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Found 13 results

  1. I know they used to be a must take but since the errata (started playing after the errata) I've tried them and they just felt so underwhelming. Why does everyone seem to still love them so much? I want to like them but need help seeing their value.
  2. WOW...it has been ages since I logged in here. Was a regular about ten years ago for several years and then dropped out. Always loved the forum, the miniatures and the game. Also bought a lot of the old metals at the time, but never really got into the game. But I see I've still got the News Monkey title, how cool! Anyway, me and my mates have started playing Malifaux. Malifaux M2E really is a superior game and M1 never really clicked with me (the game that is, the fluff and setting always rocked). But M2E clicked right away and we are playing regularly now. And we have started a Shifting Loyalties campaign! So after almost ten years it is time to get paint on some Malifaux. I'm playing Guild in the campaign, so I wanted to start with the ones I play. My starting list is The Judge, Lone Marshall, Death Marshall, Guild Austringer and a Witchling Stalker. I decided to start with The Judge and the Death Marshall. One evening later and they were painted. Darn, that went fast! Loved them during painting. Next evening I started and finished the Guild Austringer. Okay...Malifaux is getting painted faster than most other games I have. Nice! Next up will be a Hunter (bought him with Ryle at the start of week 2) or the Witchling. The Judge Death Marshall Guild Austringer Thanks for looking! *EDIT* Okay...how the heck do I insert images here? The [ img] [ /img] tags won't work... Thanks!
  3. I'm sure this has been addressed elsewhere and often, but I'm still pretty new to Malifaux, so your help would be greatly appreciated. I've graduated from the basic Lucius set (still lining up the commencement speaker for the graduation ceremony) and I'm looking to make a few additions. I'm pretty certain that riflemen & austringers are must haves, but if I'm mistaken, please let me know. I would also like to add a mimic (I'm taking this slowly, a few models at a time): which would be a better choice - Mr. Graves, a doppelganger, or beckoners? I also have the starter set, which works nicely with Lucius as it comes with both Guild & Neverborn models all with mercenary attributes. This allows Lucius (AKA "The Heir to Prince's Wardrobe") to have access to fast scheme runners, enforcers, and ranged attacks. Many thanks in advance.
  4. Hi there fellow 'Fauxers. I have come to the conclusion that I NEED MORE MODELS!! , so I'm looking to you for help, so search your lockers, attics and old musty creawlspaces. I like the old metal models better than the new, flimsy plastic models, so at the moment my wishlist is: ~ Outcast Freikorps Trapper ~ Outcast Freikorps TTB Hannah (Is she metal? No; Is she M1E? Not really; Do I wantz her? YES, please) ~ Guild Austringer (preferable one of each of the old models) ~ Guild Guards I'm located in Denmark (EU), so I prefer EU trades as P&P from outside EU is a deal killer . Good gaming /Chris
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, it's why I'm asking afterall, would the following be correct? A Guild Austringer uses its Raptor Attack, normally a 12 inch range, but with Foucs to gain the (gun symbol) 18 inch range, therefore gaining the Projectile symbol along with the bonus range; meaning that attack loses the "ignores cover" part of the normal range 12 attack, and has to follow the rules for Projectiles. ( page 38 of the big rulebook) Just asking because I think the group I'm in has been letting that bit slide, and it makes the Austringer a bit OP, but figured I'd ask and see what thoughts are on the topic.
  6. As the title says!! I'm looking for 2 proxy models for Guild Austringers. Preferably plastic.
  7. So, after having played tons of games against them, my Guild friend the other day found out that Raptor's Attack Action got no (ranged) icon unless it is Focused. We are still playing them likeit is still a Proyectile Attack all the time, as we cannot truly believe they can freely shoot into engagements without risk of hitting friendlies as long as it fires within 12" and not Focusing. Not only that, without the ranged icon, The Austringer can even shoot his Raptor while engaged himself! If Raptor is not a Proyectile Attack, then it does not even need its ignore cover rule as well, and by being able to shoot it even while engaged, Austringer does not really need his (1) Quick Retreat Action. We can only believe the ranged icon magically dissapeared on the printer, and noone has ever noticed it since then, because Raptor has always been borderline broken on a minion of its cost, but ignoring all the Proyectile Attack restrictions would be just too much. So tell me, is Raptor just somehow missing its Ranged icon, so it should be Errataed, or does it really work that way?
  8. Hi, Austringers ignore LOS but do have a pistol on their ranged attack. The question was raised if they ignore LOS are they still subject to the rules for firing into melee? Thanks
  9. Ello folks! I've been working on this austringer on and off for the past month or so, and I finally found time to sit down and polish it off. Without further ado, here it is! Here he is with the other Cazadores. I'm debating whether or not to give him a festival mask like the others. If I don't, I'll probably put one on a belt or at his feet, just for consistency. And here is my whole force as it stands.
  10. Hi guys, Hot off the back of finishing my first model I've now finished 2 more, Judge and an Austringer if the title didn't give it away! I thought I would share a couple of pics. 3 models in two weeks is actually a crazy amount of character painting for me, I think it is testament to how much I love the models Wyrd have produced and their background. Let me know what you guys think! I've got a Death Marshall in progress as well. I've got a huge queue of stuff to paint as I also just picked up the Ortegas, Lucius and my wife has some Arcanists on the way. Should keep me busy for the rest of the year. Also does anyone have any varnish recommendations? I've got some Vallejo matte mixed 1:3 with water that looks good on test models, but I'm too scared to apply it to these at the moment!
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