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  1. Howdy, what if I preorder a box that's not due out until Nov. If it's late Nov or outside of the 8th Nov, would the online purchase confirmation count as a receipt to evidence it was purchased in the right period?
  2. Been following this with interest. For me it's great that some people like and dislike nekima for what she does, suggests that style is a key part of the game which is one of the things I love about it. Same with Molly, she's probably one of the best masters I've encountered. Card draw, scheming, maneuverability, killing, shes a pretty great package and I hater her 😊.
  3. Love purple Marcus, my staple crew members are bandersnatch with horns, Cerberus with wings and scoroius5 with armour. What I like about Marcus is how flexible he is. He seems to be able to draw a crew together to meet all S&S requirements and enhance the skills and abilities needed so they're even more effective. Also, very fast crew and a special shout out to Crockett, absolute steal at 6ss
  4. Agreed. Pandy feels like one of the exceptions for me. Sooner I can get her in a position where she's influencing enemy decisions the better ( backed up by an aversion and poltergeist normally )
  5. I want to love carver so much, aesthetically he pushes my buttons and the damage he can do can be explosive, but will choose teddy everytime for that role as the cuddly guy is so much more efficient. Totally see carvers other side of the coin but he always missed the cut. I should deffo run him more often and avoid the trap of trying to get him to snip things to pieces. Agree on hooded and kade, they're totally more than what you get at first glance, and the hooded landing late turn 3 has turned the tide for me on a few occasions. Enjoying this thread, Pandy is my number 1 and
  6. Great core you have already there, and agree with the above mention of adding rider for even more mobility and killing ability. Silirids i found to be worth their weight in gold and one of the factions best scheme runners. I also used spawn mother quite a bit, summoning multiple gupps as a road block, surprise scheme runners or just a general PITA always seemed good value, especially as a focused charge from her is a painful experience for the opponent too. Otherwise, don't be afraid to forget obeying when the time is right, 3 hex attacks at a range of 24 inches is enough to k
  7. Great stuff, thanks all, as always having fresh eyes helps to clarify Cheers
  8. Hi all, just a quick one, my buddy and I weren't sure on this but can a Thunder model use chi to influence his flip score when gambling for life against a stitched? We decided no in the end but weren't sure...and in that same vein, can a model use focus on the flip? Cheers all
  9. I really recommend something to proxy aversions with too. Awesome. Can really mess with your opponents positioning or create an even more effective defensive bubble for Pandy with the poltergeist
  10. Obviouse advice, but I'd use terrain to try and get stuck into the crew as painlessly as possible, remembering all the incorp you have with aversions, sorrows. Also, teddy/kade can slingshot each other around to make up ground surprisingly quickly. Against that crew I'd deffo consider the rider, or at least hinamatsu who is quick enough in her own right. I'd try and get Pandy into the guts of the opponents crew as quick as possible with aversions pushing her, and poltergeist to back up. Once she's there she can do what she does best, hopefully be a distraction for a while while teddy/kad
  11. Only a little bit of love for aversions here? I love em. Pandy, poltergeist and an aversion together are a real nuisance for the opponent with the geists aura and aversions ability dovetailing very nicely and adding another layer of protection for Pandy. My Flexi list usually looks like: Pandy Poltergeist Candy Aversion X 2 Kade Teddy Iggy There's enough movement and positioning ability, plenty of killy-ness, control and scheme running for me there before I start thinking of swapping in hinimatsu/doppelganger/rider.
  12. Her keyword stuff is the Waldgeist who are a little bit tanky and help out down more underbrush markers, then Rougarou who are strong and Bultungin who are good scheme runners. Killjoy I've read mixed things about, I rate him personally, unless your playing against someone who hands out stun reliably. To be honest, I really like her box, the knights arent the fastest but I tend to take 2 as I like they're resilience and punch, and aeslin is useful now. Rider and doppleganger are great versatile models that give you some really good options too. Just my opinion, but she'
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