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  1. @Gloomy Those are super cool! Hopefully those magical flames on my Jakob will turn out halfway as nice as your Lampards! Btw hair, skin and face of the Runaway turned out really well too!
  2. Ah, now I see what you did there! You went for the Thunders as sort of shadowy figures, striking from the dark, only partly Illuminated by certain light effects. Interesting! To be honest, it doesn't completely work for me on all the models, but it's a cool concept, and that Ototo is amazing!!
  3. Oooh, from what I can see your M2E Ototo seems to have a really cool special effect going on. Mind taking pics and posting the crew, should you ever be in the mood to and have some spare time?
  4. If I look at keywords like Ancestor/Retainer or Performer I'm not ready to settle for less with Honeypot. ;) Oh, yes, that Mr Cheng who appeared as Misaki's overseer for the Honeypot Casino in the 'The House folds' story in the Neverborn faction book! Good idea! He could indeed be Honeypot and Last Blossom. # I'd probably give him None For Me, like Jakob himself. Execute is great, of course, but what else could he have to tie him to the keyword mechanically without relying on Brilliance? Have A Drink is reasonable, but I'd just give him The Light Inside on a mask trigger, sin
  5. Oh, I couldn't quite come with a double keyword model for Honeypot, but I did have some ideas, and the Bartenders are one of them. The 2 in brackets isn't supposed to be the cost nor the wounds but the number in which they can be hired. So you could hire two Bartenders , similar to Beckoners or Rat Catchers.. The profile is incomplete, of course. I guess I'd give them Rig the Deck and Manipulative on the front of the card. 5 as stats through the board. And maybe a tactical action that would remove a condition on a friendly model while adding a Brilliance Token. Thanks for the f
  6. That'a a cool idea! Maybe even Nephilim Halfbloods? Would tie into Euripides' prophecy, according to which Nekima would eventually become filled with brilliance and fall to the Darkness.
  7. 你们好! As you might have guessed by my profile picture, for M3E I got interested in the Ten Thunders and especially in Honeypot. Now, I noticed something: Honeypot is basically the most "pure" Ten Thunders keyword there is, since they have not a single entry that can be used in another faction: In contrast Last Blossom has Wouku Raiders for Outcasts, Oni has the Akaname in Bayou, Monk has the Fermented Rivers which can be fielded by Bayou's Tri-Chi, Qi & Gong has Hinamatsu in Neverborn, and of course the dual keywords Wastrel, Ancestor / Retainer and Foundry which can all be deploy
  8. And you don't have backup on your hard drive? That sucks 😞. I guess in that case you'd need to take new photos, provided you still have all the crews in possession.
  9. For all it's worth, the board help section isn't all that helpful sometimes. Had the same issue with a thread I started like 2 weeks ago. If you feel it's a pressing issue try PMing mods like Adran. Did you upload links from a file hoster or did you upload the pictures to the board as attachments?
  10. I personally really like the faction books (though being only really familiar with Ten Thunders). You get large versions of art work for each unit entry (at least one version for each of the entries, which is relevant for minions). You get shorter lore texts for the entries and three larger short stories. And, as was already mentioned, all the rules for each entry. You should know that not every master would necessarily appear in their faction book stories. Jakob Lynch for example has no appearance in the TT faction book, but plays an important role in one of the three stories in the Neve
  11. The ice bases are awesome! As is the whole crew, with that wintery dark fairytale vibe. Great work!
  12. Starting out just as awesome as your Pandora Crew! Have you already decided on a color for special effects like glowing eyes?
  13. Awesome work and cool concept! Only thing I' d add: a little something in Magenta on the standing Victoria would make it more coherent with the rest of the gang. Maybe a streak of hair, or the navel piercing? Or just some of the straps on the boots.
  14. @Caedrus Two Illuminated for 14 Stones are completed. Will probably add the third one this month as well. Comments and criticism would be appreciated.
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