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Found 7 results

  1. Pretty simple - how do you use obey? I've only had one game with the Ortegas (and got tabled!! In turn 2!!!) There was one scenario where I was contemplating using Obey - I had LOS to an enemy model who had blast damage and LOS to more enemy models clumped together), but it occurred to me that I'd have to win 2 duels to pull that off, so I figured the odds would be heavily against me on that. So what are the other Guildies using Obey for?
  2. Ok, I am a fairly new player to this game, I am more in to painting than playing, so I usually pick figures I like instead of trying to find the most useful combinations. My first go to was the Viks, but alas they are always sold out in my LGS, who to be frank have no idea how to run a business. My next go to was Guild, females with pointy sticks are in my world awesome, so I bought the Lady, after a lot of swearing a snapped sword I managed to get her assembled and most of her crew. I played a couple of games with her, won vs Lynch, lost vs resser McMourning, and got completely annihilated by Rasputina. Next buy was Miss Ortega and her jolly hat wearing family, and I loved to paint her and the rest of the Ortegas. A friend of mine accidentally bought two Killjoy and gave me one of them. Killing my Death Marshall with boxed Loco has now become feared by my gaming group. So here are my first pictures of the Ortegas with Killjoy. More will come, Abuela and Miss ann Thrope are hopefully here in a fortnight or two. Most of the gang Perdita on her own. Perdita with big guy Bodyguard. Marshall with inverted flames. A more close up on how all my bases looks except that there will be some longer grass on them, hobby store is closed till September. Any questions will be answered. /C PS. If you don't know what the topic means copy paste the title in youtube and I hope you will understand. DS.
  3. From the album: The Snowman's Malifaux

  4. I've been redoing my entire Guild crew over the past months, and started by stripping them all and re-basing them on new Dragonforge resin bases. I finally got around to Perdita and the Ortegas last night. I originally had the crew in a lot of denim and leather, but wanted to redo them with lots of Guild Red, and have them match the rest of my Guild faction models when everything was complete. So here are the first of my all new painted Guild crew.
  5. This crew took me a long time painting. Since each family member is unique I tried to give them their own identity but still stay within a common theme. Here's Perdita: I was inspired by a few painted Ortegas crew in the forums. I chose to paint her tank top pink and decided to paint her hair black - I was planning to give her red highlights but the black turned out good enough and it gave the model a good contrast with the colors. I chose P3's Khardic Flesh as her (and her family's) flesh tone. It gave a slightly tanned hue without making the model too Jersey Shore-like. Santiago: This dual wielder was a bit tough to paint. especially the hair and mustache. But I think I did a good job with the model. Francisco: This guy was fun to paint. I finally got the jeans look I want by adding a thinned P3 Frostbite wash over the Cygnar blue painted pants. I painted the facial and head hair with Jack bone and gave him a whitish blonde look. Nino: This cousin was tough to paint.. I couldn't see his glasses so I painted a new one instead. Balancing him on the base was tough so a bit more green stuff was use. Papa Loco: I painted Papa Loco last and did not actually spend a lot of time with him.. I just painted his strapped jacket with Jack Bone and gave him leather boots. The model came with an extra dynamite so I decided to light it up and put it into his mouth cuz he's Loco like that. All in all, this crew was fun to paint and did not give me head aches... I'm happy with how they turned out and I can't wait for Saturday to put them on the gaming table. As usual, any comments, suggestions and tips would be highly appreciated.
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