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  1. Can't wait for the release. I really hope it's early summer...I want to be able to properly play again!
  2. Beta

    Learning Lady J

    LLC helps a bit to get this going. Also I usually have 6+SS when playing her (for Leap trigger and damage prevention)
  3. Beta

    Learning Lady J

    Lone Marshal, Steward, Pale Rider, Jury I would almost always consider. Making sure to always have a Ram or Mask in your hand to get the leap of with the trigger helped me a lot. I also have to admit I've used her quite sucessfully as a scheme runner...(Breakthrough, Power Ritual) With Leap and 3 AP she is quite mobile and opponents usually try to avoid her.
  4. Which would be really sad, because ES ist the faction I want to switch to for M3E. But in the current state it's not that great.
  5. Thanks for the information. I'm currently looking at a faction switch from Guild to Explorer's and every bit of practical experience is very welcome.
  6. I think the problem is not, that Guild is weak. The problem, in my opinion, is that we are too predictable. And yes I Think for the UK Nationals not allowing additional Masters was a problem too. As was stated earlier the game was designed that way. Looking at the German Nationals there was a much more even distribution and nobody dominated like that (some of us calculated, that the winner would have to have scored 7x 7:3...which is quite bonkers with a fixed crew).
  7. I'm following the UK nationals round for round...and it feels kind of depressing seeing those rankings
  8. Finger on the Trigger allows you to take a . You can only take a if you are not engaged (unless you have a special rule allowing that). Gunfighter is not relevant for this problem. It doesn't matter if Dita herself is engaging another model or is just being engaged. See also Rules page 26 "Engagement"
  9. The problem isn't Gunfighter becasue it states you "may" treat them as . The problem is not being able to declarewhile engaged.
  10. Just a quick wrapup from the German nationals which took place over the weekend. 4 Guild players out of 30. Placed 10, 14, 22 and 24. I know of Nellie being picked one time and Hoffmann also once. The rest was LadyJ and Dita (with second master sometimes). I myself only managed to get 24th as I got sick and had to play without any noteworthy sleep and I was missing key pieces like Steward, Lone Marshal and Pale Rider.. Played LadyJ for all 6 rounds with Dita and Nellie as second master options. (2 draws, 1 wind and the last 3 games were losses) More to come as soon, as I can think straight again.
  11. Nice work! I'll put the sheet to the test next week at the german nationals
  12. I've ordered from the UK because of the better supply over there ^^
  13. Yep...and because of that my plans for the german nationals next week are a bust. The boxes I would have needed should have been released in July or August...and have been pushed back month by month and are now released in November (so basically sometime next year if I am lucky...) I just don't understand why this page even exists at all. Just make a list what is going to be released in the future but don't put any dates on it.
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