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  1. I've FateMastered Through The Breach for several years (I was a kickstarter backer on 1st edition) and it is they system my group seem to enjoy it a lot. ( We've played D&D, Zweihander, Shadowrun, Call of Cthulhu, Numenera in the past). The card mechanics are interesting for the players, and the Fate Cheating mechanic mitigates bad dice rolls and can add tension with the whole "shall I waste this twist card here..." feeling. Only one of the players at the table was a Malifaux player, but everyone bought into the setting really easily, as it has so many influences it can be molded to whatever the situation demands, and being ignorant of the setting can be interesting from the perspective of having factions subtly influencing what's happening. We have genuine fondness for the characters that we've had over the years, and it feels like a shame sometimes once all the destiny steps have been fulfilled and it's time to move on, but equally it's exciting to see what will happen next. We're in the process of poring through "From Nightmares" trying to work out what pursuits/character types to go with next as some of them have some really fun synergies. I think it's a great system in it's own right, which happens to be fortunate enough to be tied to a great game setting and share some thematic mechanics with a strategy game. It's not dependent on crunchy rolls and can lead to some fun narrative moments. One of my favourite memories of FM-ing it was one of our players had a Gremlin character who took the trait that meant that there'd always be random family members turning up every session. He always made a point of cold-bloodedly murdering whoever turned up at the end of a session to see how I'd approach the next incoming character. It got really really weird 😄
  2. Fantastic. I just purchased it and will study it thoroughly! Thanks!
  3. When will we be seeing PDFs of From Nightmares on DriveThruRPG? I've pre-ordered a physical copy, but with the pandemic and Brexit affecting transit to the UK, I'm eager to read it and would happily buy a digital copy!
  4. Yesterday we finished my long-running (since 1st edition came out) TTB campaign, we'd lost two players over the years, but gained one who put enough energy into the game to make up for it, which is nice. It ended with them all on an airship dragged by a horde of the undead drifting into the sunset whilst the world behind them was essentially permanently ruined. In the course of their adventure, they'd massacred towns full of people whilst under the influence of a powerful psychic, torn irreparable holes in the fabric of reality, shut the second breach down, tripping balls on hallucigens brewed from corpses and ending up on the enemies list of every faction (bar the ressers) through careless or malicious actions. The campaign itself was well-recieved by the group, and it was a blast to run. I sort of miss the final characters though, we had: Reggie Slit - compulsive liar, pickpocket and imbecile, raised in a brothel and can't read. Became obssessed with time travel and wasn't aware he was a necromancer Skunky Skoggins - compulsive liar, murderer, swineherd, boozer who took it upon himself to murder every one of his cousins he met, despite my best efforts to make them likeable characters. sigh. Clint/Clive - Not much character here, put every single advance he had into his punch skill, ending up as an absolute one man wrecking crew. Ralph Jones - Engineer/Sniper with a shady past, didn't really add much but became fixated on making a giant bomb every session. I'm going to need some sort of time jump before we start a new campaign as Malifaux as the northern hills have been essentially rendered uninhabitable by their actions. Good times.
  5. Any update on this? It's been a year since we had a new sourcebook! (Not trying to be entitled or anything, just excited about more lovely content)
  6. My group really enjoyed the A Stitch in Time too, and there was a lot of love for the bit in Nythera where they have to take part in an underground boxing match. I personally loved the Obsidian Gate. I never really think to chuck the one shots into my Homebrew campaign. It'd be an ideal low-prep solution if I'm creatively running dry. In my current homebrew, I'm echoing some of the plot beats from the Rotenburg campaign, as I loved the idea of the undead bioweapon, I've got something like that happening in the background of mine, but I'm not sure if my fated are going to follow that hook or just randomly going around blowing stuff up.
  7. I've been having the same problem. Most of my fated haven't really specialised in combat stuff, which is good, but we have one guy who is essentially just "the concept of punching given form". I'm going to start wrecking him by making most of the opponents nephelim with black blood, or hitting him with stuff that targets willpower. I've also started making him "haunted" by all the people he's butchered, so he'll start getting shoved around by forces unseen mid fight :-D. On the plus side, I think he'll find it funny, if it doesn't go down well I'll course correct. Either way it'll be interesting. I'd be interested to see what anyone else suggests.
  8. Had a marvellous session yesterday. Our new Gremlin player decided it'd be fun to trick the humans he's tagging along with (he's done one session so far) to fulfilling some of his goals. 1) obtaining a hat - attempting to rob a shop so that a bowler hat can be obtained, it wasn't even a big hat. 2) settling a bar tabe - this escalated horrifically, what started as a little bit of a shakedown ended up with everyone in the bar getting knocked out and a gigantic bomb going off. I'm quite happy with group integration, as the human fated think he's a trustworthy sort and presumably this'll help them achieve their goals.
  9. I backed the initial TTB kickstarter because I love the Malifaux setting and rules, so the idea of playing a roleplaying game set in it was essentially a no-brainer 😄 My group have done all the Global Events, and although we've lost some members over the years (through life-y stuff), we're still playing the homebrew campaign we started ages ago during 1st ed. We restarted the TTB campaign after about a year's haitus and we flipped up a new (Gremlin) fated and we're pretty stoked to be playing again. I love the system because it's pretty flexible, and i have the setting and lore locked down enough in my head to make the geography easy to handle and I can mess around with stuff. My favourite TTB moment we've had so far was when one of our fated (our wastrel with high skill levels in puglism and martial arts) took part in a 10 Thunders fight club, and absolutely battered each opponent he fought, whilst our thief slunk around the crowd robbing everyone blind. The illusionist we had sunk a load of money in bets and they ended up having what can only be described as a preposterous amount of money. Having essentially grifted their way into a small fortune, they ended up triggering a turf war in a contract town between the 10T and the Guild that they narrowly escaped being in the middle of. It was a perfect combination of setting, and system working together, where you could see the strengths of the various pursuits we had operating like clockwork. Now, if only that pesky Neverborn book could come out *HINT* *HINT* I've loved all the releases that have been put out so far, and when I'm short on prep time, integrating a one-shot into my campaigns has taken pressure off 😄
  10. I'm hoping for mimics. Or sorrows. Or woes.
  11. If I'd ordered the book from an online retailer in the UK, such as Firestorm or Element Games, would I still be eligible for a digital copy?
  12. I take it that means that the Neverborn book isn't coming this year then? Understandable given the M3E push, but still a shame.
  13. Will there be a new summer campaign this year? My group really enjoyed the Obsidian Gate.
  14. Yeah, I'm fairly certain my fated would go bananas over some Neverborn silliness. Given how much they abuse some of the mechanics from the other books, I'm expecting some really bizarre combinations of abilities
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