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Found 21 results

  1. Greetings, you may refer to me as Barmy. I've been an avid wargammer now for well over a decade, and have seen malifaux played every now and then but never got into it myself. That was until about a month ago when I decided to start as my usual go to games were getting stale and the people I play often against n those games weren't fun. Also I see malifaux as an excellent challenge for my kitbash/conversion/sculpting skills I have honed over the years. I hope to keep up with this little project and build up on this community
  2. Love Malifaux and thought I'd make a basic how to play for fun. Thanks for checking it out. Cheers!
  3. Guude! (For foreigners I should say "Good Day!) My name is Hannes and I've recently become the Henchman for Marburg in Hesse. This is why I thought I should introduce myself. I'm a teacher at a school for blind and visually impaired children here in Marburg and I've been playing tabletop games for about 15 years. I started with GW's 40k, then sought more tactical depths in their Fantasy setting - which then got a new edition with less tactical depth. After that I started to look out for other games and had to persuade my friends to join me. It took some time but with Warmachine I was lucky to infect the people around me. Me and some friends created a nice community and I started to visit some tournaments. One of this friends one day brought along some Malifaux rules right as the first 10T plastics were released. I was totally hooked by Yan Lo and all the other beautiful models. The first few games of Malifaux (still with the 1.5 ruleset) were nice, but I was not completely sold on the rules. Gladly the M2E beta started soon and I totally fell in love with the game. I played less and less Warmachine and focused on Malifaux. Sadly life made my small community who met regularly drift away and I got only few games in for a short time. Luckily I came back to my old 40k community here in Marburg which had changed a lot. We created a club Multiversum Marburg e.V., found a location to meet in and now have regular meetings every week. I got some people to start Malifaux and some people to get out their old Malifaux miniatures. With the arrival of a new player from Cuxhaven I and some people from our club started to go to tournaments. In March we'll have our first local tournament. For that we are building even more beautiful terrain - thanks to @Nimo we are really spoiled with beautiful tables and custom made terrain. Right now I mainly play Malifaux but still own some 40k which I haven't played for several years. I sometimes get back to Warmachine but I'm not into it right now. For fun games I sometimes take out my Joker Crew for the Batman Miniatures Game. My Malifaux collection escalated a bit during the last year and I now own all of the Rezzers and 10T and have started to get into Neverborn. Last year I focused on playing Rezzers, this year it will be mainly 10T I think. Our community holds events quite regularly and we've just finished our Mortheim Winter Campaign. Next will be a small Lord of the Rings growth league and a Shifting Loyalties Campaign for Malifaux in summer. We'll try to host a tournament every 3 months. We are always open for visitors, especially on Thursdays, starting at 1800 in the Spielebrücke in Marburg. Feel free to contact me if you want to play (also outside our regular meetings) or if you want me to demo you the game.
  4. Hi to all, my name is Nikolaj and I started collecting some 40k miniatures about a year ago (with 34 ). I loved painting those little guys at the beginning, but without having an option to play, I got bored by painting the same kind of figure over and over again. At the beginning of this year a fellow told me about Malifaux ... I really liked the style of the setting and the artworks, but was sceptical about the model-quality (I was told GW is producing the BEST plastic) ... I bought a test-model (Ryle) and I was really impressed about the quality itself but also about how well the style of the artwork was transfered to the model. Surprisingly two more fellows in my team also were interested in Malifaux, so I decided to sell the whole GW-Stuff and buy a bunch of malifaux boxes (The Kin, So´mer, Ulix, War-Pig, Haulers, Piglets and Gracie)... a lot of stuff to paint now ... I also had two games were recently. My gremlins (Kin only so far) were crushed... but it was damn fun. So here are my first painted gremlins. I start with Gracie (it´s the last model I painted) ... more pictures of some of the Kin will follow (have to take some pictures... and without a lightbox I am a little dependent on the weather)
  5. Good evening, everyone! My name is Jim, and I'm a player in the Baltimore area of Maryland. I've had an on-again, off-again interest in Malifaux since 1E, but finally got back into it regularly at the start of 2016. Since then, I've managed to collect the entirety of the Ten Thunders, and most of the Gremlins and Marcus factions (let's face it, Marcus is practically his own faction). My FLGS is Titan Games in Lutherville-Timonium, but I'll also get out to Bel Air Games and Games and Stuff on occasion. If you're in the area and would like a game, just let me know! Seeing as I try to get in 3-4 games of Malifaux a week, I figured it was high time I made an account and started to interact with the community more. Thank you, Wyrd, for such a fun game.
  6. Hi all! Brian from the Critical Twits here. We're a new(ish - just under a year old) gaming channel from Peterborough, England. We podcast every week on all types of gaming, including once a month on Malifaux regular as clockwork. You might see me around promoting the podcast, which is sadly a thing that has to be done lest I start to question the hundreds of hours I've put into the channel so far. We also post let's plays, unboxings, and video reviews from time to time. Personally, I used to run my local Games Workshop store and before that I'd hobbied in various forms for fifteen years, but Malifaux is fairly new to me as I've been playing less than two years. I play Outcasts, Neverborn, and Guild, but I'll probably end up with a bit of everything in the end because those models sure are purty. I also write fiction so dark it will make your mother cry, or your money back. Looking forward to getting to know people here and sharing some strategies to help me beat Joe, our resident rules expert and tournament gamer. I'd also love it if we found any extra players in the region, so let me know via a PM if you want to play some games!
  7. Hello peeps, the Dutch Malifaux Guild under the auspices of yours truly is organizing a fun end-of-the-year tournament in Houten, near Utrecht. Date: Dec 28. Time: starting at 10AM. We're at a local school ( Basisschool de Brug, Beverakker 19, Houten ), which we have all to ourselves. We've currently got about 10 people coming, but more are welcome. Some people will actually be playing their first game and we'll have a mini tournament for them. Bring a 50ss (or 30ss if you're beginning) crew - it's a fixed crew, so you're playing the same master every round. If you want to sign up, drop me a line here, or visit us on our Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/groups/DutchMalifauxGuild and check the FauX-mas event we put up there. Eggnog provided by the Guild (rationed). Sebastian
  8. G'Day mate! How's it goin'? *cough cough* For real though, I live in Australia. My name is Gabrielle, Zee, Zei, Zeiju, Z and other various handles on the inter-webs. I love the minis and love the game! I played for the first time last night and it was awesome, luckily a local was kind enough to run a demo at our local game store for me and my husband! I have the Viktoria battle box, and can't wait to paint them up and field the minis! I live in Canberra, ACT and from what I can tell the Malifaux community here is quite small and not very well organised. My local game store has Malifaux Mondays, however last night there was only 5 of us there (that's including me and my husband), if you live in Canberra and want to play Malifaux send me a message, or post on this thread and I will give you the info on the store I go to. I war-game for fun and enjoy both the playing and painting aspects of the game, I suffer from Poke'mon syndrome "gotta catch 'em all!" I am also a commission painter, hoping to enter painting comps in 2016. So when you see my painting posts please feel free to comment, and let me know how I can improve 'till then, hoo roo! Z
  9. Hey all, my name is Patrick, I've been playing Malifaux for a while, and just recently joined this forum. I play guild, and ressurectionist, of which I have, the Lady Justice crew, the old Sonnia crew, the Nicodem crew, and am working on the Kirai crew. Nice to meet you!
  10. Hey guys, I've been playing Malifaux for a little while now (just casually with friends), but this is my first time here! I really enjoy playing as the Neverborn faction, preferably as Pandora, or Jakob (though I have a preference for 'Dora). At the moment I'm just reading through the different minions, and trying to beef up both crews. I hope all is well, looking forward to being active here! Dann
  11. Hello there, I suppose this is an introduction to the forum. I'm Nik from Melbourne, I've been lurking on the forums for a while now (I started playing Malifaux from when there was only one book) and have finally decided to beat back my shyness and join the forum. I'm a student at Monash University if that helps people orient me geographically and Malifaux is the only miniature game I regularly play, mainly with the Resurectionist faction. So, thats me. Happy to join in
  12. Hello all- I am just starting to 'hopefully' play regularly. I just met up with a couple of local 'henchman' (or 'henchpersons' to be PC) and thier group. Great group, friendly and have a nice location to play. I had a demo for Malifaux at GenCon in 2011 I think (by a guy with my EXACT name) and liked it, but my normal playgroup had mixed feelings so it didn't really launch with us. A local store was running a crazy sale a few months later so I bought three crews in the hopes of demoing it with my group. I painted them up, but never really got to playing. So I have Rasputina's crew and Ophielia's crew(plus three gremlins) painted and Somer's crew and some random blisters to fill out Rasputina (Snow Storm, December's A., Silent One, and a totem) unpainted. I have been playing wargames/tabletop for a long time and play a variety of games including...Malifaux (just learning), Infinity, X-Wing, 40k (rarely), Fantasy(almost never now), Dreadball (just learning), Dust Warfare, and pretty much everything other than Warmahordes (just don't like the aestetic). I am looking forward getting out and playing and learning this fun and 'wyrd' game! End intro...
  13. Hey there everyone! Here in Mexico, there´s not that many people who play Wargames, and there´s even less of those that like Malifaux. I´m working on promoting the game locally, and we have gathered a little club in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco. A local Media studio called Lateral Images has a small Internet show that´s all about reporting on Mexico´s board game scene. I was invited to participate in 3 episodes and decided Malifaux needed some love. The first one was an introduction (in general) to wargames, and this one is all about the game. The next one will be about rules. They tell me subtitles are coming soon. But here you go on the meantime
  14. Hi all, come late December I'll be looking to get into Malifaux, starting with a December crew (fitting I know). I'm local to the Stoke-on-Trent and Stafford areas (UK, Staffordshire) so if anyone wants to contact me for a game that'll be good as there doesn't seem to be a henchman for these areas. I have a question regarding my understanding of the "crew picking" rules which will help me to expand as I progress in the hobby. You draw for mission and location, and state your faction before selecting your crew. I want to know how these translate to competitive environments. For example when I come to choosing my crew, is there anything stopping me choosing from say Rasputina or Marcus as my Master since they are both Arcanists. Also how does this translate to Tournaments? I'm guessing there are some form of restrictions, since terrain would probably be pre planned, and maybe even the mission being played as well. I ask because choosing between Rasputina for missions involving destroying the enemy and having Marcus for missions involving objectives seems a good idea. Anyway, it'll be nice to get started at the end of the month Thanks all.
  15. I'm an old hand at euro and ameritrash board games, but the closest thing to a miniature game that my friends have played is descent. We all just jumped ship from CCGs to Malifaux and I ended up with 4-ish crews (go big or go home I figure): Colette's boxed set + Doves Viktorias + Ronin blister, Taelor, Misaki, and von Schill Seamus Box + Hanged McMourning Box + Bete Noire I've really only tested out Colette and had fun jumping about although I think I'd like a bit more killing in my crew... Right now I'm painting up Seamus and figuring out how to play him against the crews my buddies bought: Hoffman The Dreamer Lillith Perdita Lady Justice Rasputina Kirai In any case, I'm really enjoying the minis and the 2 pseudo games that I played were fun too - looking forward to setting up campaign style games once we get the rules down a bit better. Cheers from Calgary
  16. Hi everyone! My name is elinore (aka Sybarite), and i'm from Sweden. Some of you might know me as Anardakil on warseer. i've been into warhammer for quite a long time. Recently i was introduced to Malifaux by a friend at the local gaming group (well it was local until i moved from Skövde to Göteborg anyway). He's called Soundwave on these forums. Anyway i was hooked immediately. The miniatures are great and very varied and the setting and gameplay are equally interesting. Also it was pretty easy to get into So here i am. i've played a couple of games with borrowed minis, and had to think hard before deciding on what crew i wanted to start out with. There are so many that i like! Eventually i settled on Colette and her showgirls since they're so different from anything i've painted before. i recently finished my first showgirl and will start a project log here at the forum right now. /elinore
  17. Hiyah fellow miscreants My name is Markus (quite chuffed my name wasn't already registered!) and I'm part of a hardcore little gaming clan in Worcester in the west midlands of the UK. Most of our gang have either worked for or spent many hours and hard-eant cash in Games Workshop. One thing they were very good at is convincing you that there aren't any other games or miniature makers out there. I took the usual break from gaming (university, girls etc) but always hung onto my piles of models and paints in the vain hope that I would one day paint it all (or, in fact, complete a squad!). I recently attended a gaming expo with my mates and not only did I get to meet my heroes Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone I also got to see many many cool games and mini companies. Of course Malifaux was one of these. A few of my mates had a juicy 2 hour demo of the game which they loved and planned to start collecting straight away. I didn't look at the game too much as I had to pop into a seminar by Jackson & Livingstone but did have a quick look at the really interesting miniatures and cards used. On having a closer look at the range of models I must say they are a painters dream. I'm a huge fan of SteamPunk so this has really taken my fancy. At first I'll probably just get some sample models and paint them up for the sheer joy off it with the aim to get a gaming-worthy collection in the long run. Looking forward to chatting and sharing ideas and projects with you all. Cheers, Markus.
  18. So hello! New here obviously, otherwise I would not be writing this post. Ehehe. Anyway the name is Clay, you can call me that or Stomp or Stompie or Stomphoof. I recognize all of the above names. I got ahold of the Malifaux rulebook last night, and have been reading it and I have to say I am very interested in the world and the game! I did however have one basic question: Which of the following crews would you suggest for a new player? Sonia Crid and her Witchlings? Pandora and her Woes? Lilith and her Nephilim? The reasons behind each of em is basically this: I like the individual fluff, and the concept behind each group. So now that I asked YOU all a question I will talk a bit about myself. I just turned 28 (yesterday, May 13th!) and the book was a gift from my wife to me. I game, heavily: PC, Console, Tapletop, Boardgame, Magic the Gathering, and I have played for a while Warmachine/Hordes (but the point escalation drove me away). I live in Orlando Florida as well (And would not mind a demo of the game sometime *hint hint*) If you have any other questions feel free to ask!
  19. Hello, my name is Oengus. I play the Guild right now, and am considering expanding into either the Resurrectionists or the Outcasts. How's everyone here doing?
  20. Hello All, Its a bit silly that i've been a pretty big miniature game fan for nearly 14 years now and I've kept the madness totally between myself and personal friends! Long time lurker and never have I even registered! Anyway, I figured I'd kick things off right with some photos of my game room. I live in a renovated warehouse space in brooklyn ny. It was HELL to set this place up. In the photos is our 8'x4' game table. It all still has a way to go, more renovations and more terrain to build but hey... its getting there. The other piece of news i have is that i quit my job! Yes I really did. Full time web developer / graphic designer transformed into... a full time miniature board game producer. Yep. Took my savings and decided to have some fun with it. Gonna be a horror fantasy game, very inspired by the classic heroquest. I figure we have enough skirmish games to play so I'd go back to the basics! Bitter death at the hands of hoards of horrible monsters and developing player character that rack up psycolgical disorders as quickly as they find gold! I'll share more about that as I get into it. Still waiting on legal and to get the website up and all that stuff. But anyway... onto the game room pics! Thanks to everyone way in advance.
  21. Hello there, My name is Dimitri from the Netherlands and I am a miniature gamer/painter since I was 16, so about 13 years now and still going even deeper into this wonderfull hobby. I like to make scenery and paint freaky miniatures and that's what brought me to wyrd's miniatures, they look cool and have a special feel about them; difficult to explain, anyway I like them a lot:). Greetings, Oni
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