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  1. I am legitimately excited about both upcoming events. Your write up single handedly got me into playing Toni.
  2. I don't own the Frenzy yet, and haven't felt like proxying them, but my primary opponent is Burning Man and that's exactly what I was hoping for.
  3. But I don't think there is anything that implies you can't double up on the morale action with a commander.
  4. My buddy and I have lucked out a great deal so far. Between use we haven't had any significant problems. My GH had a few models where I had to correct the legs so the stance made sense, and a few pieces fall off in transit, but nothing big like this.
  5. I was playing as the above. The first fire team usually ended up in the center of the pool, and the follow up teams usually went base to base with that one.
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