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  1. Hello I came across an old posting 54mm Leonhard metal figure kits do you still have any

    regards Trevor



  2. Another update! A Watcher...with a small conversion. I chopped off the upper part of its legs and pinned the rest to the model. The result looks a lot like a perched bird, a lot cooler than the old weird Scooby Doo pose IMO. I glued it down to a resin base and painting went like a breeze (I love constructs...)
  3. Week 1: The Judge Lone Marshall Death Marshall Guild Austringer Witchling Stalker Week 2: Ryle Hunter (Ryle learned how to use Enchanted Weapons too!) Week 3: Guardian (also bought me some Katanas, Grotesque Trophy and Snares. The Katanas are ace for the Guardian. The Guardian also learned The Hag's Kiss skill (gives him Poison +2 on his attacks)) Week 4: Dr. Grimwell (with Expert Sleuth) Mounted Guardsman First game for this week will be Thursday. So far: 2 wins, 3 draws, 1 loss
  4. And finally another update! This time it's my one and only plastic Malifaux model: Ryle. And for this model I decided to use an interesting color: Citadel Bronzed Flesh. Yes, the good ol' Bronzed Flesh. I started the hobby back in '94 and Bronzed Flesh was among the first five paints I bought. Why? Because Mike McVey told us so! Yes, back in the day the White Dwarf and all hobby magazines told to paint your skin tones with Bronzed Flesh, wash them with Flesh Wash and highlight them with Elf Flesh. And no matter how hard I tried, I NEVER EVER got the result from the images. Not even close. And then I'm not talking about quality, but about colour hues (no way I was thinking I could top McVey ;)). The result was always a orangy flesh tone which was kind of odd. And it turned out I wasn't the only one. In the late nineties and early zeroes there were a lot of people fed up with Bronzed Flesh and new players were always told not to buy Bronzed Flesh! And so people switched (mainly to Vallejo Model Color in these times). And Bronzed Flesh slowly disappeared into nothingness... Then cue the French painters. Yes, the maestros which massively changed painting: color use, NMM, emotion in painting...it was huge back then. And they used Bronzed Flesh. Yes, these guys took Bronzed Flesh and painted skin tones in the greatest lush colors which baffled me. I remembered reading lots of tutorials and one of them by Cyril Abati is still online: http://neomodel.free.fr/tuto/tuto-visage-sm.html So when I started painting Ryle, I was pondering skin tones. I first went for a sickly purplish tone to simulate the artwork. But when searching through my paints I found an old (but good!) pot of Bronzed Flesh. BAM, I was hit by nostalgia and years of hobby time flashed through my head. And YES, I then wanted to use it. I wanted to do Bronzed Flesh the way these French guys used them. And hot damn, that was fun! I used Bronzed Flesh, Vallejo Model Color Cavalry Brown (which was used on other parts and on the previous models too) and Foundry Flesh Tone 5C. I'm happy with the results and I will surely use Bronzed Flesh again someday! Thank you Mike McVey for getting us Bronzed Flesh. I will cherish it forever.
  5. Man oh man, that Peacekeeper is fantastic! I thought the same thing like you about its design...but that paintjob really pulled me over! Wyrd really needs painters again...it shows the models so much better than those cold and clinical renders.
  6. Nice painting on these and I like the bold colors. For the fire...I think it's too red/dark orange in color to work. If you'd have more light oranges in it it would work better. So, more like this:
  7. Nice ones! Like the bases too. And I think it works very well the way you painted the Cherub. Makes it stand out well.
  8. We're in week two of the Shifting Loyalties campaign now, so time to add more models and paint some more. I added Ryle and a Hunter to my arsenal, so I wanted to paint some constructs. I started with the Hunter and then quickly did the Guardian too. Years back I always disliked the Guild constructs. Too wacky and quirky. And when I bought them (for cheap!) a month ago on Cool Mini or Not I still wasn't a fan. But during painting I started to like them...more and more...and now I love them! The quirkiness is why I like them so much and they are perfect Steampunk constructs. The Hunter went so fast and I had so much fun painting the metallics, I wanted to do another construct (although he's not even in the arsenal for the campaign...). And I'm very glad I didn't go for NMM for my Malifaux, painting these in true metallics is a blast. I painted all the furnacy things blue, as if they're powered by Soulstones. Hunter Guardian
  9. Lovely work all around! Love your style and colors.
  10. LOL, a Camera??? How ridiculously cool! Love it. Also like the purple-pink on the tots. But I don't think the brown...pants (?) work on them. I'd use a different colour for them.
  11. Ooooh nice! Love how moody and dark they are. Fits them well.
  12. Yeah! You've got a Bebop Pig! Your Gremlins are looking cool, but that diorama is even more awesome!
  13. Really cool, all those diverse models. Also ace to see so many of the old metals.
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