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  1. I'm a Teapot!

    Upgrade needs fixed.

    Rhethorical question? 🙃
  2. I'm a Teapot!

    Voodoo Curse functionality

    With Even less synergy now...
  3. I'm a Teapot!

    Sparks and the stuffed piglets/electrical creations

    Nice to see a quick reply. Thanks. Ill post some Feedback, once I tested it.
  4. I'm a Teapot!

    Molly- Let's have a chat about Lethe's Caress

    Make a Game Full of nekimas and Lady js and new Players will be happy. Some masters are more of a tactical challenge then others. Malifaux has always been beautifull because of variety and range from easy to very Deep and komplex mechanics. Some players enjoy aggressive playstyles, some prefer controlly styles and others wanna win the resource Game via Summoning. I think its Bad to limit a playstyle because its not the Common Thing and people Need to adapt to handle it.
  5. I'm a Teapot!

    Lucius Thoughts

    Might be worth playing them with some puppets and vasilisa
  6. I'm a Teapot!

    Moon Shinobi: TN - Flip?

    Looks like a typo
  7. So the wording changed and its possible to give explosives to stuffed piglets and electrical creations (in a mei crew). Intentional change?
  8. I'm a Teapot!

    Molly- Let's have a chat about Lethe's Caress

    Ok, misread that. Anyways there are Lots of options to play around it, especially with the los factor now.
  9. I'm a Teapot!

    Molly- Let's have a chat about Lethe's Caress

    Btw ive read about nekima Players feeling hopeless and flipping the table... then i got fucked by a nephilim Player Using caress in combination with Black blood against me very effitively. In M3E the leader is declared before the Crew. Analyse the enemy Leaders Weakness and Profit. People Need to get Used to this Strategic Concept instead of just putting the old Thematic favourite Models fixed list on the table. Get to know your Model Pool in and out and then hire the right Models for the right enemy, strat, schemes and Board.
  10. I'm a Teapot!

    Molly- Let's have a chat about Lethe's Caress

    Honestly. That ability is Kind of a noobfilter. Playing a strstegic game you should be able to utilize your strenghs and accept the enemies strenghs and play around it. Somehow People tend to cry when it abilities pressure them offensivly instead of Supporting the enemy Crew passively. Its a Strategic Option that is not in your compfort Zone but has a lot of counterplay of you just think about it and stop crying. Molly is Full Support and its Part of her strenghs. With the change to LoS they have made even more counterplay possible. In my Experimece casual Gamers have cried a lot about it and experienced gamers have played around it very effectively. Focus, charge, hiring Models with Variable Attack actions, Pressuring Molly, using it to bait the Molly Player into false Security.. Since ressers don’t have obey masters this ability is fully reactive and dependant on the Players Choice (Opponent of Molly) which makes is unreliable for Molly. Think about it as a Challenge to your Strategic Skills and Play around it. you will become a better Player and will have way less of a npe feeling.
  11. I'm a Teapot!

    Pandora Functionality

    Misery is an ability that is highly underestimated because people focus on it not stacking in a themed crew. Its presence is a lot of pressure the and you Need to Play with it in mind. Pandora can move other woes and give them suits. This is highly reliable and can give key models solid options. (Her own def trigger, triggers for Candy, min 4 dmg for carver, out of activation Repositioning for Candy) Id suggest to take a Look at the whole neverborn faction as a very Controlly Type and combine it with Pandoras Crew. There Is a lot of potential for strong synergies. She definitly can be a strong pressure Option, its just Harder to figure out than in m2e. Definitly a Master you Need to Play a lot more than others to unlock the Full Potential, in my Opinion
  12. I'm a Teapot!

    Undying 10T models.

    katashiro mccabe? i mean he has tons of small pushes and reactivating could bring some awesome mobility and punch.
  13. I'm a Teapot!

    Who is the tankiest master now?

    But she has a gamling problem... at least when stitched togethers are around... =D
  14. I'm a Teapot!

    Who is the tankiest master now?

    Do you mean tanky in a sense of how many attacks he can survive or just raw dmg assuming he gets hit? For example I've had a wonderfull time playing pandora with a draw engine and benefitting from her high defensive stats and the cards I put into her cause I knew she was going to be the main target. On the other hand I've enjoyed letting brewmaster get hit without spending resources on defending him, just keeping him barely alive and then healing him up with a few sips cause of double healing aura from drinking problem. Also, Hard to kill, prospector powered (risk and reward), disguised, teathered outcast misaki with a librarian and shang backing her up can be both of the former described. Until she meets a hanged or decaying aura... or titania nowdays (god that upgrade is so good) btw in the case of surviving bursts of dmg there are a few masters that could be considered unkillable (unless they meet something like the viks or glowy lazarus - multiplying dmg) Collodi, hamelin, kirai...
  15. I'm a Teapot!

    Unique Levi combos

    if rusty reactivates the statue, you can stack that aura 2 times for min 4 levi ^^