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  1. Cheers all, probably just going to run the Rogue Necro instead. Completely new to Ressers (was meant to be playing TT but won Brine and Bones in a raffle and now Im hooked!) so the help is really appreciated! Tried the Doc out against Perdita in Turf war and it was glorious!
  2. Hello guys, playing my first ever game with Ressurs later in the week and Im playing the good doctor against Raspy in Turf war. Just wondering what the Grave Golem is like, what its good for and if its worth running with Mcmourning? Seems like it could be great holding the middle of the table and love the idea of him slugging it out against the ice golem just not sure whether or not its worth it. Waht do we all think?
  3. Helo all, former 10TT player here thinking of comin back to the faction after the last big tournament of the year in the UK (abitnIV hosted by @Cleezy) and after being ruined by playing Guild since release... Im thinking of maining, Misaki , Youko and Yan and I was just wondering what peoples thoughts are on the three? How competitively viable they are? What the best and most essential minis are in keyword and do I really need to use and is Shen so OP that I need him to play the faction?
  4. Wow, thanks all for the replies didnt expect so many haha. Thanks for the tips as wll, Hoff is by far my favourite guild master so all the extra tips are really appreciated. Taking him to the last big event being Abreach in the North IV at the endo of the month and Im soloing Hoff so it should be entertaining! Thanks again folks!
  5. Cheers mate! not a bad shout that haha playing against Perdita tomorrow so that should help!
  6. Haha just a bit 😂 Cheers dude, honestly torn between Basse and Dashel they both seem awesome and Ive tried them both out previously to various degrees of unsuccess. Hoff is the bomb, absolutely love him but my main opponent is a Neerborn player so Ive really grown to fear everything wp related!
  7. Hello all, Just a quick post because Im really in need of help! After being the main winner of wooden spoons in North West England I have had enough! Im just looking for help on improving at the game so im no longer tarnishing the reputation of our guys and gals in red! I really feel like I struggle to focu on the schemes a lot along with scheme selection, I dont know if the first part is simply my incompitence or just the state of guild currently aha! My main master is Hoffman but I am trying to learn Basse, Perdita and Dashel as well to try give me more of an edge in different pools! So I ask you now, what are the dirty tricks you guys use to get wins? whats good and whats not? and how on earth do I get my masters to work! Hoff is the only one Ive had any proper luck with so Im really eager to hear what you all think!
  8. Cheers both. Ha I know you did @mythicFOX just wanted to ask in as many places as I could My only issue with out of keyword picks is a lack of Arcanist minis at the moment because of the Guild being my main faction. Sort of stuck with just using Augmented and Wildfire until I have my Chimera minis built. My only versatile pick at the moment thats in my case is just the Souls Stone miners so its a bit of a pain. Having listened to your deep dive @mythicFOX are you still not really a fan of the Firestarter? I was planning on using him to kill little minis like tots, hounds and young nephs!
  9. Hey guys, new to Arcanists and needing help! Runnin Kaeris tonight against Nekima and thats my pool. No idea what to run tbh and the matchup does worry me a little. What do you guys think the best scheme picks are for Kaeris are in this pool and how should I approach the game? That is a rough crew idea as well! (I dont have Iggy)Cheers all! New Kaeris Crew (Arcanists) Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Kaeris Totem(s): Eternal Flame Hires: Carlos Vasquez The Firestarter Elijah Borgmann Soulstone Cache Fire Golem Fire Gamin Fire Gamin 2
  10. Francis Drake!! Get some Elizabethan Pirates in!!
  11. Does the Nothing Beast count as a spirit? If so I have something super cool planned!
  12. Cheers for the replies guys, honsetly havent looked at the Pale Rider for running with Hoff because of him not being a construct lol but will give him a go later. No DmH unfortunately makes me so sad I cant use Ryle anymore because of him being such a beast! Melissa looks great, the amount of power tokens she can get is just amazing with her shockwave bonus so shes definitely being considered as soon as I can get hold of the Guild Faction book. Going to give Howard a go as well tonight though it looks like my opponent is now going to be running Pandora for our game later! 😂
  13. @Jafar Go with Basse! He is a beast and with Reichart puts some serious pressure on the opposing crew. His keyword is pretty fleshed out as well so you have a fair few options on how you build your crew. Basse isnt the most powerful of masters though with some of his tech being a little situational but he is a lot of fun. Just dont fall into the trap of deploying really far forward with home on the range though!
  14. @Kharnage Are Guardians really that good? Only used one the once and he did a fair bit of work but does seem a little expensive? I do like sprinkling Joss in mainly for the irreducible damage if assassinate is in the pool. Definitely will take another look at the Guardian though. Any other picks for decent moderate damage models? Really want to try out the riotbreakers as well but they are one of two Augmented models I dont have at the moment!
  15. @katadder My usual base is Hoff, Attendant, Peacekeeper, 2x Watchers and a Hunter. The big one for me is Titanias healing trigger on her attacks, my opponent always seems to get them and its a nightmare
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