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  1. More updates: Added more flock and bits, and more still water
  2. Further updates: leftover cork powder glued down for texture Painted black, then progressively added greens. Water effects applied. Had juuuuust enough left in the bottle to at least get the water parts glossy. Anything suitable from the basing box was sprinkled on. Better pix on non-potato to come.
  3. If they both have equal combat numbers, wouldn't that imply either a beastly terror of a Gremlin, or a mewling lump of a Mature Neph, or both? In that kind of case, it makes sense that a Gremlin could "pin" a Nephilim, maybe by biting at his Achilles tendon, or riding his horns while poking at his eyes or something.
  4. Thanks! I ended up gluing the cork down, pretty much in the configuration pictured above. The base is going to come with a box of terrain bits and bobs, so it'll be up to the TO to make sure everything's fair EDIT: some update shots Cork glued down. Had a few almost-empty bottles of Titebond, used Titebond. And primed. Used some kind of "high-hide" primer from the usual hardware store, whatever was cheap and water-based. PROTIP: if the can of white paint says "tintable," they'll add a splash of pigment for free, hence grey primer.
  5. The colors are meant to highlight the terrain types; actual coloring won't be as....colorful? The green/cork bits don't represent special terrain, just flat normally-traversable land. This is kind of what I'm going for. A multitude of little islands riddled with waterways: Thanks for the feedback!
  6. Hi all - I'm in the process of putting together a bayou-themed board. Here's the draft: The base layer (blue) is water, cork blobs and other (green) is land, other stuff (red) is other terrain chunks/trees/cover/etc. The cork layer gets glued to a wood base, everything else is fluid terrain pieces to be set up per game. Thoughts/questions/comments/concerns?
  7. kelrodin


    It pleases me that there are multiple excellent ways to Gremlinjoy. ...I need to get a Killjoy.
  8. TtB has a different relationship between the GM and the Players than other RPGs. Our group hasn't found this to be a problem; indeed, we rather enjoy it! Using secret flips/rolls simply to build tension feels like lazy GMing.
  9. Hey, so fwiw, I made a TtB character sheet in Illustrator after filling the back of the stock sheet with all the extra information that didn't seem to have a place on the sheet. Unlike yours, Rey, it doesn't do any fancy auto-calculations It's got a few bugs, but it's 99% ready to go! Small screenshot attached; hit the link for the full sheet. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B65dY1-A2re3VENZWnVLazM5cW8
  10. Guys, please, I need an "I survived Nightmare Whiskey Golem" one!
  11. gramlins gremmers gremmans gremlins to the bighat goes da spoils!
  12. kelrodin

    Bayou Gremlin

    Winner, right here. The water effects are fantastic, the plants, the plankwork, the highlights, everything is great! That brush control on the skin is gorgeous.
  13. kelrodin


    I love the Dali-style melted clock. Perfect for the old man 'o entropy!
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