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  1. I'm a Teapot!

    Undying 10T models.

    katashiro mccabe? i mean he has tons of small pushes and reactivating could bring some awesome mobility and punch.
  2. I'm a Teapot!

    Who is the tankiest master now?

    But she has a gamling problem... at least when stitched togethers are around... =D
  3. I'm a Teapot!

    Who is the tankiest master now?

    Do you mean tanky in a sense of how many attacks he can survive or just raw dmg assuming he gets hit? For example I've had a wonderfull time playing pandora with a draw engine and benefitting from her high defensive stats and the cards I put into her cause I knew she was going to be the main target. On the other hand I've enjoyed letting brewmaster get hit without spending resources on defending him, just keeping him barely alive and then healing him up with a few sips cause of double healing aura from drinking problem. Also, Hard to kill, prospector powered (risk and reward), disguised, teathered outcast misaki with a librarian and shang backing her up can be both of the former described. Until she meets a hanged or decaying aura... or titania nowdays (god that upgrade is so good) btw in the case of surviving bursts of dmg there are a few masters that could be considered unkillable (unless they meet something like the viks or glowy lazarus - multiplying dmg) Collodi, hamelin, kirai...
  4. I'm a Teapot!

    Unique Levi combos

    if rusty reactivates the statue, you can stack that aura 2 times for min 4 levi ^^
  5. I'm a Teapot!

    Wrastlers - Tapped Out | Disengaging Strikes

    And zoraida can reliably make an enemy atk or charge a wrastler, dealing 3 dmg and triggering tap out.
  6. I'm a Teapot!

    Hand Pressure Options

    Thanks! Seamus Terror list seems like a great way to put pressure on the enemy hand. And I see that draugr also have a discard when they are hight 1, that seems nice. Lure someone and then charge draugr on him.
  7. I'm a Teapot!

    Hand Pressure Options

    Hi fellow ressers, I'm currently experimenting with hand pressure lists among all the factions and I'd like to ask you what options the ressers have for this? The first thing that comes to mind is the trigger on a belles lure and the graveyard spirit has a 0 to make the enemy discard a card for one of your own cards. Are there other options? I'd like to play Sybelle with her kill trigger and tara to benefit from the hand pressure the crew is putting on the enemy. Thanks
  8. I'm a Teapot!


    try nursing him to +2 dmg and then beastbombing him with tara for 4 atks with min 6 dmg...
  9. I'm a Teapot!

    Lucky Effigy

    brewmaster makes this lovely doll a beater =)
  10. I'm a Teapot!

    Tara Bomb List

    Play her in ressers and bomb a fast archie with +2 dmg from a nurse and decaying aura into the enemy crew after the kentauroi took you to them. For outcast bishop can be a huge bomb because he can flurry twice and the nothing beast is always solid. Against pandora I'd always consider Hannah as a solid pick. (Because WP8 and sorrows are perfect targets for her HUGE blasts!) That rusty alice bomb sounds nice because its pretty safe. Definitly yes to aionus + I pay better. I will not forget our tournament game and the damage aionus put on my nekima turn 2! (It was really close when she survived with 1 hp through 4 voidwretch attacks after aionus burried her). And aionus always brings so much utility to the board while being a good beater on top! (Such as saving your own master from min6 nekima XD )
  11. I'm a Teapot!

    Gremlins and GG18 - A new hope?!? (current state)

    From my perspective playing combos can be the main part of what I and others I know find to be fun in malifaux. There is no need to fix such things as long as they are clever and well prepared in my opinion. Whenever I fall victim to a cool combo I really enjoy the game and try to think about how I could use it in my crews and how it can score in gg18. For me it's super fun to see a new combo in action and then trying to adapt to it and find a solution. The things that need fixes are the most boring things in malifaux in my opinion. I enjoy the games vs those combos ten times more than the games vs Hamelin or Ramos or whatever activation list that basicly just does one thing over and over again just because its incredibly powerfull from a resource gaining perspective. Hamelin, Nicodem, Kirai, Somer, etc have been the most boring npe games by far, because it doesnt feel like 2 players are playing the game, it feels like the summoner is playing a minigame with himself. Thank god this was, to a degree fixed by ours and ply. (Which tends to be 1/2 of 3/4/5 rounds in a tournament) PS: I use Anna Lovelace and a Malifaux Raptor to deliver Ironsides and Joss and it has been really nice so far.
  12. I'm a Teapot!

    Gremlins and GG18 - A new hope?!? (current state)

    So , Mr Polish Sausage, are we talking about forum names now? I btw play Outcast, Neverborn, Gremlins, Arcanists and Ressers and multiple masters in each of those factions. Also I play all of those factions on tournaments regularly. My Forum Name might aswell be Mark of Shezuul or You remind me of a babe.... Have you seen the forgotten marshal and a malifaux raptor score all symbol markers with ease while 2 Grootslang defend the own markers in a Mcmourining crew? Have you seen your own yasunori kill half of your own crew and then die to burning while he is drawing the enemy zoraida tons of cards? (who is on the other side of the board) Have you seen Ironsides appear inside of your crew at the start of turn 2 with 8+ adrenalin? Have you seen a fast recalled training Lazarus in Jakob Lynches I always cheat last bubble followed by a 20 dmg final dept? Have you seen a Killjoy with decaying aura killing your master turn 1 after molly was taken up the field by a kentauroi? Have you seen a Leveticus with teather, survivalist and untimely demise unburry next to that peon in your crew that hans just shott? (I then oneshot Yin with 1 ap of levi) and when you kill Levi he does 2 dmg aoe and just goes back to his crew and marlena doesnt even take dmg cause of the terracotta Have you seen Misaki with survivalist risk and reward and marlena and tried to kill her? (she survived a fast yas charge and a recalled training lone swordsman and healed up to full hp at the end of the turn) Have you seen a summoing pandora crew 100% to 0% Joss, Howard and the firestarter in one turn? Have you seen min 6 Nekima? Have you seen Tara beastbombing fast Hayredding and his shotgun within 4" of the enemy? (or Hayreddin + a Hallozinogened Hannah, if you really wanna have fun) Have you seen Glowy Lazarus copy the dmg buff from a bloodwretch that was made into a construct by Sparks? Have you seen Papa Loco unburry just inside your crew with +1" to all his pulses? (Jackdaw Hans combo) Have you seen Gremlin Zoraida paralyze model after model to be finished by mancha rocha? Have you seen Nicodem summoning Kentauroi that get to walk 6 and then charge 10" in the activation after the got summoned? Have you seen Pere being dropped anywhere on the board by a malifaux raptor with poorly handled explosives on him and enough burning to kill him after he got dropped? I could go on for ages... I've done all of those things and I have won a lot with those combos. I've also played the tanuki pult and it literally sucks in comparison. I suggest as a gremlin player fearing the tanukipult and crying for a nerf you should go play agaisnt some serious players from other factions and you will soon be able to understand what really is a npe broken combo in this game. Sry, but this bullshit yammering about gremlin stuff tilts me hard...
  13. I'm a Teapot!

    Brewie2018 - A new perspective

    I think that the golem really profits from his additional ap because he can nimble get df7 and atk and in his second activation when he got wounded, he can heal up again.
  14. I'm a Teapot!

    Gremlins and GG18 - A new hope?!? (current state)

    Unreal how people already scream for Fix this broken tanuki combo asap... I played this in ours with setup and public demo, and then after I scored my 7 vp I got murdered and lost 8/7.... I really suggest to play against the real npe broken shit in this game before whining about the fking tanukipult which is a gimmick combo in 1 strat and scheme pool out of 50 with a master that is not one of the top masters of malifaux. Like honestly, think again, do you really think that with all the shit you can do in malifaux, a pigapult with brewie and 3 tanukis is the problem that has to be fixed? Meet me in a Vassal game with ours + public demo + setup and take the "unfair" tanukipult. Name any faction you want me to play and I'll bet you 1000 scrip that I'll win with ease... Litterally just some instant ideas: TT: - Pathfinders kill the pigapult turn 1 in the first activation - Asami does what she does, out activates you to the max and eats both the schememarkers and the tanukis before any vp are scored - misaki kills all tanuki on turn 1 Arc: - collette crew: literally thanks for the scheme markers and the food you send me - Ramos: try to out activate me pls - Kaeris: takes 3 Ice dancers and grab and drop and turn 1 its 6:6 cause she can score both schemes just like you do and ice dancers do way more afterwards then tanukis do + they cost 18 ss while youre tanukipult costs 23ss. - Sandeep: countless reasons why he laughs at this Neverborn: - Malifaux provides - Mysterious Emissary - Collodi with outactivation - Blutgunin Outcasts: - where do you want to fling the tanukis when your crew got murdered by the viks/misaki/levi/.../.... already - Parker: thanks for the money Gremlins: - First mate, Zipp, treasure map - Pigs - Sammy - Brewmaster with running tab (lol) Guild: - Nellie - Investigators - dog with saber kills pigapult - Perditas new Upgrade Ressers: - Molly eats markers - Phillip eats markers - Flesh constructs eat tanukis - Mcmourning on a kentauroi eats the pigapult and the tanukis - Nicodem: He is Nicodem
  15. I'm a Teapot!

    Brewie2018 - A new perspective

    I want to share my new brewmaster experiences with you guys: From a thematic Point of View Brewmaster has always been one of my favorite masters and with wave 5 I got some new hope for him and the errata made me invest some more time into his thematic choices. I thought: If there is a time to moonshine, it’s now! I started that approach with a few questions in mind: (1) What is effective in gg18 compared to gg17? (2) Which strengths does a thematic brewmaster Crew provide? (3) Which elements in my playstyle do I need to change to support those strengths? (4) Which crew options do I have? (Bonus) I wanted to keep it really thematic and challenge myself by respecting this limitation. After a lot of playing, testing and analysis I got to the following answers: (1) gg18 in general has a chance of having pools that do not require spreading out or moving to a certain point quickly. Some of the new strats require a lot of interacting: ply, supply wagons and symbols Schemes like public demo, setup, take prisoner, recover evidence, guarded treasure, hold up their forces and take one for the team are perfectly doable without any killing and brewie is pretty effective in those. (2) So thematic brewie modells, to me, are tri chi models and those are brewie+wesley, fingers, the whiskey golem, shinobis, tanukis and the fermented river monks. Each of those have specific strengths: Brewie+Wesley: debuffing, healing, surviving and obey (at the right time), buffing shinobis fingers: interacting, interaction denying, surviving, mobility, healing the whiskey golem: surviving, mobility shinobis: mobility (with poison synergies), resource efficiency (with poison synergies) tanukis: healing, buffing, scheme markers fermented river monks: activations (easy reactivate) The Most Common tri chi strength is the ability to efficiently heal wounds. To maximize the effectiveness of that strength I also have to prioritize their survivability because dead models cannot benefit from healing. Also I drinking problem has proven to be very effective once I completely ignored its (0) and put it on brewie himself. He is the center of the fight most of the time and due to poison synergie the golem and the shinobis want to be around him anyways and Fingers is the most important piece and benefits from double healing so so much! I also figuered that Fingers mastery in interaction tasks is so strong that building the crew and gameplan around it is worth in ply for information and supply wagons. Often I protect him with all my resources and prioritize him over brewie and the golem and as long as he is alive and positioned correctly I have the advantage for interacting and scoring. Therefore the whiskey golem has the task to soak damage and protect the crew. And the shinobis honestly seemed bad to me until I focused them to do certain schemes like public demo or fight in the right circumstances. Generally their fighting is pretty efficient if the enemy has its willpower debuffed or is swilled and/or either has hard to wound or the shinobi has swill (Wesley and brewie generally provide that). Tanukis have been the bonus that makes the golem great and provides another source of healing. I generally bring one if I take the golem, or sometimes more if I play ours. Fermented river monks only outshine shinobis in their ability to reactivate and since our activation is not needed in this playstyle I have let them at home after a few games of testing and realizing that they just don’t fit well. (3) I need to get away from „killing is the way to deny“ and I need to focus my resources on surviving and scoring. Also classic strategic elements like misdirection and resource pressuring are way more important in this crew. Generally the hard part of playing this playstyle is to keep the models from dying, but at the same time they should take damage and enemy resources and they should split the enemy forces to benefit from the major healing and scheming advantage as much as possible. (4) I‘ve experimented a lot and I liked the following Crews the most: Standard Crew: 50 SS Gremlins Crew The Brewmaster + 7 Pool - Drinking "Problem" (2) - Running Tab (1) Apprentice Wesley (3) Fingers (10) - Stilts (1) Whiskey Golem (9) - Barrel Up (0) Moon Shinobi (5) Moon Shinobi (5) Moon Shinobi (5) Tanuki (5) Public Demo Bluff Crew: 50 SS Gremlins Crew The Brewmaster + 7 Pool - Drinking "Problem" (2) Apprentice Wesley (3) Fingers (10) - Stilts (1) Moon Shinobi (5) Moon Shinobi (5) Moon Shinobi (5) Moon Shinobi (5) Moon Shinobi (5) Moon Shinobi (5) Mindf** Shellgame (Public Demo + take one for the team) 50 SS Gremlins Crew The Brewmaster + 3 Pool - Drinking "Problem" (2) Apprentice Wesley (3) Moon Shinobi (5) Moon Shinobi (5) Moon Shinobi (5) Moon Shinobi (5) Moon Shinobi (5) Moon Shinobi (5) Moon Shinobi (5) Moon Shinobi (5) Moon Shinobi (5) And no, this is not a joke. I‘ve played this a lot and those lists are effective and fun to play in the right situation. They require a completely different mindset and playstyle to how classic lists are played but for me it worked after some practice. A few key things I‘ve learned about the tri chi clan: - df7 Defensive whiskey golem with reactivate are so good for soaking enemy resources and then healing back to full hp while attacking in the second activation. - once the tarpitting job is done, the golem has insane speed and can score a sneaky covert breakthrough in turn 4&5 - fingers main job is denying and annoying, if that is working he can score aswell - swill on a few key targets can be the key to surviving but in some situations swilling a shinobi with either Wesley or brewie can be worth it. - always feed the enemy bad choices! If he attacks brewie, Wesley is there as backup, if he attacks fingers he is in a position to squeel, survive and then heal to full again and go back to denying/annoying. The golem should be on df7 and therefore be a bad target choice aswell. Moon shinobis can be a bit more safe due to their mobility and they are also a bad choice because they can push away from atks and the enemy should be engaged by brewie and the golem asap so gunfire doesn’t threaten the shinobis anymore. - healing back to full can be really demoralizing for your opponent! Make sure you heal that whiskey golem or fingers right after he dropped him to 1 or 2 wounds and he will instantly feel bad for putting resources into that attack while healing 6-10 wounds is really easy for the tri chi. - drunken Kung fu gives weak and moderate cards a good use and takes away pressure from your hand but only really works well on poison debuffed targets. Your aiming on 3-4 dmg per moon shinobi attack and you want them to hit with ml5 against debuffed wp2-4! - don’t play this against TT because you need swill and squeal as a defensive mechanic and tt has easy + and ohugaru... - if you play against hanged, swill them and kill them ASAP (this might be one of the times you actually need to kill) - load the golem with poison turn 1 so shinobis always have a target for their (0) and the Tanuki can heal/reactivate him any time - always reckless with fingers, since a single heal often heals a lot more then 1 wound. - do Not rely on initiative and drinking contest or poison damage. Poisitioning and tarpit models with df7/def6 combined with huge card investment are the way to survive the first activation of you lose initiative. - mind f*** can be a strong tool in certain pools! With 9 moonshinbis, scoring public demo and or take one for the team aswell as covert breakthrough, etc. is pretty easy while it confuses your enemy to the max! Make sure to be able to tell your shinobis apart tho!