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  1. beergod

    Shipment cancelled by sender

    still nothing for me
  2. beergod


    come to Pittsburgh we have a solid play group
  3. beergod

    The Viks

    Marlena is fantastic with the Viks as it helps with the glass cannon, add survivalist and Malifaux child to keep Marlena healed. Scion gives you a way to really use Soaring dragon more effectively, Vanessa is a must for more healing. after that another beater, I use Nothing beast. I use desp mercs as cheap activations/ scheme runners
  4. beergod

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round One

    if you could please let me know where I need work, thank you
  5. beergod

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round One Voting

    done lots of beautiful work
  6. beergod

    Tara : how do I start ?

    use tara to make things fast and then things near her have less WP so the NB can hit more often and easier
  7. beergod

    Tara : how do I start ?

    i've never used Journey, and the NB does not need the extra movement, he does need the extra dmg as his min is garbage.. As far as ss go 4ss is plenty for non summoners
  8. beergod

    Tara : how do I start ?

    there is a tara episode I would dump scramble and put Void shield and the Bigger they are on the Nothing Beast. I love Survivalist on Tara as it keeps her upright for her second activation so she can usually heal twice in a row as she'll activate last and first on the next turn
  9. beergod

    Tara : how do I start ?

    go to schemes and stones podcast, there is a great discussion on that site. its about an hour but fantastic how to play tips