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  1. Titania. Wizard of Oz Titania. Just think about it @Nathan Caroland. Aeslin is the good witch. The snake is todo is a little basket. All the main characters being her knights. A Less Come at me bro Mature neph Horrific Lynch to go with Horrific Huggy
  2. Correct Pandora is fast but the difference there is someone has to target her. I can't use that ability to regain LoS on a target after it has tried to hide. Oh trust me I did not forget about that. I just didn't want to die on that particular hill. I'm not saying he is unbeatable but you need make the intent of your game kill the Master and ignore everything else. Also the high min damage works until he teleports away (or his guards push him out of engagement). Fair point on the Arcane Storm/Beacon combo. As for the intent of Arcane Storm. It may very well have been but it also creates a bag of other problems as I and others have stated. I am sure there is another way around it. IIRC it is an upgrade that lets him summon. I didn't even start to analyze his upgrades when I posted this but I know there is some crazy BS in there as well. However Upgrades cost soulstones so I can't really comment without seeing them on the table. Sandeeps teleport is stronger in that he can do it while engaged to get out of a fight he is somehow losing. Seamus can only do that when not in LoS (or with a corpse token on an upgrade need to double check this one) He is very misleading on the Card. It was actually a joke in our meta that he was OP until @Snoutopus started playing him and now it's a known fact that Sandeep is an NPE. Also Snoutopus was gracious enough to not slap me from across the table when I got pouty about feeling helplessly steamrolled.
  3. This is going to be an airing of grievances about this master. I got to play against this master this weekend and I won't lie it was one of the worst malifaux experiences I have ever had. It had nothing to do with the player as we are good friends. It's all Sandeep. There are number of problems when it comes to balance with this master. Normally every master has something they can not do. For example Lillith/Viktorias can't do attrition. Pandora/Collodi are not fast/good at controlling the board. Sandeep has no downsides. He has a very good ranged cast that doesn't have Projectile so you can not benefit from cover or being tied up in melee. Normally I'd counter this with blocking line of sight. However he has an relatively easy to get cast teleport to move around to find LoS. Also Arcane storm has a Tome built in so anytime you use Beacon to cast it you get an extra AP on Sandeep. Ok so he can hit hard this doesn't seem that bad. So my next thought is just dig in and kill him. This is next to impossible to do. The combination of Impossible to Wound, Arcane Shield, and 12 wounds mean you are going to need to invest a large amount of your forces. Now put on top of this he is a master with a cache of 4. So you can with just his card alone effectively have 16 wounds assuming only flipping week on prevention flips. It's just too much. Two things need to happen to him. 1) He need to have Impossible to Wound changed. Even it down to Hard to Wound that means it's possible to chew through the Arcane Shield and 12 wounds with 1-2 dedicated high skill models. He'll still have Soulstone to make him tough as nails which is fine but not insurmountable like he is now. 2) Arcane Storm needs to have a Projectile added to his attack. He can't use this action as part of a charge anyway so all it does it make it so that you can gain cover from his attacks and that you can get some respite from ranged attacks when he is engaged.
  4. Yeah there may be a few too many. Maybe get rid of Mend critical and Subsume Corpse but my players have no access to any type of healing so it makes a bit of sense while still being a bit dangerous.
  5. So I just ran Recruitment Drive for my players. It was pretty fun if you are interested in knowing. More to the point though. At the end there is an Aethervox that the Iron Zombies are listening to and it seems that it would be the perfect Grimoire. So I did just that. It might be a bit powerful but it has some restrictions and I thought maybe some of you lovelies may want to add it to your game as well. So without any further delay I present. The Aethervox of University of Transmortis A worn but well cared for wooden box with a large tarnished brass horn sits up turned on the ground spewing static with the occasional snippet of a word coming through. The Aethervox upon closer inspection has a small plaque attached to the bottom announcing it as “Property of the University of Transmortis. For use only by currently Enrolled students in the classes of Professor Von Schtook”. Special: To use this grimoire the Fated must have spent at least 3 uninterrupted hours listening to the lectures of Professor Von Schtook within the past 3 days. At the end of each hour a TN 10 WP duel must be passed to keep from zoning out due to the monotony of Von Schtooks droning voice. If the target of the Magia is living once the duel has been resolved the target flips a card. If the result is a the target gains “Infection +1: At the end of the day, you take +1 damage”. The Infection Condition remains until it can be treated with a TN 10 Doctor Challenge. This requires one hour of examination and the proper tools for the Doctor skill. A success lowers the value of the Condition by 1, plus 1 per Margin of Success (to a minimum of 0, at which point the Condition ends). Magia: Animate Construct - The caster imbues a prepared construct body with life so that it might obey his commands. Skill Aspect AP TN Resist Range Enchanting Charm 1 10 - 1 Effect: Target inanimate construct comes to life as a construct under the caster's control for 1 hour. At the end of the Spell, the construct returns to its inanimate form, and may be later reanimated. A caster may only control one construct at a time. Animate Limb - The caster causes an artificial limb to come to life under the control of the character the limb is attached to. Skill Aspect AP TN Resist Range Enchanting Charm 2 10 - 1 Effect: The target limb comes to life for a number of weeks equal to the Charm + Enchanting of the caster (or less if the caster wishes). The limb is under the control of the character attached to it, which is not necessarily the caster. The limb must have been crafted to perform as a limb, although it need not be shaped or otherwise created in the form of a natural limb. Pneumatic limbs are detailed on page 178. If a character has a non-Pneumatic replacement (such a stitched together arm from the flesh of dead men) then the TN requires a instead of a . Mend Critical - The caster focuses magical energy into the target, repairing the worst of its damage. Skill Aspect AP TN Resist Range Enchanting Cunning 0-2 10 WP 1 Effect: Remove a single condition from the target, if it is living. The target may choose to not resist, making this Spell a Simple Duel instead. The removed condition must be a Critical condition or a condition placed on the target by a non-magical effect. This is a 0 AP Action unless the condition being removed is a Moderate or Severe Critical condition. If it is Moderate this is a 1 AP Action and if it is Severe this is a 2 AP Action. Raise Undead - The caster brings a corpse to life to serve him. Skill Aspect AP TN Resist Range Necromancy Charm 1 5 - 5yrds Effect: Target corpse becomes an undead under the caster's control for 10 minutes. The undead undergoes the following alterations from the original form: •The undead's Tenacity is increased to 3 and all of its other Mental Aspects are lowered to -5. •The undead loses the Living Characteristic (if it has it) and gains the Undead Characteristic. •The undead loses any mental skills it had in life, and the physical skill ratings are halved (rounding up). Alternatively, this Spell may be used to take control of an uncontrolled and non-sentient undead creature. The new undead may need physical repairs (as critical damage may physically render the body less useful). Otherwise, the corpse is raised with half of its Wounds remaining. At the end of the Spell, the undead becomes uncontrolled (and usually violent). Subsume Corpse - The caster causes a corpse to disintegrate, restoring his own body in the process Skill Aspect AP TN Resist Range Tenacity 1 5 - 1 Effect: Target corpse is turned into dust. The caster then heals 1/2/3 damage, plus an additional number of Wounds equal to the corpse's Resilience (if the Resilience is positive). Immuto: Locked Focus object (Operating Theatre with AetherVox) -5 Takes 2 hours to set up and must have an AetherVox tuned to VonSchtook’s station. As the player is setting up the Aethervox have them move things around for 2 hours until the signal comes in clear. Only to reveal they have made a working Operating Theatre. Increased Duration (TN +2) This Immuto may be placed on a Spell multiple times. Each time it is taken move the Spell duration down the Duration Step table one step. Any part of the Spell with a set duration (for instance the time a target remains buried by a Bury Spell) will be increased 1 step. Spells with a duration that sit between two steps (for instance, Animate Limb) are assumed to sit on the lower step of the two they are between. For instance, an Animate Limb Spell cast by a character with a Charm + Enchanting of 5 would be considered a "1 Month" Spell. By raising the TN by 2 he can increase the duration to 6 months. Location (TN 3) Operating Theatre The Spell affects a location within range. Any targets in the area that could normally resist the Spell are assumed to automatically succeed in their Resistance Duel.
  6. I am working on making a TtB conversion for Teddy and I just have one question. Is the Teddy that was at GenCon supposed to be to scale? If so.... OH GOD THAT IS HORRIFYING AND DEF 3 MAKES SO MUCH MORE SENSE!!!! If not what kind of dimensions would YOU make Teddy fellow players and Fatemasters?
  7. Does anyone know what issue of the Wyrd Chronicles started having TtB adventures in it? I want to collect them all in one place for easy reference but I'd prefer to not need download a bunch of extras. Thanks.
  8. Do we have a stat block for Copellius? If so that would be very convenient for a one shot I am working on.
  9. Thank you for the fast reply.
  10. Counter-Spelling and Armor. When a character uses Counter-Spelling in place of the Evade or Centering skill will the negatives for armor still apply to the final defense total? We played it that it would apply because the armor would prevent the damage but that wouldn’t make sense if I was a damaging attack targeting willpower. An official ruling would be nice.
  11. I am soon going to be starting to run some Penny Dreadfuls for my local group and this question will eventually come up. What sets off Witchling Stalkers? I know actively casting magic will but does simply being aligned to a grimoire set them off? How about manifest powers? Does a forgotten's powers set them off? Will even having the magic skills be enough to trigger them? Also how close do you need to be to a Stalker for them to sense your magic potential? This brings up another question? Where are Witchling Stalkers used? I know they are around guild compounds and the first stop of the train from the breach but what about other train stops? Are they down town prowling around with handlers or are they more like a SWAT unit that is only rolled out when needed? Thanks in advance.
  12. Changing your Ht characteristic impacts a lot but the main thing is Line of sight. Remember though the Ht ranges are all abstracts so if someone wants to play someone who is 5 foot tall they can they just do not gain any mechanical advantage or disadvantage from it. Same if someone wants to be 6'5". As all things though it's your game and you change what you want.
  13. Brilliance is a nice bonus. Don't focus on it. The thing that makes Lynch great is his high likely hood of survival and pure damage output of his crew. I run him mainly with NB to have access to things like On Wings of Darkness and the perfect camouflage upgrade that I can't think of. I really do think he would be better in 10T with access to recalled training and Katanaka Snipers and Guild Pathfinders.
  14. I should clarify Bad Moon Rising has a good story and great plot hooks but as a fresh off the boat player it was not the best learning experience.
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