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Found 23 results

  1. Hello! I'm making this thread to document my games of Malifaux, 3rd Edition. This will be similar to my 2nd edition thread, which focused on Parker Barrows and Outcasts. I'll start this one on Outcasts and Bayou - and I expect Neverborn, Arcanists and Ten Thunders games to join the party eventually as well. Feedback is appreciated, as I hope taking these notes and sharing them will help make me a better player. Arcanists Rasputina/ December Rasputina vs. Dr. McMourning - 3/14/2020 - Corrupted Ley Lines - 7-3 - Win Bayou Wong/ Wizz-Bang Wong vs. Youko - 5
  2. Hello Everyone! I'm a relatively inexperienced player, however, I do manage to get some casual games in fairly often. One of the masters I enjoy playing the most is Wong. There's nothing quite like flinging some Fast models with essentially free suits and some amazing mobility options with the pigapult. However, I've noticed that on several podcasts and online in general that Wong is considered to be a subpar, if not a completely unplayable master. I'm curious to hear people's opinions as to why this may be. In other words, why do so many people see Wong as weak when he can do some potent
  3. Posting on behalf of a friend learning the ropes with his Bayou crews, who needs perhaps a bit of guidance. I play Neverborn, Dreamer, Titania, Nekima, Pandora and Lucius to date. So far he plays Wong and Zipp. In 2e zipp was a terror unto himself, murdering Dreamer from out of nowhere, using first mate to deny pretty well any schemes involving markers, and generally performing well. So far in m3e however things haven't been so good for the gremlins. Any and all advice on these match-ups, fighting Neverborn generally, or even just playing Zipp or Wong (especially Wong) would help a lot.
  4. Hello everyone. We had a little debate today, on wich flips are affected by "A Gremlin's Luck" upgrade, and I need some advice. Wording is: This model gains plus flip to all flips it makes during it's Activation wich are not part of duel or damage flip. 1) Shooting randomization flips. That one is quite obvious. 2) Pulse flips from Lightning Jump. Quite obvious too. 3) Healing Flips from Quality Mash Liquor(or any other way to make healing flips during Wong's activation)? 4) Prevention Flips during Wong activation(from hazardous terrain for example)?This one is in ques
  5. Hey guys, took Gremlins as my fifth Faction after realizing I got yet Brewie, so he would need a partner in crime. Picked up Zipp (who's a ton of fun), and First Mate for Brewie is really good. Now I'm looking at Wong (Mancha will be a nice add to Brewie, who remains my first love). What are your usual picks for Wong? 'Cause I'd like to look after these three Masters, and I'd like to pick the models that best fit their style.
  6. Well the Wong and Zipp Crews have arrived along with Mctavish. Have also ordered Creative Taxidermy. Had a quick look inside the boxes and Damn, they look so delicate. Going to be so much fun assembling them... May have to figure a way to pin some of them to strengthen somewhat, especially the Lightening Bugs... Any advice welcomed...
  7. Hello. Playing Malifaux not for a long time and playing only Sommer. After buying Wong box for lightning bugs i've decided to try some Wong magic but i dont even imagine what he needs to his crew. Atm i have Sommer box, Wong box, Ophelia box, Brewmaster box, Pigapult, Burt and Gracie, Lucky Effigy, Merris and going to buy Mah Tucket box. Can i make a playable 50ss team of those guys? PS:dont like McTavish much ;\
  8. Hi, I first picked up some Malifaux minis a long while ago and then never got much of a chance to see the guys I was planning to play with, and they've been sitting on a shelf since. I recently decided to get them painted up and actually get ready to play (and couldn't resist picking up some new ones), but the problem is, some of the minis I have are the old 1st edition ones. I've got hold of the updated card packs, but it's left me in a bit of a quandary over how I'd get hold of certain models. I have the old metal Somer boxed set, and the old plastic Wong single. That means
  9. I currently play Ulix and am just starting to get a sense of how to play with a plan rather than just flailing around randomly with pigs. So I'm not dead set on interrupting my learning, but I've been contemplating what master I might try next. Because I still feel like a complete noob, I think I'm still finding my feet with my particular playstyle soooo I think the basis for my choice is initially going to be based on synergies with models I already own. And since I pay Ulix....no surprise....I have a case full of plastic bacon. I think I own: every flavor of pig slop haulers
  10. Gremlins are the faction that got me to play malifaux. Although I started with ten thunders I found them kinda boring and not very thematically fun so I only played occasionally. Gracie hooked me and i've been a gremlin player since (who doesn't want to play a pig in armor from the kitchen). I don't post on the forums much but i've been having serious problems running gremlins. As this is the only faction I have I thought I'd look for some advice here before I sell them and try to start over. I've played for 2 years almost, over 100 games, and I own every gremlin model in the game. Durin
  11. Hi all! I'm returning to Malifaux after a three year sabbatical on the Other Side. There's a Fast Grow League (2015 packet) kicking off in a few weeks at the FLGS, and my wife and I have already signed up. In the past, I've always been a Guild toady (Sonnia & Hopkins are my heroes!), but the Gremlins are just too much fun to stay away from! That said, I've never run Gremlins outside of manning demos, so I could use some advice from fellow bayou brethren! Here's what I have access to: Wong (Explosive Solutions): fully painted Zipp (The Sky Pirates): un-assem
  12. PHEW!!!! It's been a busy week! These guys are finally ready to hit the table! I wish I had a better camera, but hey, it's something!
  13. Is the lightning storm trigger continuous with a accumulating - 1 to Ca each time, or just once per action? thanks
  14. Morning all. I am looking at expanding my wong crew because I only have 1 model for my Wong crew which is M1.5 Wong (which is the same model for M2E I think). I also have the M2E cards for Wong. My question is should I buy the Wong crew box for the other models in the box or should I buy a box of lightning bugs? What else works well with Wong where my money is better spent? Thanks, Matt
  15. this week I will pick up my Wong Crew Box and was just wondering what people feel about Him as a master and what good add on's are to his Crew? I feel like McTavish could be good with his hunting screen and Wong's own Iron Fan of Tsu Li "Poof" trigger having a crew that is pretty hard to get a bead on. I have read PMF and know about the Glowie KillJoy Etc. but wanted to hear more real experience thoughts with the Crew.
  16. I played against the below Wong list and I struggled against it. It seems very powerful and seems to do everything Sonnia does but better, and has lots of synergy and some very tough combinations. Could I get some advice on how to build a crew to beat it? WONG with Glowy 1 and Explosive Solutions 2 Lovely Assistant 3 Burt Jebsen 7 Merris 6 Gracie 10 with Saddle 1 Lightning Bug 5 Pigapult 8 3 Stuffed Piglets TOTAL 49 SS What do people think of Wong's force? I'm wondering if it's even balanced. Gracie with the saddle and the Pigapult with
  17. Hey im new like in i borrowed a crew LOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEED the game so so god damn much and now i need my crew. like other post i do not care about the "bank" i just want a competitive crew to start with (prefer wong) so i can play with my friends which are rather competetive aswell pls help a noob start fast ^^
  18. Hello all, as the title suggests, I'm looking to expand my Bayou presence here soon, and I'm looking for more experienced recommendations to aid me in my nefarious, green-skinned plans. Currently, I have the "Closing Time" Brewmaster box, Burt, Trixie, Nurses I'm turning into "bar serving girl" slop haulers, a whiskey golem, and a lot of Arcanists, which I mention for merc-Performer purposes. My next step is to get Wong's box and Gracie for sure. Also thinking about Sammy & Merris. I know I'll get them eventually, just not sure if they should be an immediate purchase or if I should
  19. Hey! So I'm about to finally do it, to go green! I've been eyeballing Gremlins for a long time, and after painting/playing with all my other crews/factions I'm about to pull the plunge and dive in. I'm going to start out with Wong, 100% due to looks, haha. I know there are other threads similar to this, and I've been reading them all, believe me. But is this a good start? Anything I'm missing to get a good first experience with Gremlins/Wong, or anything which I wont be needing (I'd love to save some money if that's the case, ha!). This is what I've been thinking of getting: Wo
  20. Hi all! Just after a 1-word Critique from whoever's happy to leave me their opinions! This is my first time venturing into writing, let alone fan fiction. I'm participating in a little Shifting Loyalties campaign with a good little group of guys here in New Zealand, and a couple of us are doing some fluff background for our crews. I'm running Mancha Roja to start, with a view to building up to Wong, so I'm putting Wong on the trail toward his loyal Henchman. I'd really appreciate any critique that anyone has to offer, and thanks for reading! (apologies if I inadvertently contradict canon h
  21. Sorry if this is already a thread, I saw there was that one about Wong up fairly high, but I think most threads revolve around actually using models in game and their crew building. I'm more curious about his story, or what he's doing. It's a fairly open question, but I'm just curious what he's about, or from whence he came? He clearly uses magic, but how did that come about? My other more broad curiosity is about Faction X Arcanist crossovers, namely the notion that anything that can cast spells might be related to Arcanist. Is this how people generally view the Arcanist Faction, as the pr
  22. Hi all! I'm pretty much new to the Gremlins side of Faux. I got the Closing Time box for my birthday for my Ten Thunders faction, and decided to have a look at the Gremlins stuff (I know; that way madness lies!). Anyways, nothing particularly drew me in, until I saw the magnificence of the Wong artwork! I love anything Asian-themed anyways, but the idea of a Gremlin dressed as a Big Trouble In Little China extra stuck with me. Anyways, I want to get the Wong starter. However, I know that you should get various things to be able to deal with every situation. My problem is, I have far too ma
  23. How do you play Lightning Jump? After damage, you flip a card for every model within 3 and the model with receive a suffer 2 damage. This is Ok, but if you have you can make Fzzzzzzap!, do you flip another card for every model within 3 ? Thanks for your help.
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