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  1. Hi all, There are a lot of KE players in our meta, so I was hoping to start a thread about lists that work well against them. I have seen this earlier thread here already, but it isn't so focussed on list-building, and it tends to deviate away from direct discussion about Abby. My understanding is that our faction will never out-shoot KE, never out-melee Cult, and never out-attrition GH, but, in a sort of rock-paper-scissors style, we can do at least two of these three core mechanics (shooting, melee, attrition) better than whatever faction we are fighting against. If this assumption is correct (and maybe it isn't), I suppose we can definitely out-melee KE (assuming those pesky Rifle Core aren't in Glory and shooting point blank!) and out-attrition them. Using this logic (and the models I have on hand), one potential list I was thinking of looks something like this, with a focus on melee and attrition: 2 Commanders Kassa Okoye (used as KE Envoy) + 25 Bigger is better - 2 Electric Megaphone - 1 Prince Unathi + 25 Mine Control Device - 1 Mehal Safari w/ Flare Gun Asset - 9 Mehal Safari w/ Experimental Rocket Asset - 9 Engineer - 1 Steel Legion w/ Active Defenses Armor Asset - 12 Dreadnought w/ Chemical Foggers Armor Asset - 7 Gramophone Amplifier - 1 Massive Furnace - 1 Crow Runners - 6 The purpose of this list is just to run everything up the field as quickly as possible; hopefully, the Steel Legion draw fire but both Mehal units rush up the board. All three units are there to protect Unathi as he dishes out reinforcement tokens alongside the Dreadnought. Kassa advances and also dishes out tokens. If I'm correct, at a minimum I'm dishing out 3 reinforcement tokens a turn; 4 if Unathi can get to glory (or even 5 if Unathi is in glory and uses the same morale action twice). Hopefully, that's enough to protect the units as they go up the field and clash with the KE ranks. I don't have the models for this list, but I also thought it might be fun to run: Lord of Steel + 25 Toughness - 1 Prince Unathi + 25 Toughness - Free Mine Control Device - 1 Bosotho Cavalry - 4 Bosotho Cavalry - 4 Mech Infantry w/ Flare Gun - 8 Engineer - 1 Mech Infantry w/ Experimental Rocket - 8 Engineer 1 Electrocutioners w/ Discuss Grenades - 10 Steel Legion w/ Active Defenses Armor Asset - 12 I have no idea whether this would work; maybe it's an awful list. But if KE Rifle Corp move 7", and I deploy far forward enough, perhaps Bosotho Cav can jam up the enemy gunners (with 4 fire teams on 120mm bases, they'll definitely block line of site and engage multiple enemies) on the very first turn so that all the other units can move safely up the field. I chose Mech Infantry because in Glory, the titans make the fireteams ARM 10 within 3". Electrocutioners have high speed and can probably do a second turn Rush order to engage enemy fireteams in melee. Unathi can reinforce as necessary, and LoS can get behind enemy lines and wreck gunner units from behind. What do you guys think? What have you run against KE that has paved the pay to victory?
  2. Excellent! I look forward to trying out this particular slice of cheese haha. Just another reason why I love my faction haha.
  3. Hi all, Just a quick question for clarification about Assets and Combined Arms. My understanding is that Combined Arms teams cannot take additional assets. Does this mean that: 1.) Combined Arms units like Steel Legion and Mech Infantry cannot take Prototypes? 2.) If they cannot take assets, can they still take adjuncts? I ask because I played a fun Abby mirror match last week and my partner got his Mech Infantry up to AV11 by shooting first with a prototype, then an engineer, both fire teams, and the Titan. My first thought was “for 8ss this is amazing, why am I not doing this!” Thoughts? Thanks!
  4. If I remember correctly, yes! The stories started to diversity a bit with M1E3, but M2E really dispersed the stories as the universe got bigger.
  5. I really enjoyed the Court of Two story with Kirai. I felt that the writing was strong and the characters were memorable and compelling. It’s nice to see crossovers as well; very curious to see what’s in store for the Allegiance as a whole.
  6. Any more thoughts now that more books are in circulation?
  7. Likewise! I started here and have been writing for Wyrd as a contractor for the past five years! The community feedback from the old Iron Quill contests was really helpful.
  8. Hi everyone, I noticed that there hasn’t been a thread yet for people to discuss the stories from the Core Rulebook. What do people think of the stories? Does anybody have favorites?
  9. Just played against a crew with Misaki and a Crime Boss. Misaki is largely independent from the rest of her crew - she’s a cruise missile that neglects direct support to other models and instead completes her own objectives (mainly eliminating enemy targets), so crew selection is more flexible - anything you take should work fine. I highly recommend Crime Bosses. Their “Lesson You Won’t Soon Forget” ability leaves enemies with the Fragile condition, making them easier to kill. They’re a good answer to enemy tanks like Guild Peacekeepers, Izamu, etc. that normally take a lot of damage and hold up the enemy due to Armour and larger numbers of wounds. Low river monks are valuable for condition removal and schemerunning. You may only run one of the three but the whole box in my opinion is worth it, unless you proxy.
  10. Heya! No worries! Already part of the group and have had several games. Looking forward to crossing paths! Nick
  11. Hi Wyrd community, Apologies if there is already a thread dedicated to this elsewhere (I see a bunch of postings for competitive UK gaming events), but I will be moving to London for the next 9 months and was hoping to get in touch with the Malifaux community there. Would be most grateful if players in central London who see this message would PM me with details. Where and when do people get together for games. Looking forward to meeting you all!
  12. In my experience, Mei's best trait is her mobility (although I'm certain that other players have other aspects of her that they use more). Her Railwalker action that allows her to place in B2B with a Scrap Marker or Construct means that she can flit between different targets very quickly, contest board quarters, or eliminate supporting units that tend to stick away from the front line. The Passenger Line trigger granted by the Rail Lines upgrade lets other models hitch a ride, so Mei can essentially become a delivery system for other models to get up the field. This may be especially useful since Kang can be quite slow, and he need to be engaged and beating away at the enemy to be most useful. In line with this theme, I usually run an eclectic Mei list that pulls from different factions (all within TT or Foundry) to capitalize on Constructs and Scrap Markers: Mei (Rail Lines, Recalled Training) Sparks Toshiro (Command the Graves) Rail Golem (Smoke Grenades) Mechanized Porkchop Obsidian Oni x 2 Cache = 4 I like this list because most of its models are constructs (Rail Golem, Porkchops, Komainu summoned by Toshiro, at least one or two a turn) or have the ability to place Scrap Markers, either directly (Porkshop) or by causing Damage (Obsidian Oni). They can also cause Burning, which synergizes well with Mei and the Golem, and they can heal the Rail Golem so long as it still has its upgrade with the Strong Grow Stronger ability. This list tends to struggle against enemies that ignore armour (Swine Cursed, I'm lookin' at you!), but can be tanky.
  13. I recently had a lot of fun with this Mei Feng list. I lost 5-7, the strategy was Squatter's Rights, and my opponent played a Ulix list that basically relied on summoning lots of pigs and taking reckless damage, but healing with slop haulers and eat your fill triggers. I didn't get up the board fast enough, but anyway: Mei Feng (Rail lines, recalled training) Toshiro (Summon the graves) Mechanical Porkchop Low River Monk Rail Golem (Smoke Grenades) Obsidian Oni x 2 Actually worked out really well. The Obsidian Oni were able to keep healing the Rail Golem since its upgrade was attached (I never discarded it for this reason), and they also provided scrap markets for Toshiro to turn into Komainu. The Porkschop drops a free one every turn and that was pretty dope. Mei's Rail lines upgrade basically made all of the constructs especially fast thanks to the +1 speed buff to constructs. I
  14. Sorry to hear you are having trouble; I think a huge part of it depends on how your opponent plays Nicodem. I've played some games where Nicodem swarms the enemy with cheaper summons, and others where he summons tankier, more difficult models. Either way, you can't stop him from summoning, but you can try to neutralize its effectiveness. You have a few options: 1. Charm Warders. Surprised no one brought this up earlier. Their Barrier to the Other World will dish out Entropy damage to newly summoned models equal to the value of the condition (+2 to start) within 6" of them. This condition stacks, so if Nico tries to summon anything in a bubble caught between two of them, they should take an auto 4 damage. Gross! Since Nicodem's Re-animator causes models that are summoned to suffer damage equal to half it's wounds, anything that has less that 8 wounds total is toast so long as you can keep the bubble up. 2. Taelor. She's a merc and basically autocharges anything that gets summoned near her. You have to pay the extra 1ss merc tax, but if you run Misaki as an Outcast, you can hire her for free and still hire TT Last Blossom models. As mentioned above, Misaki may not be able to tank Nico in one round because of Impossible to Wound, but with Risky Ventures, and assuming your opponent has few cards or soulstones, you can go for the autokill with a high crow. Misaki and a few Jorogumo tend to kill things, especially when they're slow and at half wounds from being summoned! 3. Outsummon. I really like Toshiro and the Mechanical Porkchop (I usually take them together with Mei Feng because they are Foundry and have lots of scrap marker shenanigans, although Obsidian Oni can place them too). Toshiro can summon Komainu or Ashigaru with Command the Graves. This way, you won't be outactivated and you'll have a way of matching your opponent's summons. 4. Kill Nico's support pieces. Mortimer, Sebastian, the Vulture - anything that lets him sling spells, place corpse markets, or create more summoning materials. If your opponent is just left with their master because the rest of their crew is dead, they can't hold zones or place scheme markets since summoned models are slow and can't interact... A master and (max 3) slow models that he can summon per turn is less intimidating than it seems. Hope this helps and good luck!
  15. Hey everyone, Witchling Thralls have been somewhat controversial in my group because they are expensive, but I really like their flexibility (ranged and melee attacks), (0) action to push, and their ability to auto-pass horror duals regardless of how poorly you flip. Given these traits, and their station as "minions," I imagine they would synergize well with Lucius and Queeg, who can use all sorts of out-of-activation shenanigans to get them up the field. In this case, I think they are better than other hard-hitting alternatives like Executioners, Grimwell, Gage, Judge, Jury, etc. How do people feel about this build? Note that there is no specific strategy in mind, which probably defeats the purpose of the exercise, but let's assume that it's mix of offense and defense for zone holding like Turf War or Reconnoiter. Lucius (Deep Pockets, Surprisingly Loyal) Scribe Master Queeg (Debt to the Guild) Doppleganger (Lead Lined Coat) Witchling Thrall x 2 Lawyer Austringer The core of this combo relies on the dynamic between Lucius, Queeg, and the Thralls, and pushing the Thralls up early in the game into scoring zones or threaten enemy pieces. My opening moves would be activating Queeg and using his Put Fear in Them ability to push both Thralls up, which will succeed without risk of the Thralls suffering Paralyzed because they autopass the horror duel. Then, Lucius can do the same thing with Commanding Presence, which will also auto-succeed. Before the Thralls have even activated yet, they've each effectively walked twice. The other pieces are there because they synergize well with Lucius; the Scribe can remove conditions, the Lawyer can lay out a Hard to Wound bubble (ideally on the Thralls, and can buff both in the same turn with Multiple Defendants), and the Austringer could issue orders or attack from a distance. Doppelganger helps to mess with initiative. What do you all think? I suppose part of the problem is that the only hitting power in here comes from the Thralls... once they're gone, there are no heavy damage dealers, although the Doppelganger and walk up to an enemy beater and mimic them. Would you replace the Lawyer, Austringer, and Scribe with something more tanky?
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