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  1. I make playing cards of characters in games with lots of cast members. Here is an example from a Nordic Themed game I ran in another system. Character Cards I tend to add one or two at a time. Seeing someone talking with someone else. Entering a shop, etc. I try not to give more than three details at any one time. Sometimes I even succeed. Heh
  2. I like to describe the mundane, especially when added to the fantastic. Heck, to make Malifaux breathe, sometimes making the fantastic mundane gives it life. An example might be describing a cafe built into the ruins of an old building with unusual stained glass. When the wind blows through the walls, it seems to make a soft music. Describe people having tea there, and perhaps cookies or biscuits. The cafe is known for the second best tea in town.
  3. Tactical Breach Wizards? Only saw a little bit of it, but it looked interesting. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1043810/Tactical_Breach_Wizards/
  4. For me, it is the exploration beyond the normal order. Visiting a hundred little kingdoms in the bones of buildings left long ago. You walk through streets that are haunted by tragedy or wonder. It is danger a stone's throw, or bullet shot, away from a perceived safety. And each kingdom you visit is different. Within the same city, blocks apart, you can have a wasteland, or a regal area. There are mysteries and wildernesses that change as fast as you can turn a corner. Every wonderful thing you can find under the watchful eye of the guild can be potentially found by someone wandering... and
  5. Okay, we're on the same page. 🙂
  6. I am strictly talking negatives to flips, or dice rolls, based on RPing in a social situation. Consequences of RP and actions are different. I am not going to give a player a negative to a flip because their RP was not inspired, or they said the wrong thing but were trying, etc. I find that can shut down players who are trying to open up. An example: P: "I am going to intimidate the guard." GM: "Okay. He has three buddies behind him, and they are all chuckling and making crude remarks. What exactly are you doing to intimidate him." P: "I am... umm. I'm gonna get in his face and
  7. This is mostly what I do in all games with social skills, with a couple caveats. The first is I like to come up with attitude templates. For example Basic Guards might respond well to bribes, bewitch and leadership; neutral to Convince; negatively to intimidation and deceit. They probably provide negatives to intimidation the mode guards that are there. But you can still do it - but if you embarrass a guard in front of his coworkers, you gain an enemy for life. Having these templates, of course, help me in determining standard reactions for random NPCs. Custom NPCs, however, always
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