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  1. D6Damager

    State of Gremlins in GG18

    So, I have been away from the game for awhile and am now looking to get back into and teach others to get them into the game. The people I am getting into the game are all competitive players from other gaming systems. What would you say about Gremlins in GG18? Limited choices in masters/crew? Favorable schemes/strats?
  2. D6Damager

    Put off playing as Brewmaster

    Brewmaster crews hate ranged attacks and spells. If you don't get in the bubble, you're avoiding the majority of the game plan. Also, every faction has some model that can clear conditions. Take yours when going blind into a tournament or when you don't know your opponent very well. Choose schemes that don't make you clump up. A Brewmaster crew will take models that want to stick close together for synergy purposes and to buff poison, AoE damage punishes that (especially at range).
  3. D6Damager

    Rank the TT starters

    Which TT starter box would be easiest for a new person and/or to demo with?
  4. D6Damager

    Kaeris in Wave 5

    So besides, Carlos, Emissary, & Gunsmiths what other models are people taking with Kaeris?
  5. D6Damager

    Hello from Jacksonville, FL. Starting Malifaux...

    There are a few players who play on the westside of Jacksonville at a game store actually called "FLGS". I play Gremlins and am dabbling in Neverborn, but I live about 35 minutes south in St. Augustine.
  6. D6Damager

    Malifaux Jacksonville FllL

    There are a few players who play on the westside of Jacksonville at a game store actually called "FLGS". I play Gremlins and am dabbling in Neverborn, but I live about 35 minutes south in St. Augustine.
  7. D6Damager

    June 27 - Zipp

    I'm with you. Insignificant means he needs to be better at killing things at range than Ophelia or Wong.
  8. D6Damager

    Burt Jebsen vs Raphael LaCroix

    The only time Burt is bad is when your opponent is immune to blast damage.
  9. D6Damager

    Please help me troll

    I don't think you can 'troll' with what you have and that's kinda a lame approach to a league anyways, however, you can build a better crew though. Out of the models you have, Francois is a much better Henchman to start with who can do massive dmg. Add Lenny & Bayous from the Somer Box and a Lightning Bug from the Wong box for some healing and to ignore armor (although slop haulers would be better here as LB healing works better with Somer). From there add Ophelia, Rami, and Raphael. Lenny + healing is what turns the gremlin gunline up to punch much higher than their point costs.
  10. D6Damager

    Thoughts on Wong

    Not a big fan of Mancha. The only time I would take him is if I know I'm going up against a condition heavy opponent (such as Arcanists) and then he would get picked up with the Mud Toss upgrade so that he would be useful even if he didn't have a melee target right away. Now that McTavish is out (who can also take Mud Toss) I don't really see a reason to bring him anymore.
  11. D6Damager

    Thoughts on Wong

    Don't forget Gracie + Ooo Glowy Burt gives extreme blast damage and helps keep squishy Burt alive to do his thing. Plus, no such thing as too much cracker jack timing in a Wong crew.
  12. D6Damager

    Unboxing Malifaux - 'McTavish'

    Yeah it's called "Hunting Screen"
  13. D6Damager

    If you could only take one master to a tournament

    I voted Ulix only because he is more fun than Somer for me. But basically summoning masters for the win.
  14. D6Damager

    Wong Essentials?

    I like Wong with both the Lovely Assistant and Burt for the cracker jack timing. Burt is also a great target for oooo glowy. If taking Burt, he combos well with Gracie (who is also a good target for oooo glowy). Merris is a solid choice as well and can combo off Wong even if you don't need her scheme running or blast/pulse protection. If you don't like the Burt & Gracie package then McTavish is ace with the oooo glowy buff as well.
  15. D6Damager

    How to start?

    Everyone gave great suggestions. I think the Wong box is the easiest to start learning without any other models purchased. Regardless of which box you pick, slop haulers should be the next purchase. Outside of more crew boxes, Sammy and Merris are good with a lot of different masters too.