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  1. beergod

    Gunline suggestions

    not if they only have a 1 inch melee
  2. beergod

    Gunline suggestions

    I was referring to LOS, Should have been more clear
  3. beergod

    Gunline suggestions

    Every faction has What I like to call a learn the game Master, VS is the Outcast learn the game Master, He has no weaknesses, (other than small Cache) works well in his theme Crew. His Wave 5 upgrades are awesome, and when show of force is in the pool, it's an auto take. I would suggest Strong Arm Suit or Anna Lovelace over Specialist. A good way to span Aftermath is charge your model that is already in combat. attack the Enemy, push the model within 2 in of VS then shoot, repeat.
  4. beergod

    next purchases

    So I did't go super deep into the Kick start and Just got the commander level. What do you think I will be really wanting to get? Thinking Steel Legion and Mech inf. Anything Else?
  5. beergod

    Leveticus competitive in GG2018

    Teracotta Warriors, Necropunks, Riot Breakers look cool when they come out, Brutal Effigy is strong as well, Sue, Midnight Stalker, the horsemen, Anna Lovelace as a hold the ground model.
  6. beergod

    Leveticus competitive in GG2018

    So with those not much has changed in GG18, You have your Beaters, Scheme runners, and some tricks. I still like Terracotta Warrior to swap out the list upgrade
  7. beergod

    Who tends to do schemes in your Outcast lists?

    Depends on the Scheme For anything on my opponents half of the board I like the Midnight Stalker, For Killing Nothing Beast for general schemes Wretch's, Plagues, Banditios or Dead Outlaws depending on my Master
  8. beergod

    Hannah, Ancient Tomes

    I used her for a Bit with AT in a Tara crew for the added bury, good synergy with Talos but it was under whelming and I only ever got a master with it once
  9. beergod

    Accidental Von Schill

    Looks like you had the VS box, the Librarian is good and when the engineers come out they are awesome
  10. beergod

    So what does Tara actually DO?

    Dead of winter with a fast NB= Dead models His attack is a 7 base that targets willpower, so even against most masters that's a +2 to 3 advantage with 4 attacks. that's huge. it also means that out of time will hit more often as well keeping Tara upright and doing solid damage mid to late game
  11. Hes better with wave 5 and GG18, just still not as good as Viks, Hamelin, Levi and Tara, his TNs are a little to high and to make him really work you almost have to take the emissary. His biggest plus side is that he generates Stones like it's going out of style so he is very hard to take down
  12. beergod

    Jack Daw Project

    any other tries with this?
  13. beergod

    Our worst models

    You saw the trapper when he was 6 stones, now at 7 you see him a lot less, at 6 he's waaaaay better
  14. beergod

    So what does Tara actually DO?

    Keep in mind with her up grade fast enemy models in 6in are -2 wp, so fodder for a fast nothing beast. The discard, with the void shield makes the Nothing beast harder to take down. Out of time at twice a turn is great dmg turns 3, and 5, combined with survivalist makes her hard to take down As was said above the discard plays into the crews theme as the less cards in hand the stronger the Void crew gets. She is a support Master not a beater and gets better as the game goes on. Her being able to bury models is a trap as it is not her focus but a nice little bonus that can force your opponent to cheat or to beast bomb something else
  15. beergod

    Hamelin at ITC

    making him a Henchman and giving him void shield on top of everything else he already had means he is hard to take down