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  1. Hello everyone, I recently joined this nice community and wanted to share some of my guild miniatures. I start off with some of my first Malifaux Miniatures, I re-shot pictures of today: Hope you like them. More miniatures will follow soon.
  2. I am Selling My santana ortega that i won from a mistery box ( i play arcanists sniff sniff) ,Totally new and unpaited just 65$ international ship incluided ( ships from venezuela ) pays via paypal
  3. Hey all! I recently received my new plastic sculpt of Abuela Ortega. Hooray for GenCon! However, I am having a bit of trouble assembling her. My difficulties stem from the fact that it appears her torso is too large (wide, specifically) to be glued onto her lower body and still fit into her wheelchair. I have attached a pic which will hopefully give you some idea of what I mean. I was wondering whether I am the first to have this problem? While I can conceivably shave down her arms to fit, it seems a bit dodgy.
  4. First guild game on a long, long time (since my intro game). Was looking forward to some shooty death goodness. Ran perdita, enslaved nephilim, Frank, nino, and guardian (never used it, wanted to try it out). Against misaki with sidir and a bunch of minions, I ran protect territory and alits, entourage and vendetta and bodyguard were on the table. Somehow I only had perdita (on one wound) and guardian left after turn 2, and they died very quickly into turn 3. Unbelievable. Disappointingly, I didn't kill a single model. I kid you not. Dita couldn't even land a shot until her last activation but couldn't kill misaki. It was one of those games where you think 'how did I do SO badly?' I copped a bit from blasts, and nephilim bled all over dita. I don't think my crew choice was great, but that still doesn't fully explain losing my models so soon, I don't think. My card usage may have let me down, I think I'm prioritizing the wrong things. For instance, I cheated 2 cards early in turn 2 to prevent Frank and Dita getting slow, and dropped my other 2 strong cards in early duels, meaning that for much of Turn 2 I couldn't cheat in defence. I find I often have games where the opponent always seems to flip better and cheat higher than me.... Main reason I took Guardian was to try him out as a tar pit, but he didn't end up getting far enough of my other models to really do that. So, I ended up with Guardian buffing Dita and Frank buffing Nino. ended up with a bunch in the middle. It's possible that I should have pushed the Ortegas out on the flanks and just let Guardian try to waste the enemy's AP in the middle, Ortegas taking shots into the scrum and hopefully staying out of Misaki's Stalking Bisento range. But the flipping...man, my deck was cursed and his was enchanted. I know my scheme choice was poor (didn't have the units to drop that many scheme markers, should have chosen Vendetta given I had Nino), but schemes didn't come into it. I copped a bit from blasts by being bunched up, but still.....
  5. From the album: My Crews

    My favourite ranged crew (dogs are proxy of course, I was unable to find the official ones in my country or on E-Bay)
  6. (This is my first battle report so please be gentle) So we payed a 40ss game, Sqatters Rights, corner set up; I had "For the Money" & "Assainate Schemes"; I don't know what he had for schemes. Used both Viks, Hans, Sue, Vanessa, Student of Conflict & Convict Mercenary; had 3 Scout the Field upgrades on Sue, Vik/Blood and Convict Merc. He had the 5 that are in the Ortega box set; I don't know their names or upgrades. ROUND 1: Ortega sniper tries to pick off Vic/Blood at focused range, Black Jokers the damage. Hans targets the Ortega sniper, mod damage and slowed. Ortega swordfighter moves forward, chain moves Perdita. Vik/Blood full moves forward. Ortega gunman steps up and shoots Vik/Blood, mod damage, chain moves Perdita. Convict Merc full moves forwards. Perdita shoots Vik/Blood a lot; blow my hand and a ss to leave her with 1 wound by the end. Vanessa Heals herself (and all sisters). Papa Ortega moves forwards, chain moves the Naphelim. Sister of Conflict full moves. Nephelim moves. Vik/Ash moves down to the Squtter Marker & claims it. Sue full moves forward. ROUND 2: Vik/Blood charges Ortega Sniper; kills him outright. Ortega swordfighter charges Vik/Blood, hurts her bad. Vanessa moves to the center line and heals herself (and all sisters). Ortega gunman shoots Vik/Blood, ignoring the Ortega swordfighter, hurts her bad again. Sue moves twice again. Perdita shoots Vik/Blood a lot, ingoring the Ortega swordfighter, and kills her. Convict Merc shoots Perdita a lot, but for a little damage. Papa Ortega moves up in front of Perdita. Hans focuses and shoots the Nephelim; Red Jokers the damage and it dies. Student of Conflict full moves. Vik/Ash full moves to a choice location. ROUND 3: Sue charges Papa Ortega and pistol whips him to death; Papa Ortega explodes and does 5 damage to both Sue and Perdita, who is close enough to be engaded with Sue and his Ring of Fire, which is +3 with the good draw. Ortega gunman pulls Perdita away from Sue, then lights him up with lots of bullets and kills Sue. Vik/Ash charges Ortega swordfighter, kills him quick. Perdita shoots Vik/Ash a lot; terrible cheat hand and flips do a lot of nothing and Vik/Ash dies outright and shestill has another shot so she shoots the Student of Conflict too. Convict Merc shoots a lot and misses a lot and Perdita's reaction shoots him back so much he dies. Vanessa heals herself (and all sisters). Student of Conflict moves closer to a Squatter Marker, then pulls Vanessa towards her. Hans focuses and shoots Ortega gunman, who Red Jokers the defence and does not get hit. ROUND 4: Vanessa shoots Perdita who dies (3 VP), then claims a Squater Marker (VP1)) Ortega gunman runs around a building out of sight. Student of Conflict moves to another marker and pulls Vanessa to it. Hans has no shot and is no where near the Squatter Markers and has a Walk of 3....he just stays put. ROUND 5: Student of Conflict gives Vanessa Fast. Ortega gunman moves futher behind a building and put down a marker (1VP for whatever his Scheme was) Vanessa moved a lot in an attempt to track down the Ortega gunman. Hans still does nothing. END Viks win 5-1. Comments, Criticism, Complaints, Complements and other words that begin with C welcomed.
  7. Hi folks... i'll sell my Henchmen exclisive Santana Ortega and a Miss Step both NiB... If youre interested shoot me a PM general Information: i'm not in the US but in Germany... so consider this for the Shipping etc.
  8. I have 2 items on E-Bay at the moment, please have a look: Nightmare Lord Chompy Bits (NIB) http://www.ebay.com/itm/231274510594?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Santana Ortega (New on Sprue) http://www.ebay.com/itm/231274515303?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Thank you
  9. Bacms


    From the album: Bacms paints

    Abuela Ortega
  10. Hello all, I've gotten into a discussion with a pal of mine and we have come to the conclusion that, if put on the base properly (read: with the model leaning forward), Tuco Ortega would look like Michael Jackson in his "Smooth Criminal" attire if painted the right way. Being that my Tuco is leaning like that because the glue I used for Tuco was terribad (and will not be used in lieu of a lack of Krazy Glue, which I usually use), I have decided, for the sake of whatever, to paint him in such a fashion. Is this unprecedented? If not, can somebody showcase any MJ-inspired models, especially any Tucos that may have arisen from similar discussions? Thanks all! ~Lil Kalki
  11. Finally I finished my first battle group. Now they are ready for the table. Santiago - Papa Loco - Perdita - Nino - Francisco You can see some WIPs and more pics on my blog
  12. So, I've been proxying some of my friend, THaehl's, Canine Remains in lieu of the Guild hound which I am so eagerly anticipating. I've been planning on sculpting some Guild Hounds for my Ortega crew for a little while so I've decided to start this thread up as incentive to do so. Here is what I want to do specifically: Four hounds are to be sculpted. One hound I want in motion, lunging from his base, steel maw open. This dog will be painted dark brown in color with a black leather harness trimmed in red and studded with gold. It will also wear the same red bandana and knee pads as my Santiago. The next hound I am planning on having standing straight up, ears at attention. The color of the body is to be black with some tan spotting on its underside. The harness is to be painted in a dark plum similar to my Perdita. The studs are to be done in gold. The muzzle might also be painted gold instead of silver on this one. The last two are still being decided on. They might end up being sculpted and painted in a manner that will suit Sonnia Criid, who I wish to pick up pretty soon. If I do that, they will end up having arcane symbols carved into their leather. There are other possibilities with the other two hounds, if they are Ortega themed like the first pair. I may put one in a poncho with a skull on the neck (Abuela and Papa's dog) and the other could be poised low to the ground, as if skulking, and wearing goggles (to reflect Niño's image). This is the breed of dog I plan on emulating for the Family's dogs-- the Mexican Hairless, or "Xolo". Here are the Ortegas that will be adopting these pups.
  13. so im pretty new to malifaux and was looking into a Perdita Ortega List. when I Asked my friends if this was a smart choice i got mixed reviews. some said that shes really good and other said that she sucks. so my question is this. is she worth running or is she really underpowered. And if she is worth running is there any basic list or outline that i should look into. from what i understand her strongest power is her Obey hers and her totems but I have yet to find any specific list to go with that. anybody have a list that i could look into?
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