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  1. i love watching teddies eat themselves or their buddies =D
  2. Basicly the moon shinobi can reach unparalleled accuracy in cases other "normal models" would be very inaccurate. But their dmg track is still 2/3/4 which is ok, but you have to calculate with it.
  3. and + to dmg into cover?
  4. I feel they should remain the same, or replace a bit of mobility with any form of defensive ability.
  5. Bushwhaker are among the worst models you can get for their cost. In the entire game.
  6. Hi Folks, so this saturday I played against the new pandora in a tournament and I (a pandora player myself) was excited to see the new applications of her attack action wording. It was the first time I played against this version and after the tournament I checked the posibilities to combine this within the faction. I'm not entirely sure about the RAW of this but if what I found is correct, it needs to be fixed, I guess. The cost of an action is printed in italics and the effect of an action is printed in normal style. So the rules differentiate between effect and cost. This allows pandora to trigger effects of actions on their own model, even if the cost would prevent the normal use of this kind. Because there is no cost at pandoras action when it is declared and only the effect is replaced. This leads to the following; Pandora attacks zoraida (friendly), zoraida relents. Pandora applies the effects of obey to zoraida, ignoring the italics restrictions and costs because it only applies the effects. (with a mask, she double obeys zoraida, because she applies the effects of triggers aswell and mask is the suit needed for ensorcel) (ensorcel is limited to once per activation, which means that of of the 2 ap self loathing generates for zoraida, zoraida can declare 1 ensorcel trigger aswel, because once per activation counts once for each model in each activation (pandoras activation)) So this means, pandora can generate 2 (ensorcel) + 1 +1 bonus ap for zoraida with no cost (tn) involved within her (pandoras) 3 ap. Zoraida can then trigger ensorcel in pandoras activation to make it basicly 5 bonus ap, kinda, and can declare ensorcel in her activation aswell. And yes, then there is candy with the same wording except the trigger application, so 2 more ap for zoraida. Im posting this, because I think its not working like it should. Pls dont use this post to start a nerf pandora and nerf zoraida argument. This threat is by far not about power level. Both masters are fine the way they work normally, just this interaction isnt intented I think. Changing the wording a little bit should fix the issue. By the way, applying effects of other models to themselves is a really nice interesting concept and makes pandora super fun to play IF the hardcore abuse cases are fixed. I really enjoy the new concept, just wanted to point out that little case of abuse. Correct me if my understanding of the RAW of cost and effect is wrong and we can delete this threat to stop confusion. PS: There might be issues with things like playing vs nellie and attaching press upgrades to her, or jackdaws curses, but that could be intended (wich I think could be really fun). pps: the self loathing action applying ensorcel to Zoraida would generate 2 obeys, of wich the Second one couldn’t use ensorcel because there was already generated by a trigger. But the first one and the other 2 self loathings could.
  7. So this weekend my warpig killed a sorrow and a poltergeist about 20" away behind a building in one activation after being moved into position to reach them with reckless, so the poltergeist and sorrow were kinda defensively positioned after they had activated. (Sorrow had 2 dmg already). No lucky flips involved. That were the first 2 kills of the game and I won 6/3. My warpig was totally safe after behind a building at this point and was right back in the action the next turn. I'm im not saying warpigs are op. cause they are not. Pandora killed it in kinda one activation, but srsly Sorrows are not good models. The problem of malifaux m3e: Everything costing you stones that is not reliably doing its job until it dies isnt worth it for competitive play. Better be a summon or safe enough via tankyness or behind hidden in the backline as a support minion or something.
  8. The game has changed. Its a new edition and a totally different game, that makes them fair.
  9. I'm a Teapot!

    Moon Shinobi

    Is being min 4 and ml 8 by poison really that interesting tho?
  10. One of the best henchmen in the game atm. Funny how perspectives can vary from player to player. She would definitly be in my top 5 of all henchmen in m3e.
  11. I'm a Teapot!

    Moon Shinobi

    I'd vote for moon shinobi and bremaster himself getting the good old drunken gremlin kung fu as a unique ability as their main thing. Right now brewie is a beatstick with resource expensive min 4. Drunken Kung Fu would make him really unique. (Instead of drunken strengh and maybe with a poison synergy)
  12. please... a model with 8 wounds and no defense at all... a player who doesnt want to atk it because of grit... Is this the same game we are playing? In my meta I'm trying to keep my armor 2 models alive for a turn so I have a chance to heal them back up. I rly dont know if ur opponents are just playing casual fun themed crews but I'd honestly love to see roosters on the table against me in a tournament. They are glass cannon missiles. A lot of competitive crews bring some sort of anti ranged tech because its one of the easiest ways to lose a lot of models early if u dont. Melee models with no defense for a cost of 7 are super unreliable. And grit is one of the most dangerous abilities to use in a plan and even more if you dont have acess to amina or ironsides. And even more on an 8 wound model without def abilities. They are op if its pure scheming and the opponent braught a non combat full support crew with low mobility. Aka. never.
  13. Excactly. The steam fitter has this written all over him: "Not a competitive choice" One of the last options I would ever consider hiring for his cost. And howard plus the steamfitter is the classic malifaux problem; Do I hire a bad model trying to fix a mediocre model? That are 16 points which could be spend for actually good models that do their job on their own. Ontop of a very synergy reliant bubble crew that is not really flexible itself.
  14. Im not entirly sure but don’t the m3e rules say that bonus dmg is only applied to the target and not to blasts, like it was in m2e?
  15. So u used 2 models for a bomb while earl can basically do it for free. Also how the hell did ur opponent not kill the wrestler and then score power ritual... I think the wrestler performed well, because your opponent didn’t have a good gameplan or was not killing the right models. Wrestlers are easy to remove and therefor always a good first target.
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