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  1. Those are some sexy abs! And I love the coral snake color scheme on the tail!
  2. So, Mr. Graves is done. I like the sculpt but I wasn't really motivated to put much effort into him. Still I think he looks okay. I'm just glad I was able to stick to my stones level on March's home stretch. @Caedrus With the Beckoner from earlier this month the big guy puts me at 13 stones.
  3. I also just find it a shame from a thematic perspective because some of these lower-costed minions really seem to catch the aesthetic of what a keyword is meant to represent. Seeing Youko without Kunoichi and Geishas ist just sad and wouldn't really feel like Qi & Gong is supposed to feel. Same holds true for Mei. She's supposed to be the leader and champion of Malifaux's Railworkers, so it feels just wrong if she leaves them (meaning both Rail Workers and Kang) behind in favor of the Professor's discarded toys and a crazy good Horseman straught from an 80s Metal album cover. Do
  4. @Vessien Looking forward to your battle report against that insufferable spawn(er) of nightmares. Bring honor to the Thunders! And I'm especially looking forward to your painted Qi & Gong.
  5. Let me guess: You have Youko, Geishas and Chiyo as well, but you don't mention them because we don't talk about Mistress Hamasaki around here.. ๐Ÿ˜ข
  6. Charm Warders seem a good example for a reasonably priced tech piece against summoning, considering that they have more utility beyond that. But maybe at 7 you can't really call theam cheap .. but it's not 9-11 either.
  7. Would like to add to @Cedar's list that in Ten Thunders Illuminated, Ruffians and Kunoichi seem to also be hired very rarely.
  8. Agreed, and I find that somewhat problematic for new players, as many seem to be drawn into the game by being fascinated not by a faction but by a certain Master or keyword. And if they then find out that their particular master or theme of choice is incredibly weak and auto-loses against certain other masters or is damn near useless in certain strategies (Youko) and their only way of enjoying a little success is to get other Masters/ keywords from the same faction that they might not find visually appealing (Asami) ... don't know. I find that very frustrating.
  9. And with dream-like confidence I bought the last three names on SEV's list before getting in touch with who was halfway good in ME3.. ๐Ÿ˜…
  10. I like your Toni quite a bit! Love the contrast between the blue pants and the orange jacket. And I feel you on the dark skin being a little more challenging. My own Beckoner in the 2021 Challenge thread came out a little too dark.. But I think you did really well! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  11. Sadly Ivan is able to summon Brocken Spectres off of 6 WP models when using Runic Siphon with the Intercision trigger and that pretty much discourages one from using WP 6 Models against Umbra. I guess you'd at least put 2 wounds on the spectre, but I don't know if it would be worth opening that particular door. And they are OOK hires as well.
  12. Sheep: Awesome!!!! Movie reference: Terrible. Aweful, aweful movie. ๐Ÿ˜ถ
  13. Actually, the more I think about what just wrote the more it seems fitting to play McCabe with Versatiles. Other famous adventurers like Indiana Jones or Nathan Drake would go on their treasure hunts with very few core friends who accompanied them every time while there would always be some guy or gal tagging along just for one or two adventures. So McCabe hiring guides, muscle or specislists for certain gigs seems appropriate. And as far as I'm aware Sidir makes it into basically every McCabe list and there are fairly many people playing Hucksters and Desper. From what I gathered over at
  14. And there's a Beckoner done for the first 5 Stones this month. Again, I find it hard to take pictures that do the paint jobs justice (they'd still be very much average), but I guess it's okay.
  15. Very well put, good Sir. I shall henceforth fully agree with your view on this specific topic, albeit still holding a watchful eye due to your continued and seemingly rather passionate imvolvement with that other Society.
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