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  1. I actually had British written in my post originally, but then changed it because I remembered them playing Oh Canada on the podcast. I've just recently started reading all the fluff in the rulebook. I like the idea of just having a perceived threat affect the enemies movement. Hopefully I'll be able to get some more time with him on the table and see what I can do.
  2. Since there is a new alt sculpt I thought it would be good to make a thread to celebrate our favorite Canadian sniper. Tell us about tactics and cheesy things you do with him, but also stories of cool or funny things that he's done in your games. I personally have not used him enough and look forward to putting him on the table more soon.
  3. Woo! Been waiting for these since I already have too much stuff on my bookshelf. Is there a chronological order to the books? Or are each factions stories more self contained?
  4. If you like the way these super cool scheme markers look they can easily be yours. It turns out the files on Wyrds website are the exact right size to drop into gimp, print off, and fit into a 30mm base. So you don't have to do that yourself unless you really want to I've included a page that has 10 of each faction. Just print it at 100% size. Markers.pdf
  5. Jude


    I do a lot of cardstock modelling of terrian and stuff. Seems like a good way to do proxies. It's hard to be confused about what it is when you use the official artwork.
  6. Yeah, I was going to mention Terracotta Warriors can help you lower flicker. My favorite thing though is that they can do Ama No Zako's Miasma. Granted you need a decent crow and they aren't immune to its effects. But it's a large area and if more than one model has it up, you can cover a lot of the board. Also just turning into another jorogumo after you've had one die isn't too shabby either. I feel like Oni might be Terracotta Warrior's best keyword.
  7. Yeah, I was hoping to see the new Chiaki and soul porter too but I guess we'll have to wait.
  8. Spying some new artwork on some of the upgrade cards. Can't wait to see it in the books (and in plastic).
  9. I like the two colored backgrounds on the dual faction models. Also like the sepia tone on the vintage versions. Good job.
  10. So I just reread the Obsidian Statue's card today and saw the Intense Heat ability (During the Start Phase, enemy models with Burning gain Burning +1). We actually have a fair amount of models that hand out burning. Just wondering if anyone had tried a crew focusing on it? It could mean a lot of wasted AP on the enemy team trying to get rid of it all, or they just stay on fire the whole game. It might not be super practical but could be fun. If I get a chance to try it out soon I will post the results here. Just for reference here are the models with built in burning: Mei Feng Forgeling Dawn Serpent High River Monk Obsidian Oni Komainu Wanyudo Obsidian Statue Shen with High River Style Kang can too but he needs a tome to do it.
  11. Seriously, they are so much more intimidating.
  12. Convince me that this isn't a great idea.
  13. We also need an Iron Skeeter that's shaped like a pig. (for Roscoe)
  14. Honestly if every model had a male/female version I would probably own about twice as many models. I also think it's important to keep the neat ideas of the nightmare crew's themes going. So a female Benny Wolcomb that has a jacket made out of dead cats or something like that would be good. Same goes for other keywords that have cool nightmare crews. Like a Firebreathing Carla the Magnificent for the Dark Carnival folks, or more magical creatures for Ulix. Keyword hiring of crews actually makes maintaining these themes way more viable than in 2e. I play Ten Thunders so I'd selfishly ask for a female version of one of the river monks, or maybe a four pack that comes with one of each. Also ascended Yan Lo alt please.
  15. Shen Long was one of my main 2E masters (Yan Lo was the other), so I've been following closely to see how he will turn out but I haven't played any beta games yet. This week I should try him out hopefully. I think it might be helpful to step back and ask a basic conceptual question. What is the Monks theme? I would say different styles that are good at different things, and using chi because they can focus/concentrate in the middle of the fight because of their zen monkness. (so gameplay wise I guess this means versatility?) Do the rest of you feel like this is fairly close? Or are we trying for a different kind of theme? If the above is correct what does that imply about how they should play? Different monks will have different roles (but different models have different roles is kind of a basic premise of the whole game), and we have a master that can do all of them. That's not inherently very interactive but it doesn't necessarily need to be. I feel like more of this theme will come from flavor than mechanics What are your thoughts on this? What other keywords without a lot of interaction between models are in a good place? I have a bigger post talking about some individual models incoming.
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