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  1. [For those that want to rather download the MS Word file, I've attached it to this message.] Perdita Ortega Tactica Intro When the Second Breach was discovered and people started settling in Malifaux, constant Neverborn attacks prompted the Guild to put a bounty on every Neverborn head delivered to their doorstep. Perdita gladly obliged and soon became a legend throughout Malifaux, earning so much scrip that she was able to send for her entire family to follow her through the Breach. Living on a ranch outside of the city, this family of gunslingers instils fear into the
  2. I am trying to single master Pandora to better understand her and focus my M3E play right now. So what are the suggestions when the matchup is Woe v Family?
  3. So I’ve just started this wonderful game - and now I’m finally ready for my first fight. I’ve gone with the Ortegas and tried playing around with still water fix for a swampy theme.
  4. I plan to get my hands on the Cornelius Basse box very soon (I already have a Guild Austringer, so I better use that guy out finally) and I was wondering if recruiting a Perdita in the Basse's crew might be worthy. As many of you already know, I find the new Family keyword very VERY disappointing...still, Family has been my first crew ever and I don't want to set it aside in a drawer, waiting for buffs. So I thought that maybe (MAYBE) I could at least use her as 2nd master. Do you think it might work? Anyone tried that?
  5. After reading and learning lots of information from the forum, it's time for me to give back. I've been playing Malifaux for three years (ever since the Great WHFB Migration of 2015) and enjoy casual and competitive games. I started with Guild, had a brief flirtation with Outcasts and Ressers, but with the release of the Wave 5 models and GG 2018, I'm coming home to Guild. This will be the first of a few threads where I talk about the Masters I'm using and the games/tournaments I attend. Vs Amelia/Nicodem 50 SS Public Executions, flank deployment Eliminate the Leadership, Covert Br
  6. Ikiwith

    Guild newie

    Hi wyrdos. After 4 years playing gremlins, I have decided to start with a new faction. I bought some different guild models because I liked them, and now is the moment to start using them. The crews which, I have in my own are: perdita, lady J and Sonnia. Some of my other models are: - abuela. -executtioner -marshal recruiter -bruttal effigy - lone marshal - witchling handler What other models do you suggest me to start with? Who are the mates for these three ladies? I know that Francisco always is a must.
  7. No story element this time. Game was too short. Still an interesting Match. Guild Player is improving with his crew, this is the first time for the Neverborn player to run Titania. The terrain is also all brand new. 50mm Orange markers are the Hungry Land markers of the Mysterious Emissary. Standard Deployment Strategy: Interference Schemes: Claim Jump, Dig Their Graves, Accusation, Tail ‘em, Last Stand Guild List: 8 Members, 2 Soulstones Perdita Ortega (Trick Shooting, Os Veo, Aura Ancestal), Enslaved Nephilim, Dr. Grimwell (Rese
  8. Alright, been a while. Our group can only get together so often unfortunately. Also, unfortunately due to a phone breaking soon after the game, no photos from it survived, but hopefully it’s still enjoyable to read. Bonus points if you can catch the Johnny Cash references. The guild player is relatively new and the Outcast player is more experienced, but this is their first real game with Outcasts. Corner Deployment Strategy: Headhunter Guild List: 7 Members, 2 Soulstones Schemes: Inspection and Frame for Murder (Dr. Grimwell) Perdita Ortega (Trick
  9. Need some advice on where to go from here. I got my girlfriend the Perdita box, and the original plan was to also get her Lady J's box. All of the advice on the Internet pointed this out as a great way to get a really good Guild crew together for just a few bucks. Now, after doing some reading I realize that in January the Locobox was cuddled and now I have no idea on the best way to expand her crew. What are some good, thematic options? Maybe Abuela and a Peacekeeper? Or would non-thematic choices be the better option? Any advice would be terrific!
  10. Hi dudes! This weekend I played an aprox. 30 people tournament, and now I'll report ^^ I don´t remember all the things, for example I can't tell you the upgrades of enemy crew, and if you see something wrong tell me please! In my opinion I played this tournament good but a lot of fucking red jokers on dmg killed me xD So... lets go! ------------------------------------- Round 1 Colette(A) vs Jacob(TT) Schemes: Headhunter - close deployment Claim jump Frame for murder Leave you mark
  11. Hello Guys ! I'm searching currently for the both old Perdita Models which exists. Would trade against Money =). Just PM me if you have one (or both) that isn't needed anymore. Thanks for looking.
  12. Couple questions that came up while playing some campaign games. 1) Howard Langston drops a card to flurry, then targets Teddy with the first attack causing a terrifying duel. Howard is immune to paralyze(via campaign upgrade) so he fails the duel but now Teddy get a free melee attack, hits Howard, declares peekaboo to push Howard then push into base contact. Now the player controlling Teddy pushes Howard in such a way that Teddy cannot be pushed into base contact(using terrain). Can Howard now use nimble to get back in range for the flurry? 2) Does perdita's upgrade that allo
  13. I've been trying to figure out how best to use Guild Hounds outside of McCabe. Since Luna is essentially the Guild Hound Master by getting rid of Insignificant for them it seems a bit like you're taking a hit if you take them out of McCabe crews. Currently my philosophy is that 2 Guild Hounds = 1 Six Soulstone model. So they would be vying for the same place as a Death Marshal, Warden, Austringer(not often), Pathfinder, or Lawyer. Especially since they have to contend with the Insignificant which without it would make them excellent scheme runners at 3ss. Usually I run the Watch
  14. Realized afterwards I put Badge of Office on Francisco when he wasn't my leader... should have been Wade In. It wasn't relevant in the game... but was a booboo.
  15. Looking for a M1E Perida or Lady Justice model, Perdita preferred. If anyone knows of one in a LGS or has one they will sell at a decent price let me know!
  16. David brings his freshly (and beautifully) painted Gremlins in to face my Guild in his first 35SS game!
  17. Hello all, I have painted Sonia, Perdita, MacCabe boxes + Judge, Lone Marshal, Deth Marshal, Hunters, Austringers, Rifelmen and Captain Dashel and thinking about how plaing vs Nicodim. Nicodim hard master at late game he wery powerfull. My masters do not have direct advantages vs Nicodem( Only Judge's "Final Repose" and "Bound by Law" are highly usefull. Perdita is a good beatstick, I can try to down Nicodem, but it will be suicide rush. Sonia + Papa Loco can wipe out amoun of minions, but I will create amount of scrap markers wich create Nicodem wery poverfull. MacCabe + hunte
  18. How to play Perdita? What to buy with her? Useful combos? Any questions. Put it all here
  19. Hey all, I'm looking to have a play around with Perdita. ill pick up the crew box and then spend the same again or so on a few extras. Any suggestions on what I should pick up?
  20. Pretty simple - how do you use obey? I've only had one game with the Ortegas (and got tabled!! In turn 2!!!) There was one scenario where I was contemplating using Obey - I had LOS to an enemy model who had blast damage and LOS to more enemy models clumped together), but it occurred to me that I'd have to win 2 duels to pull that off, so I figured the odds would be heavily against me on that. So what are the other Guildies using Obey for?
  21. I am looking for a Perdita mini alone, I have the rest of the crew but I am missing that one mini. I also need 3-5 death marshal cards, a set of Nicodem Crew cards for the full set and a Zoraida crew set and a Lilith crew set. any help much appreciated. I am just getting into the hobby and have dove in hard with more of the older metal figs due to them being tougher and me having no feeling in my fingers I can't crush those as easy. I have bought a bunch of plastics that are already 2nd Ed cards but that is what I really need please. JAMIE
  22. Hi all! As the title says, im getting back into the game after a year or so away. My FLGS finally has a henchman and the community is gearing back up. I played a handful of games before, not a whole ton. Played my first game back last night, and oh boy! Tried out Perdita for the first time and it was pretty absurd. I've certainly heard how powerful she is, but it verged into unfair territory. Big Perdita fan now what are common list builds with Perdita? What schemes does she like/dislike? Problem matches? I plan on pretty much playing her and Somnia exclusively for awhile
  23. First guild game on a long, long time (since my intro game). Was looking forward to some shooty death goodness. Ran perdita, enslaved nephilim, Frank, nino, and guardian (never used it, wanted to try it out). Against misaki with sidir and a bunch of minions, I ran protect territory and alits, entourage and vendetta and bodyguard were on the table. Somehow I only had perdita (on one wound) and guardian left after turn 2, and they died very quickly into turn 3. Unbelievable. Disappointingly, I didn't kill a single model. I kid you not. Dita couldn't even land a shot until her last activation but
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