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  1. NobbyTheKing

    Characters dying

    My characters were barely touched during our playthrough. Everything they faced fell like wheat before a hurricane. Which was nice. I think sometimes stuff goes wrong. (I'm sure I could paraphrase that.... oh yeah... Bad Things Happen). I've been playing TTB since the kickstarter, so my experience level is comparable to yours.
  2. NobbyTheKing

    Above the Law

  3. NobbyTheKing

    TTB 2E Info Request

    So! We have a July release date! YAY!! On a related note, will Wyrd be participating in a "bits n mortar" kind of deal where the pdf (if one exists) is paired with a physical purchase? TIt's great tp have a version I can carry with me for when I'm working on campaigns etc on the fly!
  4. NobbyTheKing

    TTB 2E Info Request

    Which Zathras was that? Was that Zathras, or Zathras? It could havebeen Zathras though.
  5. NobbyTheKing

    TTB 2E Info Request

    Exciting!!! Any news on a release date yet?
  6. NobbyTheKing

    January 23 - Through the Breach Core

    What he said ^ I'll buy the heck out of 2nd Ed when it's released.
  7. NobbyTheKing

    Handling Player Combat Frustration

    Ah! I just used the numbers to work through the tables upwards, as opposed to reflipping. I thought it would have to add each cumulative value from the previous chart, so that i.e. if you were at -17 wounds, it would just spill onto the next table without a reflip. I seem to be illiterate. Thanks for all the help!
  8. NobbyTheKing

    Handling Player Combat Frustration

    Ah, so let me see if I've got this right: The opponent is at -17 wounds. I flip for damage, and it's a weak critical effect, so that means that it'll be bumped up to medium. On the next table, would it work out as a value of 2 to start off with, then adding the flip? In order to kill something outright, flipping a weak critical effect would need to be at around -35 wounds to get onto a "killzone" location on the severe critical table, then hope for a value high enough to kill. That said though, this would be hilarious.
  9. NobbyTheKing

    Handling Player Combat Frustration

    When a enforcer level fatemaster character is engaged in combat, did you find that the fight can sometimes go on past the point where the players were getting a bit bored of repeatedly kicking someone until they triggered the right critical effect to end the fight. Has anyone else found this? Otherwise, the combat system in this game is a lot of fun :-D
  10. NobbyTheKing

    What to do while waiting for TTB2E?

    I'll make a sticker with the new bits and cover up the old bits. Exciting!
  11. NobbyTheKing

    What to do while waiting for TTB2E?

    Potentially silly question... will my Fatemaster Screen be obsolete?
  12. NobbyTheKing

    What to do while waiting for TTB2E?

    Will that be a soft release at Gen Con again? It sucks having to wait until October to get them in the UK (I know I'm being whiny and entitled, but I just really like running this game and the delivery costs eat into my gaming budget from the US). Really excited though. It's loads of fun to run and doesn't require a massive amount of prep work. I ran a session last year where the only goal was for the fated to go and get some Milk from the local store. Dozens of people were killed and half the slums were burned down. I love my fated.
  13. NobbyTheKing

    Northern Sedition Release Date?

    (That is just the acting values though, the aspects and skills are things I haven't worked out yet. There must be a baseline average stat to work it out from I presume).
  14. NobbyTheKing

    Northern Sedition Release Date?

    E.g He has a Df of 4, so that'd be 11 or 12 with his Enforcer rank. The TN for his Long, Clawed Fingers would be 6(masks) plus the TN so it'd be 13 or 14 with the mask trigger. If they fail their defence filp with a crow you'd get his Remove Eye trigger, and ram would get you the "I want them both" trigger. I think that's right?
  15. NobbyTheKing

    Northern Sedition Release Date?

    I took the stats for him from the M2E book, then added the TN for his level. As he's an enforcer, it just meant adding 7 or 8 to everything :-D Add 1-2 for Negligible 3-4 for peon 5-6 for minion 7-8 for enforcer 9-11 for henchman 12-13 for Master 14+ for Tyrant