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  1. Would anyone of the more experienced player care to elaborate on why Lucius is considered to be better than Youko?
  2. 你们好! I know this is technically the wrong forum, but I've tried the trade forums a few weeks ago and didn't have any luck so far. So I thought I might as well ask my fellow Thunder siblings in a more direct manner. So, did anyone in here buy the faction pack but has no interest whatsoever in playing Foundry? I got my Mei Feng box back at the end of ME1, and got back into the game just a few months ago, when the faction packs were already sold out. If anyone were willing and able to help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it. And I'd pay as well. Btw, I just need the cards from the
  3. Any Idea on how long this would usually take? I think it's been about three weeks now since I contacted staff via the contact button, as you suggested, but have neither received an answer nor something in the post. I mean...it's fine if they won't or can't help, but if I knew for certain I could try somewhat replacing the part with whatever and get to painting.
  4. 你们好! So, after Nexus and her shadowy Cadmus keyword from the Explorers' Society were revealed this week, I came to wonder (as the title suggests) who will emerge as Malifaux's superior spymaster: Nexus, the creepy new hive-minded spider kid on the block, the two-faced (or -factioned) OG mastermind Lucius Matheson, or the Ten Thunders' unseen but barely covered manipulator, Youko Hamasaki? I myself can only contribute from reading the cards since I have zero games in ME3, but I thought it might be a fun discussion. All three of the mentioned masters cost 15 points, so I hope the
  5. Wow, thanks a lot for the detailled answer. Now I remember there were like ingame requirements you needed to fulfill in order to manifest ... Well, if Zoraida got rid of them they are gone for good. But I think they could be implemented as Upgrades and then starting the game already manifested. But I guess that would need excessive playtesting, annd that is maybe better spent on new models for existing crews. How come you didn't like the Dreamer's avatar? I think he was really cool and creative, compared to something like Marcus or arguably Rasputina (though I really liked that mode
  6. As it says in the title, basically. I stopped playing around the time the avatars came out in ME1. And while I didn't play any of them I thought some of the models were really, really cool, for example Hamelin, Avatar of Contagion, or Rasputina, Avatar of Famine. They represented a different play style for each master, similar to the different versions of Warcasters and Warlocks in that other game from the States ( ). So, what about you guys? Did you like the avatars? Do you own any? Which was your favorite? And does anyone know what was behind the reasoning behind scrapping the concept
  7. I like the current showgirls and have liked all of the keyword in all incarnations so far, except maybe for M2E Colette, who looked a little too much like a steampunk fan on some convention. Current Cassandra's leg posture is also a little weird. Got into Malifaux because of M1E Colette, who is currently for sale on the trading subforum. On models that I don't really like I have to name Youko's geishas (got the box anyway). The theme of the crew is cool but the geishas are a little too samey for my taste. All of them have the same dress, the same hair style and hold two fans. Other human
  8. Hey there fellow Wyrdos! :) I'd like to find a new owner for my Colette Crew, which I started back in the first Edition, so that I may concentrate on Ten Thunders (Please note that therefore I can't provide ME3 cards). The crew consists of the master, Colette Dubois, 3x Mechanical Doves, 2x Showgirls, 2x Mannequins, 2x Coryphees and 1x Coryphee Duet. The models are fully painted and stand on "Cobblestone" resin bases by Polish company Micro Art Studio. Should you be interested, please send a PM and I'm sure we can agree on a deal. And because I'm such a nice guy, I'll put a free
  9. Greetings, Wyrdos! As it says in the title, I'm looking for the ME3 cards for Mei Feng's core box (Mei Feng, Forgeling, Kang, 3 Railworkers) as the faction packs seem to be gon around here. I would also like to buy Miss Guided (the alternate Fuhatsu), plus card, if one exists. Please note that I live in Germany, so shipping costs might be unreasonably high for me. But if you live in Europe: Feel free to make an offer.
  10. So, from what I gather so far, Versatiles in Ten Thunders aren't really taken because they provide some incidental synergy with specific masters, but are rather simply good and efficient models that offer useful traits and abilities that are just great to have around for any crew in the faction. Samurai and Fuhatsu: High damage output and board control. Tanuki: Giving models Focused and occasional healing. Dawn Serpent and Wanyudo: High mobility and Burning. MInako Rei: ? I do think Dawn Serpent and Wanyudo are cool looking models so I do consider picking
  11. I can at least account for the difficulties in getting one's hand on Hinamatsu in Germany. I've ordered mine from a rather big retailer in Germany back in June. Still nothing.
  12. こんにちは or 你们好, fellow Thunder siblings! I am a returned Malifaux player who used to play a bit or Arcanists (Colette) back in the first edition, but recently a friend of mine got me interested in the game again. So I decided to go with Ten Thunders after getting interested in what I read about Youko's playstyle. By now I've acquired Youko's and Lynch's core boxes (also have Mei Feng's core box from back in the days) and of course had a look into what else to get for these masters. Now, after realizing that there are only two other boxes for Lynch (Dark Dealings and Friendly Faces) and
  13. Hello fellow Wyrdos! It's been a while, but a few months ago a friend got me interested in Malifaux again, so I went about to set up a new group of four players, myself included. Anyway, I ordered and received the Lynch Core Box from a retailer here in Germany. But when starting to assemble the models yesterday I noticed there's a piece missing: the little skull face thingy from Lynch's card fan (right hand). Now, the box does not have a "Packed by" sticker and I can't really prove that I did not just lose the piece, but I'd swear to all deities that I did not cut it from the sprue o
  14. I didn't think too much of the new Teddy scuplt, when I first saw it. I don't know, it kind of feels like an evil hamster of death, instead of an awesome psycho construct toy monster as the old version. But yours is really great! 't was a brilliant idea to go for the panda look. Well done!
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