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  1. Pretty good summary of the Family keyword.
  2. Beta

    Agent 46 nerf.

    Yeah I think that's right, because the stat on Nino's card is 5. For the Agent to get the it would have to be mentioned in the text of the attack action. Edit: I like the general direction of the Agent. He was way overpowered before. We'll have to see if he is too squishy now and needs some DF-love, but in general he feels more like the model he is supposed to be.
  3. Yes it was an Austringer who denied the scheme. The traps just kept you from dealing with the Austringer quick enough to get rid of him in time to score.
  4. The new family ability "A por El" not only got a name change. On the cards the damage requirement is no longer there and cost is euqal or less. Change log only mentions the name change. Intended or error?
  5. I think that this may be one of the mistakes with the last update, since it's not mentioned in the change log (only the name change is mentioned)
  6. No it isn’t necessary at all. I second that. I'm really getting tired of this discussion, but someone seems not to be able to just let it go.
  7. I like the direction this is going. This has way more Family feel. The only thing I don't like is the ressource mess. Family generates Focus and maybe some Pass Tokens but has to discard cards for the new ability (without any significant card draw). I don't have a solution, but I would like to see a bit more unity in this ( don't know how to describe this better).
  8. Having played both now I share that opinion. Basse against other masters was fun and challenging. Perdita against other masters was devestating.
  9. You're right. Completely forgott that they are Undead.
  10. Tough as nails sounds a bit better, but makes the cheap Family models utterly useless in my opionion. Pass token generation via trigger just isn't working good enough (at least in my experience, since I didn't get a single pass token via trigger in several beta games). The Domadors need some more more adjustement, because the Mend trigger on Command Corpse is now useless.
  11. Beta

    M3E Card Sleeves

    That is a question I can't answer. I can only say that there are at least two major brands which sell stuff like that. But I can't say how the availability is in your country. I don't know if I am allowed to mention the companies here...maybe @matt can say something about that?
  12. Beta

    M3E Card Sleeves

    Regarding storage and transportation, there are several companies which offer nice boxes for the new card size.
  13. Beta

    Pale Rider

    Yes he somehow lost Gunfighter during the transition from CB to OB. Just checked the last CB files.
  14. Beta

    Pray for Abuela

    It's not that hard to use actually. With concentrate and the Guild Representative you can get focus to spend on it. The main problems are: - Normally you would want to use that focus in the offense - Even if you use it for dmg reduction...it doen'st do very much. In my last game I was trying to maximise focus and reducing the damage buy 1 or sometimes maybe by 2 didn't really change that much. Asking myself the same question. I'm really considering not taking it even though it is free.
  15. If it's going to follow the release times of the closed beta updates we won't see an update for the next 8 to 10-ish hours. So relax and catch some sleep
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