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  1. I'd like to point out that the "alt figure" that you say came out after 2e Misaki is just a recreation of the 1e Misaki. And I don't know which you think is better received but personally I've only seen people say nice things about the 2e Misaki
  2. Unfortunately I have to agree, I've disliked the new art direction for a while now. I find it just a tad goofier than the M2e art. Granted I don't like the M1e art either, so maybe I'll just have to stick with the M2e minis
  3. Even that tenuous relation is slowly slipping. I think the only sane people left in the Arcanists line up are Collette and Ironsides
  4. That's exactly how I feel about Seamus. I find him repulsive in ways no other master manages. Except maybe Leveticus, he's all manner of creepy.
  5. I'm Irish, don't try and tell me the people who killed innocent men women and children with planted bombs were good people. You're literally doing the thing I was just talking about. Any group that called themselves the IRA, after 1921 when Ireland gained independence, is a paramilitary terrorist group and that is a fact, not an opinion.
  6. Nah I get you. The way people justify the Arcanists sounds the same to me as the way people try and pardon the IRA and that just doesn't fly with me. To me the Arcanists, no matter how sympathetic their cause, are still a terrorist organisation.
  7. You think that an oligarchic regime is worse than people who rape and torture for fun?
  8. I suppose the easiest answer is you have to remember the people within the Guild. The death marshalls, (some of) the guild guard, the reporters, and the secretaries. The people who are doing what they do for the Guild because they think it's the right thing to do. As you've pointed out a few times, the other factions seem to be doing the right thing in the wrong way at times. The Guild, in my opinion, feels more like the wrong thing being done by the right people. I'd bet that every underling in the guild is there because the pay was good enough to support themselves and/or their family. The Guild isn't meant to be sympathetic, it's people are
  9. I could say the same thing about almost all of the Ressers. The only two Ressers who could be considered good people are Reva and Molly. I don't think there a single master in all of Malifaux more evil than Seamus. Personally I like playing the Guild because I enjoy how awful they are. I love the idea of playing an almost innately evil organisation that just goes around oppressing everyone.
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