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    Hello from Jacksonville, FL. Starting Malifaux...

    New to Jax from WI. Just moved here with my girlfriend. She plays Guild heavy on Perdita; I primarily play Neverborn, but we have crews from all factions. Any Malifaux players in this town?
  2. Hi. My girlfriend and I recently relocated from Milwaukee to Jacksonville. Hoping there's some Malifaux players out here. She's into Guild (mainly Perdita); I dabble in Neverborn and Ressers with a dash of Gremlins thrown in.
  3. Ubernerd72

    Malifaux in Jacksonville/Gainesville Florida?

    New to Jacksonville/ North FL as well. My girlfriend and I just relocated from Milwaukee. She plays Guild (mostly Perdita); I lean towards Neverborn, Collodi and Zoraida being my favorite masters, also dabble in Ressers and Gremlins. Eager to meet some players in JAX