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    ME3 Crew

    Played Mei in my first game yesterday. We just picked the killy schemes and went up 6 on 6 against 5 terrifying models. The lack of a Ruthless stings but the jumping around the board would be really good if we did any schemes.
  2. Hargus56


    You mean like this? https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2018/12/12/waldos-weekly-i-am-the-keyword-master
  3. Ohhh Ok I see. Also helps with giving the pups tomes for their slow or burning.
  4. Unless I am missing something I don't see how Izamu helps her rail walking at all. I am still learning Mei and I haven't played much recently but it seems to be all about the AP advantage with her. Toshiro with Porkchop, another scrap producer I like the emberling, I like Chiaki. Make lots of Komianu have Chiaku remove slow and heal have her slow enemies. By end of turn turn 2 you have 4 robo pups on the table that are annoying and harassing your enemy, giving them slow, taking a good amount of AP to take down because of their defensed. Using their tactical to tie up targets.
  5. Play what you want but I will say Mei is very solid. Vent Steam will ruin my opponents plan and that Toshiro summoning engine can get crazy. Her box is great too. Kang is amazing amd rail workers have an awesome moderate damage that isnt too hard to achieve with their tactical.
  6. Malifaux Days put on temporary hold while we explore starting a league and possible store site change. Will update this thread when we know more.
  7. Haven't tried mine on the table personally. On paper their staying power looks decent, 9 wound, hard to wound and Call Unto Chi should be healing 2-ish a turn (supporting model like Wokou, TTB, Obsidian Oni, even a Rail Worker to take advantage of Fragile and likely enemy model).
  8. A 9 wd model with Armor 2? Gimme! I think people play them all wrong. They are walking tanks with Earth. Their Diato is a solid 6 and one of the few ways we can ignore armor with 2 triggers that have the potential to increase armor. The gun is a trap, but also useful. Only use it when you have a 13 in hand, target only things with DF5. At worst you tie, but if your opponent is packing a RJ it would be tempting and 4 damage on an Armor 2, 9 Wd model is a lot better than flipping a BJ or losing a duel to low cards in hand and them cheating in RJ damage on something else.
  9. A weekly Wyrd day will be starting at Games of Antioch/Gamer's Guild in Antioch, CA. This will be a weekly event where I will be demoing, teaching Malifaux and in a couple weeks running a Shifting Loyalties League and overall gaming. When The Other Side is released that will also be demoed and played. This will be kicking of on 5/22/2018 and run every Thursday evening from 5pm-8 to 8:30pm. Come on down and join us. Any questions please PM me.
  10. Shot of the last demo. Overall successful run. Demos were given to over half a dozen people, while rekindling the Malifaux flame in some people who have been out of it for a couple months. While this ends the scheduled demo month if anyone in the area is interested in a demo PM me. I will be working with the store and players to establish a regular Wyrd day (have someone interested in running TTB while I handle the Malifaux/TOS).
  11. I've been doing some Mei this year. I have been experimenting a lot mostly at lower point games so probably not great advice but I'll throw in some thoughts. Toshiro is a must with Command. Porkchop as well outside of those 2 I have tried some others. I dont think I am hurting for scrap marker generation. I had 2 Komainu and picked up 2 more boxes after 1 game alone that did not include an emissary. I think for the points the Emberling is enough as. 2nd early scrap marker source. I really like the Obsidian Oni, again scrap generator with a heal. Sniper too just the pressure these guys put on is great. RWs are maybe my favorite model moderate of 4 and a 0 that can get you there, the most under rated model in the game. Bunraku too a construct that is hard to hit amd has a mini lure. I want to try out Willie still 6pts for the toolkit he brings is pretty good.
  12. I like Kang alot as my beatstick. His self heal is amazing late game. Ml7 is really strong. His ability to allow other models to ignore horror tests. And against Ressers he is so good. Also Mei is great against shooting armies and Rail Workers with their moderate damage of 4 and (0) to get pluses on the attack and damage flip are solid.
  13. Hargus56

    Very new.

    Use cards when you play. Use the app for building your crews.
  14. Wanted to bump this and state we had 2 successful demos. If you're are in the area and are interested or a seasoned player come on out.
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