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  1. But cost is also a measure of a model's power, otherwise cost would be meaningless. A 16ss master is more powerful than a 12ss one, whether it's being used as a second master or the crews leader. What if there ends up being a master that costs 40ss, but you get it for free because it's a leader. You'd be ok playing against it with your 15ss master? In 2e there were other mechanics in place to help balance masters and totems (namely the cache and having to buy the totem). Now, Masters and totems = 0ss, with no other balancing factors, so every master should be exactly equal in power (or near enough) and every totem should be exactly equal in power (or near enough). But, since the costs of masters and totems are all over the place, they obviously aren't equal.
  2. So, it looks like the costs of some masters are being increased. I guess this means any thought of leader master+totem combos being balanced have been totally thrown out the window. Pretty soon we'll have master + totem combos of 10SS total along comobs of 30ss total. I mean, since they both end up costing 0, I guess models worth 10ss are equal to models worth 30ss, right? I can't believe how much of a mess this whole master + totem cost thing is becoming, and it amazes me how few people actually understand how this is a problem.
  3. Are you sure it's just that the version number didn't get changed, or are these actually the 1.31 cards? For example; Somer's Extended Family is still missing the word "attach".
  4. I already have the vassal mod for 3e, but I recently got TTS in the lunar new year sale on steam and I remembered someone was working on a 3e mod for TTS so I thought I'd see if it was still around somewhere.
  5. In the closed beta there was a mod for malifaux 3e for tabletop simulator. Is that still floating around somewhere? Can it be put up on the workshop now that it's no longer closed beta?
  6. How useful has the open beta actually been so far? It must be very difficult to separate actual model balance data from all the other variables of open beta feedback. I mean, lets say you get 10 battle reports where Ironsides beats Sonnia every time. Is that an indication that Ironsides is too powerful, or that Sonnia is too weak? Or are those results skewed because the Ironsides player is better at the game than the Sonnia player. Or maybe the terrain favoured one master over the other. Or maybe one player is better at counting cards than the other. Etc, etc, etc. Without any way to control all the variables, I'm wondering just how much the open beta is actually harming more than helping the development of the game.
  7. Shadowdragon


    Pursue gives a +1 bonus to attack actions against models that have "already activated that turn". How does that work with disengage strikes? Is the enemy model counted as having "already activated" even though it's in the middle of its activation?"
  8. If it's intended then cover should work the same way. I wish Wyrd would just ditch the Shadow rules already.
  9. In 3E push movement is still halved by severe terrain.
  10. I'm so happy that I know indesign and will be able to make my own, standard sized cards for the hundreds of sleeves I already own.
  11. Now that Wyrd can essentially make multiple models with near-exact same stats and just give them different keywords, I think we're going to see a lot of filler in the next couple expansions. We not only need balance in versatile models, but certain keywords are also pretty lacking. The easiest solution to both would be to just take existing models, copy-paste their stats, then give them different keywords.
  12. How else would it work then? Just say "you can't push a model off a ledge if there isn't enough room for it's base at the bottom"?
  13. If that were true then all Master + Totem combos cost the same number of total SS, even if the costs of individual masters and totems were different due to different power levels. Is Sandeep really so weak that he needs a 7SS totem? Sandeep still costs 15SS, just like other masters that only get 2SS totems. This is about balancing totems, not masters. You don't balance a brokenly powerful master by giving it a super-weak totem, that's false balance.
  14. The movement thing is easy enough to fix. Just make it so if a model can't completely clear a piece of terrain it can't stay on top of when it's movement ends (because it's smaller than the model's base) then the model can't move on top of that piece of terrain. Much simpler, and it prevents intentionally getting on top of objects to fall down the other side in order to gain a bit of extra movement. Having a model forced into a situation where it's base can't fit is a bit trickier. In other games the models being fallen onto would be moved out of the way until there's room to fit the falling model's base. Not sure what wold happen if the model falls onto terrain. Of course, in most games the models being fallen onto would also take damage (to discourage pushing models onto friendly models to gain extra movement). Not sure if a rule like that exists in M3e currently.
  15. I'll also vote for getting rid of the Enforcer keyword and replacing it with Minion 1. The main reason enforcers existed in previous editions of Malifaux is because they got an upgrade slot and minions didn't. Now that everyone can take upgrades that distinction isn't needed any more. I don't think this is going to affect summons as there are usually better minions to summon than most enforcers anyway. If something like that still needs to exist to make certain models unsummonable then it would be better to just give them an "Unsummonable: This model cannot be summoned" ability on the front of their card. If Enforcer stays then the upgrades definitely need to be changed. Either get rid of the minion bonus entirely, or make it apply to lower cost models and get rid of the minion only requirement.
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