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  1. Replace rules, part 3: If the original model had any Conditions or Tokens, the new model gains those Conditions at the same value (if any) and all Tokens. Any Summon Upgrades Attached to the original model are Attached to the new model; all other Upgrades Attached to the original model are removed from the game.
  2. I'm happy with the last changes but still disapointed nothing has been done for the effigy or the dogs.
  3. They seem alright, but as @Nukemouse pointed out, they lack synergies, so you will nearly always take something else instead.
  4. @Ming, please don't write in white, some of us are using the "classic" white template and it makes it unreadable.
  5. So what you say is this model works if you bring vasilisa. Ok. But I don't like that you have to bring another model, more so with a strong keyword affinity, to make it work.
  6. If it's just for the lure, the will o the wisp will be better, as the model brings more utility.
  7. The judge (guild) ruins the Dreamer team (and summoners in general) pretty bad with automatic damages to burried models and the one with summon upgrades. I guess it means you can't play Dreamer vs Guild in a competitve setup.
  8. I'm quite happy with the state of the NB models at the end of the beta, nerver the less, I think there is still a few models in a terrible spot. - Mysterious effigy: This model has nothing which makes me want to put it on a table. The actions are bad or start too low to be of any use and the aura is useless. - Corrupted hounds are the worst. I know they only cost 3SS and I can't ask much of it, but I don't see any reason to hire one. Die when you look at them, no interesting abilities, for me that's a no go. - Terror tot (thanks for bringing the name back): You need them for the grow mechanic and ... that's about it. - Grootslang. Even if the model has some situational usefulness, I still don't think it's enough for 8SS. Bad stats, no defensive abilities, ok attacks, situational trick. An 8SS, size 4 model should be impressive, it's not. Do you agree ? Did I miss some still terrible models in NB?
  9. I tried to play two in a match at the begining of the beta, they got deleted both in one activation, never used again. I don't think there are any reason to bring them on the table. They would be worth if they had an ability to dig up corpses.
  10. I find the flavour wonderful, but why not simply replace the corpse by a scheme marker at the end of the action?
  11. In my opinion, this model isn't worth taking in a team, ever. Miserable attack action, nearly useless aura. Did anybody manage to do something with it?
  12. Le gob

    Fly with me

    I don't get the huge Fly with me nerf. The nephilims used to be mobile beaters. Now that Ride with me got replaced by fly with me, it's a (1) action and doesn't allow either model to disengage. That's a huge nerf, too much in my opinon as it leaves most Nephilims only with a very situational action and a lot of mobility loss. They should at least have gained a new action to compensate or have had a SS cost reduction as they have lost a "free" movement during the turn. In my opinion, this nerf puts the Nephilims back on my "not worth putting on the table" drawer.
  13. In our games, we were many to take some crafting skills so much that everything was accessible for a ridiculously low price. So it felt unbalanced and too easy, even after we houseruled it to half price insetead of 1/4.
  14. Don't you think you shouldn't be allowed to combine reduce & increase AP ?
  15. If you get the stats from 1 meta, it won't tell you much, but if you see it's always the same masters wining/loosing, you'll start to get some intel on where some balance is needed. Our meta isn't too competitive, most games are for fun, our 10T player refrains on playing Yasunori, our Gremelin player on playing Zipp as they'd rather have fun than crushing the opponent. I play Pandora, and I'm far away to be a good player, I'm average. Same goes for the Sandeep player, but he surely wins most his Sandeep games and not so much with his other masters. Our only players who try hard to win, only bringing competitive crews are the arcanist and one of the outcast player.
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