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  1. Mancha is not limited to pianos offensively, but it’s a part of his options and it enables the other options, the triggers. He really really needs to be a henchman, to use his triggers reliably and to stay alive. Making him an enforcer would be a catastrophic nerf. Side note: Nobody could play the infamous mancha leader crew anymore then. That would be a sad thing.
  2. Yeah, well shielded one after his activation is really almost nothing for a melee model without armor. That’s a big issue for mancha sadly.
  3. In my games versus Marcus and as Marcus, the Cerberus has always been the worst model of the crew. Dies way to easy for his cost and just underperforms in general. But maybe that’s because I played or played against neverborn and Ressers.
  4. I’d love to have a mechanic with piano markers. Remove a marker within 3“ to reduce the damage by 2 or something like that. that would give piano markers multi purpose and it would be a strategic decision if he wants to use them as defensive or offensive boost.
  5. So mancha just got a huge nerf via the injured changed and having his reduced to 1. first of all removing the defensive aspect of injured was needed but a pretty big nerf. On top of that, he got his injured reduced to 1. this is another big nerf for him. I don’t know why this was necessary but it feels like the changes to injured 2 models were still a product of the irreducible dmg injured version. mancha is not like Titania or Sammy, so he cannot apply injured for huge range while beeing Safe and he needs markers to do that. he has def 4 and now can only spent one stone at s time. It’s absolutly super hard to keep him alive at the moment. The defensive part of injured was always the main option to defend him. He needs some defensive tech and a little offensive buff, considering he has been a good model in zipp crews before the last patch dropped him really really hard. As a pure melee beatstick he just gets killed so fast and his potential on the offensive side is reduced.
  6. I'm a Teapot!


    They are both super solid models for 10. Also they are each better against different effects and they are better together. They have synergies: blast focus convert, strongarm bonus action copy... etc.
  7. I'm a Teapot!

    Moon Shinobi

    This is very sad and one of the worse charges of the upgrade. They were in an ok spot, not very good. Now they are just overcosted and lost 50% of their signature ability cause a monk copying their style was to strong with it. Why doesnt shenlong use his own style and the moon Shinobi get to do what the always did, which is be a unique cool model in an ok spot Power Level wise. Good pick vs some masters and overall good pick vs ressers but not oberwhelming but super fun to play.
  8. This would be super weak. Almost every competitive crew has cards to discard vs key models. Also you can have this Defense via the scribe and his aura now. Your suggestion would have made him pointless. Right now he is super reliable on offense and needs careful play in defense, which is super fine. Discarding a card to defend vs him would make it pointless. (Btw the arcane emissary has that effect as an aura and has better dmg track) it would make him not be unique anymore and destroy his concept of removing key models like an assassin scalpel. Lawyers can shield very effectively and he can copy ranged attacks to stay in a safer position. He will definitely be taken and he will definitely be a strong force with this ability.
  9. LLC is mandatory now I think, since he is the key model in the crew
  10. hes not dead. it requires more finesse to play him now. his ability on the offensive side is what makes him special. I like this nerf a lot more than a betrayal effect. first of all the scribe has now an actual use when he is near him and people dont feel helpless when playing against him. Lucius still has good card controll to support him and the agent can now play more like an assassin instead of facetanking 3 models. shielded, stones and good positioning will keep him alive. I think he is in a perfect spot now. Fair and unique. Good job Wyrd! This has been the best open beta update by far, in my opinion. A lot of great changes.
  11. I have played a lot of 10ss elite crews and alpha crews with calculated stone use for carddraw in turn 1 and I think the focus and stone changes are very very good and a necessary shift in balance from elite crews towards a balanced middle ground. Unkillable henchmen have come towards the state of being hard to remove models but its finally doable with a well planed strike. Very good job! Thanks for this update.
  12. not really... sometimes a local meta is just a little drifted towards one Player and takes that feeling over to their feelings about his faction. From my point of view guild seems totally fine compared to the other factions. Thunders seems a little bit under the curve to me, but that can be personal bias. i think the faction balance is in a good spot.
  13. It’s a 7 point model plus ammo and a master + support crew that does the combo... once ammo is gone its a7 point model that does little to nothing. Gotta see the bigger picture.
  14. Just limit the tn from bacon bomb to +2 or +3 by glowy tokens...
  15. So the combo Potential is high. And any decent opponent will counterplay this into oblivion... spread, strike fast, etc etc... until all those mentioned glowy tokens are on the pigs the enemy is already in perfect Position. and full load doesn’t ignore line of sight.
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