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Found 10 results

  1. So this is a little ...awkward but I cannot seem to find assembly instructions for the Death Marshal Recruiters! I bought a Wake The Dead box recently (1e player getting back in now!) but I seem to be a little stuck! I sent a report on the site but I was curious if anyone had any guides I could use to get those put together?
  2. Come join us at Paddy's Game Shoppe (https://www.facebook.com/Paddys-Game-Shoppe-80258901092/) for an easy going casual league on Sunday July 16, 2017 through Sunday August 6, 2017. We meet up every Sunday between 12:30 - 1 pm till about 5:30 pm. It is easy going casual fun. Come to paint and assemble your minis, discuss plans and strategies and play to your hearts content. We accept all players, new and experienced. Feel free to also join and discuss things on the st. cloud Malifaux playgroup page. https://www.facebook.com/St.CloudMalifaux/. This is a great way to get ahold of myself and other players. Let the battle begin KiskaShadowRawr
  3. I've run into a bit of a problem while putting together my Mechanical Skeeters. The models themselves aren't actually that bad (although all the tiny ropes cause me no end of grief) The issue I'm running into is that they don't fit on their 40mm bases. At least, not in any remotely useful manner. Heck, one of them (Skeeter 3 in the build instructions) Stands on its own completely surrounding a 50mm base without touching it at all. I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do about this. I've looked around online, but there aren't really any 40mm flying stands available for sale. I tried buying some 20mm square flying stands and gluing those to the 40mm base, but A. the stands I got were defective (round peg, square hole) and B. It looked ugly as sin. I'm curious how other people with these models have solved the issue.
  4. Hello everyone, so I finally got around to assembling my night terrors from the last sale. Well I tried at least. Even with the build instruction from the website I can not seem to figure out where exactly on those pillars the feet are supposed to connect. Does anyone have any pictures of the assembled minis or hints? I don't want to just slap them on and then realize they start falling apart during gaming because of me not having put them together as inteneded. Thanks! Matt
  5. Hey all! I recently received my new plastic sculpt of Abuela Ortega. Hooray for GenCon! However, I am having a bit of trouble assembling her. My difficulties stem from the fact that it appears her torso is too large (wide, specifically) to be glued onto her lower body and still fit into her wheelchair. I have attached a pic which will hopefully give you some idea of what I mean. I was wondering whether I am the first to have this problem? While I can conceivably shave down her arms to fit, it seems a bit dodgy.
  6. Hi there, having just received my Black Friday order, I started assembling the McMourning Crew. Whilst the Chihuahua gave me the fits just because of its components' size (about 1-2mm...), I can't seem to figure out how Sebastian's arms and buzzsaw are supposed to be put together. The 3D image and the artwork are not identical. The 3D rendering shows his left arm to be above the buzzsaw's heck, the artwork suggests, that he *might* be holding it by some kind of handle (which the buzzsaw doesn't sport in the 3D image). There's (sadly) a little wiggle room with the arm joints (even more so after if cemented it together and had to tear it apart again, since it didn't work out at all), so that was no help, either. While it's not completely impossible that he isn't actually holding the saw by a handle, it seems fairly impractical and the sculpt almost looks like he is missing his left hand (or his fingers at the very least) if put together this way - afaik the fluff doesn't support this (and the metal model shows him having two hands, as well). Any help with this guy? I want to get on with my other Ressers : / Maybe a pic of a work in progress of the actual model or even a description of your own experience would be awesome. Thanks a lot! edit: I'm 100% positive I haven't mutilated either of his arms when cutting him out of the frame, I checked it more than I dare to admit.
  7. I just finished assembly of my Malifaux Raptors and my Jackalope. I used greenstuff, Citadel liquid greenstuff, some Gale Force 9 basing rocks and a super glue accelerator. They look alright to me so far...
  8. I just picked up the new alternate Executioner sculpt, and I really like the model, but I've run into a major problem with assembly: Where the heck does the cable for his left arm go? I cannot find any configuration of either cable where it can sensibly attach to his backpack and his left arm. Image searches have turned up no photos of the assembled model - can anyone here with an assembled model post a picture so I can have some idea of how he is supposed to fit together? At this point I'm about ready to replace the supplied cables with parts from my bits box.
  9. ... is it just me, or does this guy just not fit into his base at all? Even before I assemble him, the back part of his tail collides with the base when I try to put his tab in the slot. I've tried a couple of different things, but I'm somewhat new at this. The only idea I came up with was to ignore the base's slot entirely, build up the whole thing with green stuff, and anchor the model straight in. It'll mean using a LOT of green stuff, but it's the only thing I can think of. This is for The Girlfriend's crew, not my own, so it's going to have to end up looking *nice*. Any suggestions?
  10. Love the models and finding the game very enjoyable as well. It seems to really be catching on where I game (Borderlands in Greenville, SC). One potential problem I see however. The minis seem to be designed to be competition models or display pieces, not to withstand the rigors of tabletop gaming or even transport to and from. For example, did anyone else have trouble assembling Viktoria? I saw no way to have her Katanas sticking out at right angles as shown in the picture, there was not enough lead to pin to (at least with my modeling skills). Rather than have the swords continually break off, I crossed them in front of her (so they supported each other) and brought the arms in closer to the body so I could glue up against her legs as well. I know I obscured some detail but didn't see any other way to make it a gaming figure. Any comments from the Wyrd community on this?
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