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  1. Dave's Out Casts- Rd1- Jack Daw Montresor 9 pts Ashes and dust- 10pts Guilty-5 pts Lady Ligea- 0 pts The Midnight Stalker- 8pts 3 Soul stones RD2- Jack Daw Lady Ligea -0pts Crooked man 7 pts The Hanged- 8 pts Ashes and Dust- 10pts Dead Outlaw- 6pts 4 Soul Stones Rd-3 Jack Daw Lady Ligea -0pts The Hanged- 8 pts Ashes and Dust- 10pts Montresor - 9pts Guilty-5 pts 3 SS
  2. I have a still on spru unprimed Hannah Kick start that I am looking to sell. I except Paypal or west union. PM with offers
  3. they have not only as special prizes
  4. Baby Kade is Good for some surprise dmg, Midnight stalker is the best scheme runner in the game. I like to use the nothing beast as my Obey Beater, Benny is amazing for Spreading Bleeding disease, also a huge fan of Anna Lovelace for some board denial
  5. Battle foam has a custom order tray option as well, its a bit pricier but you get better fits
  6. beergod

    next purchases

    I'm also upset I didn't get Kassa. Thinking I need 2x Mech inf and a Dread
  7. come to Pittsburgh we have a solid play group
  8. Marlena is fantastic with the Viks as it helps with the glass cannon, add survivalist and Malifaux child to keep Marlena healed. Scion gives you a way to really use Soaring dragon more effectively, Vanessa is a must for more healing. after that another beater, I use Nothing beast. I use desp mercs as cheap activations/ scheme runners
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