just had the chance to read the three new stories in the Ten Thunders M3E faction book. All three of them move the narrative forward in different ways. The third piece, which focuses on Misaki and her struggles adjusting to leadership, ties together a lot of lingering questions about the new Oyabun's intentions and beliefs. It is a direct sequel to the M2E-3 Shifting Loyalties piece, "From the Ashes" - the story that polarized the community about whether or not our faction was noble, sinister, or both. I think this new story - in which Misaki makes a difficult decision to spare the life of a t
  7. Wanted to keep this thread going as more faction books are making their way through the community. Any exciting plot twists or cool stories to keep an eye out for?
  8. Do people have thoughts on the fiction or favorite stories for the other factions besides the Guild? Not sure which books have been released yet but I believe Ten Thunders and Gremlins are due this month, right?
  9. Never mind! This got moved to another thread by @Nathan Caroland. You read my mind sir
  10. Hi all, From a few posts around the forum, it seems that people have gotten some of the new M3E faction books and I just thought I'd start a thread for members of the community to discuss their favorite stories. Fire away! What pieces have people enjoyed the most? What plot twists have taken them by surprise? Warning: *SPOILERS*
  11. Hi all, There are a lot of KE players in our meta, so I was hoping to start a thread about lists that work well against them. I have seen this earlier thread here already, but it isn't so focussed on list-building, and it tends to deviate away from direct discussion about Abby. My understanding is that our faction will never out-shoot KE, never out-melee Cult, and never out-attrition GH, but, in a sort of rock-paper-scissors style, we can do at least two of these three core mechanics (shooting, melee, attrition) better than whatever faction we are fighting against. If this assum
  12. Excellent! I look forward to trying out this particular slice of cheese haha. Just another reason why I love my faction haha.
  13. Hi all, Just a quick question for clarification about Assets and Combined Arms. My understanding is that Combined Arms teams cannot take additional assets. Does this mean that: 1.) Combined Arms units like Steel Legion and Mech Infantry cannot take Prototypes? 2.) If they cannot take assets, can they still take adjuncts? I ask because I played a fun Abby mirror match last week and my partner got his Mech Infantry up to AV11 by shooting first with a prototype, then an engineer, both fire teams, and the Titan. My first thought was “for 8ss this is amazing, why am I not doing
  14. If I remember correctly, yes! The stories started to diversity a bit with M1E3, but M2E really dispersed the stories as the universe got bigger.
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