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Found 11 results

  1. First post here, relatively new to Malifaux. Wife and I demo'd it at GenCon last year and picked up a couple of crew boxes to eventually play around with, but I'm mostly a painter and less of the actual gameplay at this point. Finally diving into the C. Hoffman box and decided to tackle the Guardian first and veer away from what seems to be the pretty standard paint job of metal, metal, more metal, and some rubber tubes. I figured that if it might be steam powered that furnace heat could be put to better use. Did some minor conversion work adding a radiator to the inside of the sword and a green stuff hose to the outside to connect it to the elbow. Gem on the chest was smooth, had to paint in the facets to create the illusion of hard edges, results are decent though. Also got to try out the AMMO Titanium I picked up a while back as well. It has a subtle blue tint to it, nothing overwhelming but it adds a nice little bit of contrast to all the warm colors. Fairly happy with this, especially as a 'for play' model. Now I just have to do the rest of the box...
  2. There is a question (and answer) in the FAQ which puzzles me. The answer seems simple enough. But what happens if this continues? Let's say that the model takes a defensive stance again in the next turn. The way I read the answer, that would stack with the previous Defensive +3 to a Defensive +4 and move the end time ahead to the start of the models next activation. And then the Guardian activates and uses Protect again, which makes the defensive condition +6 and moves the end time to the start of the Guardian's next activation. The guardian and the other models could keep on doing this forever (or until the opponent grows tired of it and kills the Guardian), constantly raising the Defensive condition and moving ahead the end time. I am sure this is not the way it is supposed to be, but what am I missing? Or does this actually work?
  3. WOW...it has been ages since I logged in here. Was a regular about ten years ago for several years and then dropped out. Always loved the forum, the miniatures and the game. Also bought a lot of the old metals at the time, but never really got into the game. But I see I've still got the News Monkey title, how cool! Anyway, me and my mates have started playing Malifaux. Malifaux M2E really is a superior game and M1 never really clicked with me (the game that is, the fluff and setting always rocked). But M2E clicked right away and we are playing regularly now. And we have started a Shifting Loyalties campaign! So after almost ten years it is time to get paint on some Malifaux. I'm playing Guild in the campaign, so I wanted to start with the ones I play. My starting list is The Judge, Lone Marshall, Death Marshall, Guild Austringer and a Witchling Stalker. I decided to start with The Judge and the Death Marshall. One evening later and they were painted. Darn, that went fast! Loved them during painting. Next evening I started and finished the Guild Austringer. Okay...Malifaux is getting painted faster than most other games I have. Nice! Next up will be a Hunter (bought him with Ryle at the start of week 2) or the Witchling. The Judge Death Marshall Guild Austringer Thanks for looking! *EDIT* Okay...how the heck do I insert images here? The [ img] [ /img] tags won't work... Thanks!
  4. Hello guys/girls, i've got 3 questions in my mind, would you be so kind and help me clear those? The Guardian: Can you kill the Guardian via Protect? In other words: can he took that much damage it would kill him? He takes Wds here, not Dg, the spell's description does not say anything about allowing him to die. If he can die like this, what happens if he is a target of Kill Protegé? Is this a valid kill for the points? Enslaved Nephilim: What happens when this model takes the (1) Magical Extension spell for Perdita's Execute? Does he gain a ~magical~ Peacebringer to make that strike because he does not have any ranged weapons? Thanks in advance, Yosh.
  5. As some other people, when I saw the Guardian, I couldnt resist not to paint it in an Iron Man colors with that energy crystal on the chest. Also, this was my first try at NMM, and am quite pleased by the result. Need more practice though! Since it says that the image is too large, here is the link on cmon: http://www.coolminiornot.com/298677 Cheers!
  6. (0) Stalwart: Friendly models within 2" of the Guardian gain Armour +2. This model suffers 1 Wd each time affected models suffer damage. Now, I would read this as it being like an aura. So your models only have the effect while within 2". But as there is neither a Pulse or an Aura symbol, how are you supposed to play it? Because it creates 2 very different situations. Either you are activating the Guardian, and then sending off your models with Armour to go and kill stuff, or get objective. Or you are activating the Guardian, and then keeping models around that you want to keep alive to hold an objective, or block off a path etc. So obviously, I just want to know what you all thought about this action, and how you think it should be played.
  7. Quick Question that came up last night. Example situation. A Guardian is on one side of a wall with a gap in it 30mm wide. On the other side of the wall 1" away is another friendly model. To get to base contact with the friendly model the guardian would have to move to the end of the building and then round the back (total 12" lets say). Guardian has it's if not in base contact at the end of the turn push into base contact with a friendly mini within 6". Does the Guardian A) squeeze through the tiny gap somehow despite base size. sprint round the end of the building then back to the model C) not move as the friendly is not within a 6" push
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