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  1. Will have to do some digging and find out.
  2. Hello, Sorry for late reply, real life got in the way. I have no theme ideas as I am very new to the game, but love masks and masked characters if there would be any option that way? Will drop the hounds and check out the linked thread too. I'm 100% keeping Doppelganger, the lack of mini for Agent 46 is what puts me off in that regard.
  3. Hello all, I have the M2e Lucius crew, 4 Guild Hounds, Brutal Effigy and Doppelganger. Is it worth keeping Daschel in the crew and paying his cost or just taking him out and replacing him with Agent 46 or something at a similar cost and a SS cache?
  4. Hello all, I am not a fan of acrylic markers so looking to make use of precast bases or make my own. I am playing Neverborn and Bayou initially and have sourced relevant markers for scrap tokens (suitable for Teddy believe?) and corpse markers. Have you got any suggestions/pictures of web, blast, glowy, etc? I am using cast bases for my models so have a number of Wyrd bases available for use / creating. Thanks in advance
  5. If it's 20 I'd be happy, ideally I want no more than 20 models per faction crew. I hadn't thought about a second master to work with the rest of the crew, that's something I will take a look into.
  6. I understand that the ideal in Malifaux is to have a large pool of models to choose from in order to adapt effectively to the scheme or strategy. However, I don't want a load of models at home to pick and choose from as and when they may suit so looking for one crew along with any relevant summons. I know this will hinder me at times but I'd rather that and learning to use the crew to the best of my ability.
  7. Is it just zombies I would need or other other summonables too?
  8. Cool, Molly looks ace. What are your thoughts on this for an initial list? Molly Necrotic Machine Philip and the Nanny Carrion Emissary Rogue Necromancy Crooligan x3 Rabble Riser x1 Would leave me 4ss in a 50ss crew
  9. Hey all, When browsing all things Malifaux earlier I stumbled across the Carrion Fate box. I'm a huge lover of all things crow/raven/rook and now want this box. However, I don't have a Resurrectionists crew so looking for pointers. Want models/masters work well with the above in particular or does it not make much difference? Disclaimer: New player currently trying to understand rules ahead of playing the game in the near future 😁
  10. Hello! I have posted recently about starting the game and I am due to play a friend in the next week or two with the crews I've accumulated so far. I figured a 25ss game is a better starter pointing than 50ss so we can get a grip of the game and then progress from there. I have the following crews: Neverborn Dreamer Lord Chompy Bits Bandersnatch Teddy Coppelius Serena Bowman x3 Alps x3 Daydreams Bayou Ulix Turner Penelope Old Major The Sow x2 Swine-Cursed x1 Hog-Whisperer x1 Gautreaux Bokor x3 Wild Boars What would be a decent 25ss crew for each as
  11. http://imgur.com/gallery/86W5S2v This guy is my first foray into Malifaux. Base is a resin cast base I painted, I don't possess the required sculpting skills sadly.
  12. I agree with the modular stuff, wholeheartedly, but I'm just not a fan of it. I love the idea of a graveyard board, I already have graveyard bases for my crews I plan to use (new player). How have you made yours? Scratch built or have you bought bits? I have found a site I like but the walls aren't quite the right length sadly so need to work out how to develop that or ways of using other terrain to fill the difference the difference.
  13. Hello, As above really. Have Lelu (built and unpainted), Lilitu (built and unpainted) and Miss Ery (Built and Primed Black) for trade. UK based.
  14. Hello, I am considering making a permanent graveyard themed board. Walls, gravestones, mausoleum, possibly a church. Would this be something that would be well received or too limiting?
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