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  1. I hadn’t noticed Tin Feast being different either!
  2. I also think it’s fine to have actions with the same name, so long as the actions are actually the same. Different characters are going to be stronger or otherwise better than others, so having different stats, abilities, and triggers doesn’t bother me at all. The point I’m making is that I think it’s an issue when we have two actions that share the same name but are in every other way totally different from each other. When a Corpse Candle does “Light the Way,” it moves corpse markers. When a Lamplighter does “Light the Way,” it makes a lamp marker “lit.” When either Old Cranky or Luciu
  3. I was looking at the card for the Lamplighters when I noticed they have a bonus action called “Light the Way” which shares its name with the Corpse Candles’ bonus action but is totally different. So then I was wondering if there were other actions or abilities that shared names but had otherwise completely different text, and I couldn’t find any other examples. Not sure if this was intentional, just an oversight, or if Wyrd intends to change it later.
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