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Found 23 results

  1. [For those that want to rather download the MS Word file, I've attached it to this message.] Perdita Ortega Tactica Intro When the Second Breach was discovered and people started settling in Malifaux, constant Neverborn attacks prompted the Guild to put a bounty on every Neverborn head delivered to their doorstep. Perdita gladly obliged and soon became a legend throughout Malifaux, earning so much scrip that she was able to send for her entire family to follow her through the Breach. Living on a ranch outside of the city, this family of gunslingers instils fear into the
  2. I am trying to single master Pandora to better understand her and focus my M3E play right now. So what are the suggestions when the matchup is Woe v Family?
  3. So I’ve just started this wonderful game - and now I’m finally ready for my first fight. I’ve gone with the Ortegas and tried playing around with still water fix for a swampy theme.
  4. I plan to get my hands on the Cornelius Basse box very soon (I already have a Guild Austringer, so I better use that guy out finally) and I was wondering if recruiting a Perdita in the Basse's crew might be worthy. As many of you already know, I find the new Family keyword very VERY disappointing...still, Family has been my first crew ever and I don't want to set it aside in a drawer, waiting for buffs. So I thought that maybe (MAYBE) I could at least use her as 2nd master. Do you think it might work? Anyone tried that?
  5. After reading and learning lots of information from the forum, it's time for me to give back. I've been playing Malifaux for three years (ever since the Great WHFB Migration of 2015) and enjoy casual and competitive games. I started with Guild, had a brief flirtation with Outcasts and Ressers, but with the release of the Wave 5 models and GG 2018, I'm coming home to Guild. This will be the first of a few threads where I talk about the Masters I'm using and the games/tournaments I attend. Vs Amelia/Nicodem 50 SS Public Executions, flank deployment Eliminate the Leadership, Covert Br
  6. Ikiwith

    Guild newie

    Hi wyrdos. After 4 years playing gremlins, I have decided to start with a new faction. I bought some different guild models because I liked them, and now is the moment to start using them. The crews which, I have in my own are: perdita, lady J and Sonnia. Some of my other models are: - abuela. -executtioner -marshal recruiter -bruttal effigy - lone marshal - witchling handler What other models do you suggest me to start with? Who are the mates for these three ladies? I know that Francisco always is a must.
  7. From the album: MadBul's Posse

    The Head Girl

    © MadBul

  8. From the album: Perdita crew, midnight theme

    Perdita ortega Painted in M2E artwork
  9. From the album: Perdita crew, midnight theme

    Perdita ortega Painted in M2E artwork, minus the red sache.
  10. From the album: Perdita crew, midnight theme

    Perditas crew in midnight theme
  11. From the album: Perdita crew, midnight theme

    Perditas crew in midnight theme.
  12. Here is the guild models I have painted so far. Along with what I need to finish... What is left...
  13. Hey everyone - Just a first post from a relatively new player from Edmonton. I got two teams painted up and one more in the works. As I was browsing some miniatures, I think I found a nice proxy for Perdita at Studio McVey. The model is just absolutely gorgeous, but it is on a 50mm base and has the mount, which is obviously not reflected in the original Perdita stats. Despite these things, I think she would fit in with the crew and would look gorgeous! What do y'all think? Sebastian
  14. So, I've been proxying some of my friend, THaehl's, Canine Remains in lieu of the Guild hound which I am so eagerly anticipating. I've been planning on sculpting some Guild Hounds for my Ortega crew for a little while so I've decided to start this thread up as incentive to do so. Here is what I want to do specifically: Four hounds are to be sculpted. One hound I want in motion, lunging from his base, steel maw open. This dog will be painted dark brown in color with a black leather harness trimmed in red and studded with gold. It will also wear the same red bandana and knee pads as m
  15. So I have to put together a 35 ss guild crew, and I ended up coming up with the following: Perdita (2 ss cache) Abuela (7 ss) Nino (7 ss) Santiago (7 ss) Convict Gunslinger (6 ss) Enslaved Nephilim (2 ss) This would give me a crew costing 29 ss with a total max cache of 8 soulstones. I plan on trying to play some card control with headshot and suppressing fire, with a little help from obey to get more shots off. If not, I can always just shoot things to death. Any ideas/comments on a crew like this?
  16. so im pretty new to malifaux and was looking into a Perdita Ortega List. when I Asked my friends if this was a smart choice i got mixed reviews. some said that shes really good and other said that she sucks. so my question is this. is she worth running or is she really underpowered. And if she is worth running is there any basic list or outline that i should look into. from what i understand her strongest power is her Obey hers and her totems but I have yet to find any specific list to go with that. anybody have a list that i could look into?
  17. So, I've recently begun playing the Ortegas, and I am enjoying the way that they operate. I've had them painted up for a while, but I'm lazy and procrastinate, so it is only now that I am posting pictures. Now I just need to decide what color to paint Perdita's lips... I live in Arizona, a desert, so basing these guys was pretty simple. I used polymer clay to make most of the things that I see pretty frequently: a palo verde for Perdita, a little barrel cactus for Santiago, and a ram's skull for Niño (a fitting item in lieu of a cow's skull, I think). There's a
  18. Well this is closer to being done then most of my WIP I’m waiting on a paycheck to get dull coat and I have some detail work to finish, Papa has allot more work yet as well. I thought I would share my progress so far, Any comment or tips welcome! And yes I made them all redheads, because i have never painted red hair and I wanted too! Sorry about the poor photos, these are taken off my only camra... my cell phone. Thanks for looking and comments -Andrew
  19. Here are my first two attempts at painting some Malifaux figures. Perdita Santiago
  20. Finished my first Malifaux crew. Pretty happy with them. Sadly there is practically no more daylight in my area. I also don't have light booth. So flash photos are best I can do. It doesn't affect the colors too much, Hair color shows too bright and red because of the ink. Also Perditas pants arn't that bright. I will propably have to paint another crew to get actual game. Malifaux is pretty unheard in here. Hopefully some demo gaming will bring couple other players.
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